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For YouA feed based on your communities, personalized just for you.129752023-10-21T21:02:04.743Z
What's Hot ClassicThe original What's Hot experience47312023-07-03T01:10:55.392Z
DiscoverTrending content from your personal network46972023-07-27T23:32:59.340Z
What's ScienceA curated feed from Bluesky scientists, science communicators, and related experts; speaking from their expertise. Flag to be added or for more info! 🧪38092023-08-19T20:42:03.139Z
OnlyPostsPosts from people you follow without reposts and replies37532023-07-03T03:56:36.245Z
Popular With FriendsA mix of popular content from accounts you follow and content that your follows like.28302023-07-03T01:10:55.392Z
Home+Its the Home feed Blue Sky was missing until now: A feed that shows those you care about, and adds interesting content from your extended social circles giving you a familiar, twitter home like experience25802023-07-03T03:02:13.459Z
LikesYour Likes. See more at
BlackskyAmplifying the voices of any and all Black users. Use #BlackSky to include an individual post or make a post with #AddToBlackSky so that all your posts show up in the feed.24502023-07-14T14:41:40.535Z
🐾 NewPosts by furries across Bluesky. Contains a mix of SFW and NSFW content.

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MutualsPosts from users who are following you back23662023-07-03T03:56:36.245Z
🐾 ArtPosts by furries with #furryart. Contains a mix of SFW and NSFW content.

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ArtImages posted by artists on Bluesky19092023-07-03T02:46:12.287Z
🔞 Adult ContentFormerly "Suggestive". All (nonviolent) image posts from the last week that have been labelled by the content moderation system. Ignores skeets with the text "#private" or "!no-promotion".18252023-08-16T13:02:49.551Z
After DarkNSFW media from people you follow. Includes all posts with NSFW labels or #nsfw in the post body. Contact for issues.17692023-08-12T17:45:50.161Z
Like ClubThe first rule of Like Club is... you've gotta like the feed before you can see it :P17582023-07-11T02:21:08.268Z
🐾 HotHottest posts by furries across Bluesky. Contains a mix of SFW and NSFW content.

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Cat PicsA feed of cat pictures from the whole network (sometimes not cats)15322023-08-07T02:54:09.796Z
Political ScienceA feed for political science and international relations research and discussion. For academics and people who want to follow scholarship, not general discussion/rants/etc. Ask to be added. Tag posts with "polisci" or 🌐 or "polisky"15242023-09-20T12:59:47.169Z
Birds! 🦉Birds galore! Photos, art, science, memes, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #birds or one of these emojis: 🦉🪶. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers.14912023-10-20T03:56:55.902Z
BookSky 💙📚a feed for anyone who likes reading and books! share what you're reading with us by using 💙📚 in your posts.14102023-08-15T16:35:55.887Z
GardeningYour one-stop-shop for houseplants, chickens, flowers, botany, foraging, and anything related to plants.

v1.4 Built with Skyfeed.
Game Dev
Posts about all aspects of game development.

Opt in with "game", followed by animation, art, audio, design, dev, jam, lighting, music, narrative, or writing.
Opt out with #Private, #NoFeed, or #NoGameDev.

Discuss at
Support the feed at
🇺🇦 ВсіВсі пости від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Bluesky TeamPosts from members of the Bluesky Team11752023-07-03T01:10:55.392Z
#Disability#Disability feed will pick up the keywords of #disability, #disabled, #pwd, #NDIS, and #accessibility and ♿.

Image by Htc Erl from Pixabay
📽️A better movies feed for film lovers! Filmsky posts, movie news & reviews, trailers, Letterboxd chatter — it’s all here.

To publish to it use the film projector emoji 📽️

And if you use this feed, please ❤️ this feed!
MentionsOnly posts that directly reply, mention, or quote post you

If you are having issues with missing posts please consider removing all languages from Content Languages in your Settings
AstronomyAstronomy posts on Bluesky, from astronomers!

Any astronomer can register to post here:
Posts from registered users including a 🔭, #astronomy, or #astro will be included.
FollowersA feed of posts from non-moots who follow you (uno reverse card). Will only load posts from the past 24 hours.9742023-08-07T02:54:13.162Z
🇺🇦 #UkrainianViewPosts from Ukrainians about Ukraine and their experience during the war. #UkrainianView #UkrainianExperience.9542023-10-23T08:08:18.935Z
MediaYour Media. See more at
GreenSkyA big list of climate accounts, filtered loosely for keywords. Ping me if you want in! All details and full member list here:
MutualsSee posts from your mutual follows8862023-07-03T01:10:55.392Z
My BangersA feed of your most popular posts sorted by likes (since May 26th, 2023)8612023-08-07T02:54:11.573Z
Urbanism+A feed for Urbanists, transit nerds, and advocates of safe and accessible cities.
♥️ and sub and SHARE the feed!
buy a coffee:
Japanese ClusterA feed of all posts from authors in the Japanese language cluster8222023-08-07T02:54:04.120Z
🐾 FursuitsPosts by furries with #fursuit.

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The 'GramAll the pictures posted by people you follow7592023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
Art: What's HotSee what's hot in art by human artists! Filters out AI/NFTs. Use #art to post. Pulls from a growing list of popular art related hashtags. Please Pin, Like and Share to help the feed get discovered!7562023-09-26T20:33:22.062Z
🐾 New 🌙Posts by furries that have been marked NSFW.

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What's History 🗃️Posts by historians using 🗃 or skystorians; to be added as poster.
NewskiesFirst posts from new users7382023-07-04T04:42:53.169Z
🐾 #CommsOpenPosts by furries that have #commsopen.

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Bluesky ÑPosts de Bluesky en español // Bluesky posts in Spanish7202023-07-03T02:33:28.259Z
Trans+Queer ShitpostersA feed of all posts from authors in the Trans + Queer Shitposters Cluster7082023-08-07T02:54:06.492Z
Final Fantasy XIVThis feed searches for many common terms and names for things from Final Fantasy XIV and displays them all in one place. Some common terms are: FFXIV, FF14, Gpose, FFXIVart, and Yoshi P. To see all currently used search terms, see the pinned post at the top of the feed.6922023-10-27T19:07:25.913Z
UA fundraisingFeed that collects Ukrainian fundraising posts.
Please like this feed ❤️
Key words: monobank, реквізити, приватбанк, donate to ukraine
Hashtags: #несітьгроші, #збір, #donatetoukraine
Emoji combination:💙💛💲
If you don't see any posts, please enable Ukrainian in Settings->Content Languages
AcademicSkyTag = #AcademicSky

Coverage = academia | academic chatter | academic jobs | higher education | scholarship | science | university |

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)
DiscoverPosts you might enjoy, based on your likes. Full algorithm:
Maple MediaOnlyPhotos from the best Maya you know, @maplesoaked.bsky.social6062023-10-29T22:21:18.363Z
🐾 Hot 🌙Hottest NSFW posts by furries across Bluesky. Contains only NSFW content.

