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About Sukolog

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About “Sukolog”

“Sukolog” is a private post record management tool for individual users.

It records and saves the content of a user’s posts on Bluesky. It’s a service that allows you to search and refer to those records.

The records themselves are not publicly shared as they are the user’s private data.

The meaning of the name “Sukolog”

“Suko” + “log”

  • “Suko” is derived from the Japanese abbreviation for Bluesky, pronounced “bu-ru-su-co”.
  • Combining it with “log” from Bluesky results in “Sukolog”.

What is the “Sukolog” service

It allows you to save your past post records along with related information as logs

  • New posts will also be recorded
  • Records original posts, replies, reposts, and likes
  • Provides access to images attached to posts
    • Saving image data is planned to be optional
  • Records user account profile information
    • Changes in icon images, handles, display names, descriptions, etc. are also recorded
  • This data, being the user’s private data, will not be shared publicly.
    • Replies and repost information of other users will also not be shared with other users’ records.

You can search through your post logs

  • Text search including ALT text of posts
  • Complex search criteria
    • Specifying reply or mention partners
    • Specifying time periods
    • Posts with specific links
      • Searching the title and description text of link cards
  • From the search results, you can view replies and threads related to the posts, view users’ previous and subsequent posts, and if recorded, recreate timelines.
    • Accessible as a custom feed from other client apps.
  • Saving search results
    • Saving search words and criteria
    • Saving picked posts from search results as a list

You can pick logs from your post logs or search results and “scrap” them

  • Even if not connected in a thread, you can group them as a “scrap”.
    • As a form of bookmark.
    • Add comments to scraps or posts
  • You can share information by linking to a “scrap” in a post.
    • Scraps that can be linked externally are basically limited to the user’s own posts only.

Beyond “Sukolog”

“Sukolog” plans to evolve into a service called “SoraScope”.

What is “SoraScope”

Based on the post logs and scrap data recorded in “Sukolog”, it provides tools for writing posts and threads.

  • Post and thread construction features
    • Editing functions for constructing posts and replies with images, link cards, quotes, and as threads.
      • Thread creation feature considering the character limit of posts
      • Setting a workspace for reference when writing posts, including the user’s past posts, scraps, timelines, custom feeds, other user accounts’ posts, and other external pages.
        • Timeline reference feature
        • Custom feed reference feature
        • Search feature
        • Posting links to scraps
        • Creating modified posts based on scraps
      • Draft saving for posts
        • Saving drafts with the editing state of posts and threads.
        • Saving per workspace
  • In case of replies, the original post’s replies and thread situation will determine the reply destination.

In summary, a dedicated client app focused on post clipping and post/thread construction.

Development and release plans

Development of “Sukolog-Zero”

  • Implementing post log collection and search functions
  • Currently developing backend functions.
  • Considering implementation in a form that displays search results as a user’s custom feed

“Sukolog Ver α”

  • A simple client interface with basic past log viewing and search functionality
  • Alpha version to be released to a limited number of users.

“Sukolog Ver β”

  • Official client interface and scrap function implementation
  • Beta version to be released.

“SoraScope Develop Ver α”

  • Alpha version release once post construction functions are implemented.
  • Possible use without linking to Sukolog

“SoraScope Ver β”

  • Beta version release once client functions, such as timeline reference, are complete.


  • “Sukolog” allows you to record and search your post history
    • The “scrap” feature allows you to save posts
  • In addition to “Sukolog” functions, development of the “SoraScope” client focused on post construction


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