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Signal BoostFeed for anything that needs an extra signal boost

use #signalboost on a post to show up here
AuthorsPosts by the Authors of Bluesky. Use #author or #authors to have your post included.5712023-07-03T03:02:13.459Z
SciArt 🐡🔸The intersection of art + science.
🔸Once added, use #SciArt or 🐡 or related #tags in post or alt text for posts to appear. 🚫No AI/NFTs
🔹Curated by | Thank you!
🐾 Art 🌙Posts by furries with #furryart and marked NSFW.

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What's Cooking 🍽️home cooking, femernation, brewing, pickling, baking, canning, preserving, delicious food and much more!

contributors, add 🍽️to your posts or Alt Text to add them to the feed. tag me to get contributor status.
HimbofeedHimbofeed is an opt-in feed curating only the primary posts (no replies or reposts) of its members. Contact to be added.5272023-10-10T23:28:17.957Z
OverheardBskyOverheard Bluesky - out of context replies "overheard" in feeds. See something funny with no context that could be its own post, reply with just the word "overheard" and it'll show up here.5202023-10-18T10:54:44.785Z
🐾 Art 🧼Posts by furries with #furryart and that haven't been marked NSFW.

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📰 NewsHeadlines from verified news organisations. Maintained by
Latest From Followsmost recent posts from everyone you follow5112023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
Art: New PostsA feed for new human made art posts. Filters out AI/NFTs. Use #art to post. Pulls from a growing list of popular art hashtags. Please Pin, Like and Share to help the feed get discovered!5082023-09-26T20:33:45.036Z
#ChronicIllness#ChronicIllness Feed finding keywords of #mecfs, #cfs, #LongCovid, #eds, #lupus, #fibromyalgia, #fibro, #POTS, #MCAS, #MigraineChat and #NEISvoid, #dysautonomia, #RA, #RheumatoidArthritis, #pwME, #pwLC, #MS, #MultipleSclerosis, #gastroparesis, #cpp, #ChronicPain and #ChronicIllness (see pinned post)5052023-10-07T22:19:45.659Z
RomancelandiaFor those who would like to be included in conversations regarding Romance novels/books. please use one of the following #romancebook|#romancelandia|#romtalk|#rombktalk|#romancebooks|#romancebks|#rombks4842023-09-27T20:37:21.949Z
Indigisky🔥#LandBack #WaterBack #SkyBack. taking what's ours one skeet at a time. This feed pulls from key words as well as the Indigiskeeters list. if you're looking for Indigenous content this is the place to be.4582023-09-30T04:21:45.756Z
Women in STEMPosts tagged with 👩‍🔬|👩🏻‍🔬|👩🏼‍🔬|👩🏽‍🔬|👩🏾‍🔬|👩🏿‍🔬 from members of the What's Science, SciArt or EduSky, and #WomenInSTEM from anywhere.4572023-10-26T09:34:18.273Z
Gay BearsGay Bears and big boys. All posts, no reposts/replies.

To be added to the feed go to
Lehrer:innenDas "Lehrer:innen-Zimmer":

Folgt den einschlägigen Hashtags,
z.B. #bluelz

So, wie gewohnt. 🙂
Marine Life! 🦑Marine life galore! Photos, art, science, memes, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #MarineLife or 🦑. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers.4522023-10-15T10:09:02.007Z
TeamsThere are 256 teams. You've been assigned one at random, and this feed contains the posts of your teammates.4492023-07-07T17:16:41.995Z
Vtuber FightclubWill search for Posts (not Replies) in the past 7 days containing the words and hashtags Vtuber, Vsky, ENVtuber, PNGtuber.4432023-10-18T10:39:45.987Z
Korean ClusterA feed of all posts from authors in the Korean language cluster4392023-08-07T02:54:04.850Z
neuroskyenceNeuroscience posts on BlueSky! Add #neuroscience, #neuroskyence, 🧠📈, or 🧠🟦 to your post for it to appear in this feed.

Rules: No bigotry. No personal insults. Posts must be about neuroscience.

Run by
Discover Art!A randomly sorted feed for #art posts with fewer than 20 likes.

Note: #art can be in the text or alt text!

*Limited to 3 days of history!*

Writing CommunityWriting Community

Will collect posts with hashtag #writingcommunity, #writerscommunity, #writer(s)
MedSkyWelcome to Medsky, a place for the medical community to get together and exchange ideas.
To show up in the feed, add "Medsky", "Medtwitter", or one of the following emojis to your post: 🩺,⚕️
Dog PicsA feed of dog pictures from the whole network (sometimes not dogs)4052023-08-07T02:54:09.038Z
MLB+Baseball talk on Bluesky.4032023-07-03T20:59:51.897Z
Philosophy of ScienceTag = #philsci

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)

Please note that this feed will not pick up posts that contain more than 10 hashtags.
UK PoliticsUK Politics feed curated by @skiptomyloulou and @johnlf // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com3772023-10-14T10:26:32.146Z
#EconSky 📉📈Economics BlueSky feed

Post with:
ComicsBluesky comics feed3592023-07-03T02:37:58.475Z
A+ Shitpostersillumi's favorite shitposters3552023-09-27T21:36:41.310Z
🇺🇦 #artПости з тегами #art, #арт, #ukrart, #украрт, #артпідтримка, #украртпідтримка від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Spec ListA feed for the speculative literature world. Ask to be added or use the following to have posts included: #speclit, #specfic, #scifilit, #horrorlit, #fantasylit, #sff, #sffh3462023-07-11T19:53:28.111Z
Discworlddiscworld | Pratchett | rincewind | vimes | twoflower | weatherwax | ysabell | gaspode | greebo | ironfoundersson | dorfl | eskarina | vetinari | uberwald | garlick | lipwig | conina | morpork | wizzard | nanny ogg | gytha | 💿🌐|A'Tuin | Ridcully | Klatch | Klatchian | Djelibeybi | Angua | Dibbler3392023-10-01T06:45:57.971Z
Best of FollowsSee top content from people you follow3362023-07-03T01:10:55.392Z
TrekskyA Star Trek feed for Bluesky3352023-09-24T21:11:55.714Z
Food, glorious food!A feed for all things food related, pictures, recipes, go nuts! Use the 🍜 emoji in the post to add to the feed.3302023-10-04T16:24:31.119Z
Bsky Book ClubLet's talk about what we're reading, and share it with the class!

use 📚👀 to get posts into the feed
What's EcologyA feed for science, policy, stories and news on ecology and conservation. Posts with any globe emoji (🌍, 🌎, or 🌏)from users on the list will show up in the feed (just ask to be added to the list!)3282023-09-05T14:06:16.869Z
SkyHub 🖤🧡A feed of bsky's hottest SWers! Use 🧡🖤, skyhub, or 🖤🧡 in caption or alt text3252023-10-11T12:38:55.423Z
Geography (geosky)The geosky community for the interdisciplinary field of geography, geographical analyses & allied scholarship (e.g. environmental studies/science, geopolitics, etc.)!
Feed hastags: #geosky, #geo or #geography
Like❤️ & pin📌 the feed to see posts on your home feed!
Created by:
🎧use the headphones emoji 🎧 to talk about music you like, share songs, talk about making music, sharing your own music, talking about music gear, posting your weekly topster collage... this feed is for everything music!3212023-07-07T23:32:04.068Z
Writing and BooksCasting a wide net to pick up as many writing and book related posts as possible!3212023-09-25T19:38:35.210Z
Fungi Friendsposts about mushrooms (hopefully). either include a 🍄📷 or #fungifriends to be included :33202023-07-25T23:35:04.697Z
😷Covid CautiousFeed displays a variety of terms to prioritize posts by folks who are: covid cautious, researchers, & those sharing covid news. Use #stillcoviding or #covidcautious to make sure your post is included. Check the comment(s) under the pinned post for more details.3092023-10-14T19:14:24.582Z
ClaraGram 📸🍑'only the photos' feed from your favorite redhead 🍄📸3092023-09-17T23:09:24.301Z
Queer Bookworms 🌈📚A feed for queer bookworms! Include 🌈📚 in your post for it to show up here!3052023-07-27T17:23:12.705Z
WitchskyWelcome to witchsky, for posts related to witchcraft, occultism, tarot, paganism, spirituality, etc - (lets keep it anti-fascist)
Use #witchsky, #occultsky, #spiritsky, #tarotsky, #astrologysky, #esotericsky or #pagansky for your post to be added!
🐾 Murrsuits 🌙Posts by furries that have an image and #murrsuit or #fursuit.

Join the furry feeds by following
Art: CommissionsFeed of artists open for commissions. Use #commissions or #artcommissions. Filters out AI/NFTs.2972023-09-26T20:29:43.779Z
Pro-WrestlingPosts about pro-wrestling
Please tag posts with #prowrestling,🤼,#wrestlesky,🤼‍♀️,🤼‍♂️, or #LuchaLibre to get them to show up. Using tags for the following promotions will also show up:
#aew,#wwe,#NJPW,#ROH,#Impact,#GCW,#TJPW,#ECW,#WCW, #AJPW, #DDT, #NOAH, #STARDOM
Reptiles & Amphibians! 🐍Snakes, frogs, lizards, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #herps or one of the emojis 🦎🐢🐍🐸🐊. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers.2942023-10-29T17:59:04.367Z
Formula 1Lights out and away we go! All the conversation about Formula 1 / F1.

Posts show up here if they mention F1 or any number of related terms such as driver's names, track names, and many more. To opt-out use the terms "nofeed" (generic) or "nof1" (feed specific) in your post.
Anime & Manga (New)Feed of Anime and Manga fandom Keywords mostly in English in chronological order. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com2932023-10-20T11:25:41.446Z
Fountain PensA feed that includes any posts with the term fountain pen.2802023-09-21T02:21:13.240Z
Anthropology/ArchaeologyAny post with 🏺2782023-07-03T21:50:47.542Z
🇺🇦 Всі+Всі пости від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE. Окрім тих, кого ви фоловите.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
CraftiverseNew feed for all things crafting. Include this emoji to get picked up! 🧶 Questions to blopeep.bsky.social2692023-10-10T20:14:53.125Z
Art: JobsFeed of people looking to hire artists. Use #artjob. Pulls from mentions of art + job or hiring. Filters out AI/NFTs.2672023-10-11T05:17:38.813Z
BoobSky 🍒all things titty related - boobs, titty, tits, bewbs, tiddies etc.2662023-08-06T01:42:35.191Z
JP日本語 (Japanese Language)
SociologyA feed for sociological research and discussion.

Tag = #sociology or #sociological

Also includes all posts (not replies) with the words sociology or sociologist (temporary experiment)
Catch UpMost popular posts from the last 24 hours2572023-08-30T15:10:16.660Z
#french feedfeed using #french, 🇫🇷 and many more as keywords.
enjoy !!!
Art: Support ArtistsAn aggregate feed of ways to support artists! Use #supportartists. Pulls from my Art: Stores, Commissions, Subscriptions, Crowdfunding and For Hire feeds. Filters out AI/NFTs.2552023-09-26T20:31:31.598Z
TTRPGTTRPG related posts2532023-08-31T21:19:47.538Z
Queer ArtA feed for Queer Artists to post their own artwork. Tag to include your artwork.

Once added be sure to add the keyword 'queerart' to the body of your art post or alt-text otherwise it will be filtered out. Only post your own art.
Horror ArtistsImage posts made by a curated list of horror (and horror-adjacent) artists!2482023-07-05T01:11:39.231Z
Game Narrative & Writing(Shortlink:

All things video game narrative, writing & storytelling related! [#narrativedesign, #gamewriting, other key terms from a list of industry pros are auto-included in the feed - @gregbuchanan to propose new people]

Don't forget to ❤️ the feed!
FollowersLikePosts liked by people you follow2432023-10-17T15:38:48.512Z
#nbaPosts with #nba from the whole network2412023-08-30T15:24:30.266Z
Langsky / LinguisticsA feed for linguists, language nerds, etymologists, multilinguals and (aspiring) polyglots (formerly #langtwt)

Add #langsky #linguistics #etymology or #multilingual to your post to add it to the feed
Bsky Goes Cosplay 🎭open to any and all cosplayers, just use the word cosplay to join 🥰2392023-07-24T17:48:45.901Z
Kikorangi7-day rolling feed of posts related to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Some common AoNZ words already scanned for in posts and alt-text, but use #kiwi or 🇳🇿 to manually include yours.
Queer CornerA feed for queer nerds, music lovers, gaymers, artists and friends.2362023-07-03T15:27:55.260Z
PsychSciSkyTracking "#PsychSciSky"
🐾 StreamersFind furs going live on streaming platforms. Use #goinglive or #furrylive to include a post in the feed.

Join the furry feeds by following
Earth ScientistsEarth and Planetary Scientists talking about Earth and Planetary Science

Pester to be added to the posting list and then use #earth-science, #geoscience or the ⚒️ symbol

Temporary — while we get used to the tags / hammers, adding search terms
AltSpace 👻Photos of people within "alternative" subcultures - add 👻🖤 (no space) OR #altspace to the caption of your photo to be included!2292023-07-09T10:14:48.125Z
Re+PostsPosts and reposts from people you follow without replies2262023-07-03T03:56:36.245Z
한국어 (SkyFeed)7일 이내 작성된, 한국어가 한 글자 이상 들어간 모든 포스트들을 모은 피드입니다. 스카이피드 피드 제너레이터(에서 생성했습니다. 스카이피드에서 이 피드를 기반으로 다른 피드를 만들 수 있습니다.2262023-08-06T04:07:34.516Z
Tech by FlipboardCurated by Flipboard's state of the art topics recommendation system.2232023-07-03T02:59:08.453Z
Photography 📷Pictures from the entire network tagged with the 📷 emoji2232023-07-04T03:20:31.631Z
#EduSky 🍎A feed of posts tagged with #EduSky (education, educators, teachers, teaching, edtech)

Anyone can post with #EduSky

If you are on the spreadsheet, you can post with 🍎
NubClubA feed of men locked in chastity. Be sure you're on the list and include nub, chastity, cage, caged, Locktober, teamlocked or locked (with or without a hashtag) in your post or alt text for it to appear here!

please reach out to to be added. icon by
Blacksky: OnlyPostsPosts from Blacksky without reposts and replies2142023-07-05T19:44:54.321Z
Naturalists 🌿 Skeets from users on the "Naturalists Feed Accounts" list maintained by that also contain the word "naturalist", the hashtag "#naturalist" or the 🌿emoji.2132023-07-12T15:09:10.250Z
the peachy megafeed 🍑all photo posts with a 🍑 emoji, so all things peaches, booty, butts, ass, derriere, behind etc.2122023-08-06T01:41:59.835Z
Invertebrates! 🐙A feed dedicated to the spineless, all invertebrates welcome. Share your observations, art and other invert related content.

This feed automatically picks up keywords, but you can use #Invertebrate or #虫 to make sure your posts up

Users who post uncredited images will be muted from this feed
Silly Little Guys I made a feed for posting silly little guys.

For creators and appreciators of silly little guys. 🥺
Surf🏄 Surf the river of vibes and find cool art.
View images visually connected to what you've recently ❤️'d.
CFBA feed of College Football Adjacent Accounts.

The following hashtags and emoji will show up in the feed: #cfb, #collegefootball, #ncaafb, #cfbsky, #fbs, #fcs, #d2fb, #d3fb, #appoll, #aptop25, #cfbplayoff, #collegefootballplayoff, #doink,🏟️,"🎓🏈"
fat cock fridayfeed containing all posts with "fat cock friday" "fat gock friday" "fcf" or "fgf"2052023-08-11T18:43:17.331Z
LinguisticsA feed for linguistics and language; ask to get added to list.

Skeets with one of the following emoji digraphs will be included:
🧠💬 or 👐💬 or 🗣💬 or 🐦🐦

The rules are:
No misinformation
Credit photos
Give context to links off site
Use alt text
Have fun!
Bluesky Book Club 🐑 📖A feed for the Bluesky book club, now reading "Three Bags Full: A Sheep Detective Story," by Leonie Swann. Tag posts with BSBC, 🐑 📖, Bluesky Book Club, or bskybookclub.2022023-10-24T16:35:26.839Z
Moss 🟢Mossfeed: Photos & last 7 days only for the moment. This is a nature feed featuring green mossy photography & may be refined over time.

Feed created by
KidlitFind other Kidlit authors, artists/illustrators on Bluesky. Includes #KidLitArt, YA and MG author/illustrators.2012023-07-25T19:04:31.535Z
Black WritersHighlighting black writers from the writing community on all levels of their publishing journey. Use #bvm or 🖤✏️ on your individual posts to have it included on the feed.
Writing community, show your support by pressing ❤️
Hellthread FeedA feed of all Hellthread posts1942023-08-07T02:54:00.422Z
OnlyBee PicsMedia posts by (sometimes NSFW)1942023-09-27T03:59:21.671Z
#LawSkyA feed for the legal community. Use the #LawSky hashtag or ⚖️ (justice scales emoji) for your post to appear here. Maintained by (tag me with suggestions or corrections)1942023-07-11T01:24:17.450Z
🐾 GamesA feed for talking about and showing off furry visual novels and games. Use #FurryVN or #FurryGame to include a post in the feed.

Sponsored by

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Lit/Cultural StudiesLiterary and Cultural Studies people: mention #lit to be included. Or just talk about novels, poems, books, articles, editions, and films.1932023-09-26T12:35:53.507Z
Wynonna EarpDisplaying all posts that mention Wynonna Earp, #BringWynonnaHome, and Earpers(as well as other Earp-related terms!)1932023-09-20T16:10:52.008Z
iris pics 💖all of iris's image uploads in one place-- probably definitely nsfw1932023-10-09T21:25:02.786Z
Feed of FeedsAll custom feeds mentioned in posts1902023-10-20T17:02:29.824Z
Kawaii ArtFeed of kawaii art. Use #kawaiiart or #cuteart. Also pulls #art + cute, kawaii or chibi. Filters out AI/NFTs. Please Pin, Like and Share to help get the feed discovered!1892023-09-26T20:28:35.695Z
WorldNewsWorld News articles from Reuters, AP News, The Guardian, The Conversation, BBC, SBS, NYTimes, Al Jazeera, CNN, NBC News, Euronews, ABC, Financial Times, LA TImes, The Daily Telegraph (UK), Deutsche Welle (DW), Independent, VRT nws, Times of Israel, France 24.

See more in pinned post
Trans Mascs User FeedA feed of skeets (not replies) of trans masc folks of various types of Bluesky (genderqueer, enby, etc. welcome).

Everyone is encouraged to like and follow, but to be added to the list, please message me. (I don't want to add people without permission in order to avoid outing them.)
Secret Wordthe secret word of the day is ______1872023-10-29T09:49:52.904Z
Fahrrad allgemein 🚲🔧Allgemeiner Fahrradbubble-Feed 🚲🔧
#Fahrrad #Radfahren #Fahrradbubble #adfc #mdrza
Anti-Extremist ResearchFeed for journalists, academics, and independent researchers, covering and exposing the far-right. Includes researchers from across the US and Europe. Anyone can use the hashtag "#AntiExtremistResearch" on an original post for it to be included in the feed.1862023-09-04T01:07:43.853Z
History Science & TechnoTracking "#histsci", "#histtech", "history of science"
Evolutionary BiologyThe Evolutionary Biology Feed shares posts related to evolutionary biology news and research. Currently monitors: #evosky #evolsky #evolution #evobio #evolbiol #phylo #popgen #ecoevo #evodevo #molevol #paleobio #systematics1852023-09-21T16:06:20.346Z
Disability JusticeAll things disability justice. By @sfdirewolf.bsky.social1852023-08-20T01:21:43.936Z
BeginnerBluesky 初心者のための設定紹介。1842023-10-27T14:50:56.121Z
DiscoursePosts with 20 or more replies (by people not the OP) in the last 48 hours, ordered by number of 100+ char replies. (Credit to for the idea.)1832023-07-27T23:10:37.898Z
HorrorHorror movie chat. Picks up references to HorrorSky, #Horror, various horror movie terms or names, or the 📽️ projector emoji alongside one of these: 👻🧛☠️💀🔪🎃🧟. Posts need at least one like to qualify!1832023-10-01T20:14:30.241Z
Fighting Game CommunityA feed for the Fighting Game Community!

Features these topics, with more to be added!
-fighting games, fgc, street fighter, sf6, tekken, guilty gear, ggst, mortal kombat, dragon ball fighterz, dbfz, king of fighters, melty blood, anime fighters, anime fighting games, afgc, fgc art
Queer vTubersQueer vTubers on bsky.
Intersectional. No hate speech.
To add yourself contact
PositiviFeedA feed of positive posts from the whole network (as determined by sentiment analysis)1802023-08-07T02:54:07.382Z
Premier League FootballEPL English Premier League Feed . 450+keywords across all clubs. MCFC AFC MUFC NUFC LFC BHAFC AVFC THFC BFC FFC CPFC CFC WWFC WHUFC AFCB NFFC EFC LTFC BFC/Clarets SUFC

Let me know if anything needs tweaking
TeamVorsicht Covid19Hier tauchen alle Posts auf, die das Hashtag #TeamVorsicht, #DieMaskebleibtauf, #covidisnotover, #MaskeAuf, MaskenSchützen benutzen.1762023-08-20T15:07:42.126Z
Mods ApologiesAny post by a blue sky team member with the word "sorry"1752023-07-16T01:35:11.104Z
🇺🇦 #craftПости з тегами #craft, #крафт, #ukrcraft, #укркрафт від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Artistes Français/esArtistes Français/es1712023-09-02T11:36:11.051Z
CyberSecurity / InfosecCyberSecurity / Infosec Feed tracking several key words - by Fran

Last updated: October 4th to remove DFIR related "forensics" matches
Eat the Rude 🍷If I saw you every day, forever... A place for Bryan Fuller's Hannibal and the Fannibal Family. Pulls from the tags #Hannibal #Hannigram #Heu #HannibalFanArt and keyword fannibal.

May include mature content. 💀🌸
OFMDOur Flag Means Death feed :) mention "OFMD", "our flag means death", or "ourflagmeansdeath" to be included in this feed1702023-08-19T17:03:03.146Z
FriendshipRandomly sorted posts from your mutuals.
Hear from the people who don't post so much.
🚧 Under construction! (sometimes needs a refresh)
Journalistes 🇫🇷Un Feed propulsé par des comptes journalistes, sans les réponses, reposts et dont les Posts ont plus de 10 likes.1692023-10-22T07:53:01.682Z
Auslands-KorrespondentenEine Liste, die den Blick auf die Welt öffnet. Mit Korrespondent*innen, Journalist*innen & Expert*innen, die Länder außerhalb Deutschlands verstehbar machen.
Noch nicht verifiziert, nicht vollständig. // Made at
NAFOA feed for cartoon dogs who support Ukraine

Keywords for your posts to appear here are:
#NAFO #Fella #ToonieTuesday #DailyFella #wearenafo
SplatoonPulls from keyworks associated with Splatoon. #splatoon or #splatoon3 will definitely get you in. Please Pin, Like and Share to help get the feed discovered!1682023-09-26T20:27:09.475Z
Warrior NunTakes all posts that include "warriornun" or "warrior nun"1672023-08-01T20:05:02.492Z
🐾 Fursuits 🧼Posts by furries with #fursuit that haven't been marked NSFW.

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PoetryA feed for poets and lovers of poetry!

Use #poetry in your skeet for it to appear in this feed
Horror WritingFeed to follow horror writers and books!

Pulling in posts with any of the following:
#horrorlit, #horrorbook, #horrorwriter, #hwa, #horrorwriting, #horrorwrite, or the emojis 📚😱
Genomics/BioinformaticsLooks for both 🖥️and 🧬in the post.

art from:
NeurodiversityContent containing neurodiversity related terms.1662023-07-03T04:18:09.234Z
Fishnet Fanatics it's in the name, baby. all image posts with "fishnet" included
(alt text included)
Artists <200Image-only posts from artist accounts with less than 200 followers. MUST INCLUDE "art" in post text or alt text. Tag to be added to the list.1632023-09-14T05:23:57.976Z
Baldur's Gate IIIA video game feed for Baldur's Gate III! Posts containing #BG3spoilers are confined to a separate feed, but there may still be untagged spoilers, so read with caution.1632023-09-27T01:24:02.154Z
Climate PoliticsClimateSky is a feed for those working on the politics of climate change, broadly defined.

Like and pin the feed and tag posts with ClimateSky. Message @fredshaia if you'd like to join the list. ClimateSky is a sub-feed of Polisky.
ALT4Me--Alt RequestsFinds user requests for alt text to be added to image posts. Posts containing "Alt4Me" (spaces optional) will appear in the feed.

Use "nofeed" or "noaltfeed" to exclude any post from the feed.

[built with]
SkybrariansBluesky librarians and fellow GLAM travelers. Contact to be added to the contributor list, and then use the books emoji (📚) to include a post in the feed. Smash that like button to help others find it; every feed its reader.1602023-07-08T17:50:06.447Z
StatsSkyStatistics on BlueSky!
Add #stats to your post for it to appear on this feed.

Rules: No bigotry. No personal insults. Posts must be about statistics. Posts cannot have more than 8 hashtags.
18+ LinksAll posts & replies with adult/porn links

Includes Onlyfans/OF, Fansly, Pornhub/PH, ManyVids/MV, LoyalFans, Clips4Sale/C4S, MyFreeCams/MFC, Chaturbate/CB, IWantClips/IWC, Stripchat, Fanvue, Slushy, Playboy, APClips, JustForFans/JFF, NiteFlirt/NF, SextPanther/SP, Fansify
GaymerFeedA feed of all posts (No Replies or Reskeets) of gaymers and gay geeks 🎮🕹️ Tag @gaymingbear to get added to the list!1552023-07-24T02:40:36.831Z
Yuri / 百合 / 백합A feed for Yuri / 百合 / 백합 genre.

To participate in the feed, tag your art and link posts with #yuri or #百合 or #백합 or #GL

Please contact if you regularly post about the genre.
Portfolio Day!Posts that mention "portfolio day" and include images! (not replies)

Also matches single word "portfolioday"

*7 days of history*
WeedMobDer Weedmob ist eine bunte Online-Gemeinschaft, die sich für die Legalisierung, Aufklärung und Entstigmatisierung von Cannabis sowie eine progressive Drogenpolitik einsetzt.
Hier findest du alle Skeets, die folgende Keywords beinhalten:
weedmob cannabis legalisierung entkriminalisierung
Йобана русняЙобана русня1512023-08-08T11:11:42.148Z
🇺🇦 НовенькіПости від нових профілів. 1 тиждень з дати додавання до каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Classics /Ancient World Tracking "BlueskyClassics", "ClassicsBluesky", "AncientBluesky"
Social PsychologyTag = #socialpsyc

| science | psychology | research |

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)
Cakrawala IndonesiaCakrawala menampilkan kiriman dari semua pengguna dalam klaster bahasa Indonesia 🇮🇩

Feed hanya menampilkan kiriman sesuai tag bahasa terpilih pada "post language". Sebagian kiriman mungkin hilang jika pengaturan "content languages" bukan dalam bahasa Indonesia.
Wheel of TimeWheel of time feed. #TheWheelOfTime or #WheelOfTime1492023-08-16T14:56:42.084Z

Feed for Bluesky Gohan Club, the virtual club sharing delicious food photo posts!
WWC 23FIFA Women's World Cup 2023, most WNTs e.g. ITAWNT or JamWNT, #UWNL, women's soccer / women's football

Frauen-weltmeisterschaft/Coupe du monde féminine/copa do mundo feminina/copa mundial feminina/copa del mundo feminina
FFXIV After Dark 🔞A feed for NSFW gposes, art and prose from the Final Fantasy XIV fandom.
Phrases included: ffxivnsfw, gposersnsfw, ffxivlewds, xivnsfw, xivafterdark (With or without #)
Mammals! 🦊Mammals galore! Photos, art, science, memes, & more! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #Mammals or 🦊. 🚫No AI/NFT or scrapers. Please keep domestic dogs/cats to the dog & cat feeds!1432023-10-27T20:17:49.250Z
GenderSkysub polisky feed on gender & politics, running on the main feed and a gender list managed by
Tag as gendersky
Hilfe-Center 📌Hier erscheinen in unregelmäßigen Abständen Tipps und Tricks, um Dir Deinen Aufenthalt hier im Himmel angenehmer zu machen.

Wenn ihr Fragen habt, dann stellt diese wie folgt: Frage an
Cognitive PsychologyTag = #cogpsyc

| science | psychology | research |

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)
council of remsthis is a feed that is every (top-level) post from a rem alt1402023-10-27T19:06:30.484Z
Queer STEMThis feed is for people in the LGBTQ+ community who work or study STEM (academic, industry, sci-comm, etc). You can post to the feed using the terms #LGBTQSTEM #LGBTSTEM #PrideInSTEM #BiInSci #TransInSTEM #QueerInSTEM #IntersexInSTEM - please let me know if you want other tags adding!1402023-10-10T18:01:13.160Z
Bluesky BaddiesPosts from the hottest accounts on Bluesky (often NSFW). Contact to be added or removed. (Work in progress) Onlyfans/Fansly creators and other adult models/providers always welcome1402023-09-21T00:47:40.428Z
#LAF#LAF | [Looking for Artist Friends] FEED! Find your artist friends here! Show SUPPORT and stay CONNECTED!1392023-09-23T14:07:58.563Z
📖 Litmags & PublishersA list of literary magazines, small presses, and other publishing accounts on Bluesky 📚

To be added to/removed from this feed, please feel free to @ me!
Kairi x BennieBlueSky RomCom, Season One1362023-07-11T03:52:19.302Z
🔥🔞 Hot Adult ContentFormerly "Hot Suggestive". The hottest image posts from the last week that have been labelled by the content moderation system. Ignores skeets with the text "#private" or "!no-promotion".1352023-08-16T13:02:48.610Z
Art: ShopsFeed of shops by artists. Use #artshop. Pulls from keywords related to art and shops. Filters out AI/NFTs.1352023-09-26T20:30:44.999Z
PhDSkyPosts by and for PhD students

Tag = #PhDSky

Coverage = academia | academic chatter | academic jobs | higher education | scholarship | science | university | PhD students

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)
BskyMusicMkrsBsky beat makers/synth nerds/music producers/music composers/studio owners/DJs/remixers1352023-07-21T00:57:13.710Z
🐾 #FurSaleBuy and sell furry merch on the FurSale feed. Use #fursale or #merch to include a post in the feed.

Join the furry feeds by following
PokemonPokemon Feed - posts containing pokemon or pokémon1332023-07-03T01:41:04.275Z
18th CenturyistsFor all things long 18th-century. Use #c18th, #18thC, or #c18 for posts on topics from around the globe: literary, history, political philosophy, fashion, material culture, and more! v 1.1 //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com1332023-08-13T21:34:09.171Z
Lingerie Lovers 👙💕finding all the best lingerie pics on Bsky so you don't have to 💕check my other feeds for more!1322023-08-06T01:41:43.227Z
#MusicianSkyA feed of music posts on Bluesky. Let's build our music community together!
Use #musiciansky or #musicianfeed to have your post appear on the feed!
STS science & technologyAll things related to Science and Technology Studies

Tag = #STS
NFL+Football talk on Bluesky.1302023-07-27T01:04:07.269Z
#ActuallyAutisticAll posts within past 72 hours containing the #ActuallyAutistic and #AskingAutistics hashtags or the word autistic1272023-07-03T04:17:14.341Z
Rubber FursA feed of rubber furries! Posts with images and tagged with #rubberfur or #latexfur1272023-10-18T17:33:32.930Z
GLAMSPosts highlighting the awesome world of galleries, libraries, archives, museums, and special collections (GLAMS). Contact @vfo to be added to contributor list, and then use the scroll emoji (📜) to include a post in the feed. Please use alt text in images.1272023-07-18T19:52:45.008Z
DisabilityContent containing disability related terms.1262023-07-03T04:18:09.234Z
kleine KunstklasseWillkommen in der Community der Kunstschaffenden.1262023-08-22T16:42:06.349Z
Art: For HireFeed of artists for hire. Use #artistforhire. Pulls from keyworks related to art and job seeking. Filters out AI/NFTs.1252023-10-11T05:44:37.995Z
EpiSky 😷Welcome #epitwitter refugees!

A simple feed scooping up epidemiology content in the spirit of #epitwitter and Epitwitter! Include any of the following in your post (# not required but allowed cuz old twitter habits die hard!): epidemiology episky 😷 💉

Ping tejenson with user acct exclude requests!
Lecture FRFeed Francophone pour suivre les posts liés à la littérature et à la lecture ( Livre, BD, Comics,Manga, auteur, autrice, bibliothèque, librairie, french books ...). Si vous voulez faire apparaître vos posts dans le feed ajoutez #lectureFR1242023-10-25T21:36:02.354Z
Developmental PsychologyTags = #devpsy, #devpsyc, #devpsychsky, #devpsycsky

| science | psychology | research |

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)
philskyFeed for philosophy on Bluesky! Use #philsky to add your post to the feed. Any level of seriousness welcome!1242023-08-12T12:52:28.557Z
TTRPG FolksA comprehensive feed of TTRPG posts!
🎉 Filters out Critical Role Spoilers!
⚔️ Tons of terms matching games and systems, large and small!
🏆 Matches for Ennies, a bunch of APs, and lots of creators.
❌ Opt out with #nofeed or #nottrpgfeed.
Have a request? Hit up!
AbolitionA feed for the abolition of policing and prison.
♥️ and sub the feed
#abolition #prisonabolition #abolishprisons #abolishpolicing #stopcopcity #abolishice 🚫⛓️=Feed
Use Alt-Text
blossom's best 🌸mostly blossom bratt's lewds and nudes. perhaps some h*rny memes. link in bio for more 🩷1232023-09-13T20:52:06.006Z
Ukraine OSINTUkraine war feed filled with open source intelligence accounts.1232023-07-03T22:33:38.360Z
Writing PromptsA feed for writing and other creative prompts. Pulls in posts from a variety of prompt challenges including vss365, whistpr, mpotd, and other vss1232023-10-20T13:26:28.557Z
All-Time BangersA feed of the most popular posts sorted by likes (since May 26th, 2023). Ordering might be slightly off but it's close enough.1232023-08-07T02:54:12.074Z
Welcome, STEM!A feed for people in science and medicine to introduce themselves and welcome others! Tag your post with #HiSciSky 👋🏽1232023-09-16T17:43:07.690Z
PuppyPlay🐕Just use:
puppyplay, pupplay, petplay, pupfetish, puppyfetish, gaypup, gaypuppy, humanpup, humanpuppy, gaypupplay, puppyplaykink, pupplaykink, humanpupplay, leatherpup, leatherpuppy, puppygear, pupgear, pupmask
(Entire Network, last 7 days)
Board GamesAll mentions of board games across Bluesky!1212023-07-25T04:00:21.866Z
GameArt Use: GameArt
Art and Illustrations, 3D, 2D, Pixelart, textures, procedurals, sculpts and other game related Art Included. Showcases the last 7 days.

No Midjourney/StableDiffusion Al/Spam
MetasciencePicks up posts with metascience-related terms (e.g., "p-hacking").

Tag = #metasci

Coverage = science | open science | philosophy of science | statistics |

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)
Zoosky! 🦇Posts from a list of zoos and aquariums on Bluesky! Shows only posts from the past 7 days.1202023-10-09T17:35:18.944Z
FilmskyFeed for film discussion. Includes all posts with the word "filmsky".1192023-07-03T00:08:56.619Z
OSR FeedAn OSR RPG feed1192023-07-19T19:01:02.778Z
Lehrer:innen-Zimmer 👩‍🏫🏫👨‍🏫ℹ️ Dieser 👩‍🏫🏫👨‍🏫 Feed zeigt alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen die Worte twlz, bllz, BlueLz, Lehrerzimmer oder die HashTags #twlz, #bllz, #BlueLz, #Lehrerzimmer genutzt wurden.1192023-09-15T08:33:05.412Z
indigiskeeters🦟We may be small and annoying but we're full of NDN blood. This feed pulls from a "mute list" of Indigenous accounts. if you want to be added to that list tag Anyone can subscribe but only Indigenous accounts can be added to the list, this keeps Indigenous voices centered.1182023-07-12T23:36:52.528Z
📖 Блускай читацькийПости зі згадками та рекомендаціями книг
Алгоритм розпізнає по ключових словах, або можна емоджі 📖 в постах, або пости від видавництв.

🧐 Якщо стрічка пуста – включіть українську мову в Settings → Content languages.
All things TTRPGA comprehensive TTRPG feed, including:

- Blades in the Dark
- Call of Cthulhu
- Dungeons & Dragons
- Dungeon Crawl Classics
- Dungeon World
- Pathfinder
- Powered by the Apocalypse
- Old School Renaissance
- Shadowdark
- Starfinder
- Traveller
- Vampire: the Masquerade

Among others.
Fat Girl/Femme Friday**Feed may contain nudity. 🔞18+ ONLY** Welcome to the Fat Girl/Femme Friday Feed! Posts are from within the last 7 days, have images, and are picked up by the phrases "Fat Girl Friday" or "Fat Femme Friday" in post or ALT text.1172023-10-20T17:08:45.577Z
🔞TFSky ✨🔞Feed for Transformation related art, stories, and discussion. Please 💗 and 📌the feed.

Picks up 70+ transformation related phrases and tags. Use TFsky in your post or ALT Text to be sure to be included. If you would like to help improve the feed, or have feedback, tag
Public Health 🛟Meant for epidemiology, community health, health communication, and social science. Not meant for medicine or bench science. Contact to be added. Use "public health" "health equity" "health inequality" or "🛟" for posts to show in feed.1162023-10-12T14:57:51.332Z
The Up and Upmost recent posts to hit 12 likes1152023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
SonicPosts related to Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. From the games, comics, animation, and fan creations.
News: &
Use #Sonic or #SonicTheHedgehog for posts to appear here.
Medias🇫🇷 @mediasfrUn flux d'info en contenu d'une sélection de médias Français !1152023-10-16T08:17:42.202Z
Early ModernFor all things early modern #earlymodern #reformazing #nuntastic #monkabulous //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com1142023-07-31T11:01:30.000Z
Submission CallsTracking "#SubmissionCall", "#WritingComp"
JewSky PlusA beta feed for Jews on bluesky. Made by Space Jew and the JewSky project. Come check out our discord:
Trans StreamlinePeople known for friendly transgender discussion, emotional support/connections and LGBTQ+ news. The list is manually reviewed and kept up by, so reach out with suggestions of people to add.1132023-09-27T14:02:04.868Z
AstroskyAll posts from the astronomy community on Bluesky - on or off topic!
Any astronomer can register to post here:
Femdom Universe 👑💅🏻🙏🏻for all the Goddesses, Mistresses, Dominas, Mommies, Daddies, Princesses, Queens, Dieties and other supreme femme beings. worship and pay your respects accordingly! #femdom to post directly to feed1102023-07-24T17:48:54.036Z
Books 📚Posts about books, recommendations, reading challenges, and quotes. You needed to be added to the list and then use 📚 emoji to be featured in the feed. Flag to be added!1102023-07-03T01:04:25.836Z

Finds keywords of #mecfs, #cfs, #MEScience, ME/CFS, #pwME, #MEeps and #MEAwareness, #PostExertionalMalaise, #MyalgicE, #SevereME,
Deutsche PostsDeutsche Bluesky-Posts. Spracherkennung mit auf Twitter-Daten trainiertem fasttext-Modell (

German Bluesky posts. Language detection using custom fasttext model trained on Twitter data (
NSFW ArtNSFW Art on BlueSky. Tag your image posts with #nsfwart to feed it here. Also works for reposts.1102023-07-07T20:45:39.067Z
📺Bluesky's first dedicated TV feed!

TV news, episode reviews, Serializd & TV Time chatter — it’s all here.

To publish to it use the television emoji 📺

And if you use this feed, please ❤️ this feed!
Video GamesA curated feed for everything video game related! Use the 🎮 emoji if you'd like to make sure your post ends up in the feed.1092023-07-05T13:59:21.346Z
What's MidA feed of posts reposted by @whatsmid.bsky.social1092023-07-03T03:24:59.027Z
Photoreel🎞️A feed for photographers 🎞️
Photography feed that includes polaroids, black and white, 35mm, analogue and digital photographs.
Indie game Feeda feed for those that want to see indie games that are being shared on Bluesky1082023-07-04T06:36:30.971Z
The Weed FeedCannabis, Ganja, Weed, Marijuana, 420, the sticky icky - whatever you call it if you're into funky smelling purple flowers you've come to the right place. Mention weed or cannabis or drop a 🌲 and make sure to attach and image to your post to be featured!1072023-10-12T13:56:40.157Z
Sapphic Books & WLWIncludes keywords sapphic/lesbian/WLW + book/ novel/fiction/romance/mystery/fantasy/thriller/science fiction. As well as: lesfic, sapphfic, Sapphic September, Sapphic Book Bingo, IHS Reading Challenge.1072023-09-04T16:14:32.344Z
Kim Hu // Art Only FeedFollow just my art, without all the KIM BEING KIM happening in between.1072023-07-29T11:10:24.433Z
ClockSkyhey guys check this out1072023-09-03T00:58:16.230Z
EDM bskyFeed for music producers, DJs, visual artists, photographers, graphic designers, rave fashion, edm related creation of any kind plus other edm-related thoughts.
Use "EDM bsky" in your post to have it show up here.
LongCovidLong Covid feed

Finds the key words #LongCovid, "Long Covid", #pwLC, "post acute sequelae", #PASC, #LonghaulCovid, #CovidLongaulers, #ChronicCovid, #PostCovidConditions and #c19Longhauler
Discover Art! (no furry)*This feed is the same as the Discover Art! feed, with the only difference being that furry content is filtered out.

A randomly sorted feed for #art posts with fewer than 20 likes.

Note: #art can be in the text or alt text!

*Limited to 7 days of history!*

TFTuesday ArtFollow this feed for TFTuesday art! Contains updates for the previous 7 days.

Use #TFTuesday or #TFEveryday in your post or image alt text to show up here!
Plant Biology 🌾A quick feed hoping to aggregate all plant science, plant biology, botany, and agronomy posts on Bluesky! Remember to tag your post with both the 🌾 and 🧪emojis!
These words will also tag your post in the feed: plant biology, agronomy, botany, plant science, chloroplast, photosynthesis, chlorophyll
Game NewsVideo game news and releases. Opt in with #GameNews, opt out with #NoFeed or #NoGameNews. Discuss at
VRChatCollects active VRChat-related posts1032023-08-02T02:56:26.870Z
Liked by FollowsPosts liked in the last 10 hours by people you follow. Likes are worth less the more posts someone liked!1032023-10-10T15:32:43.157Z
Skybrarians (firehose)libraries and library-adjacent (you didn't think you could escape, former librarian, did you?)

Image from:
OnlyfansFeed of Onlyfans and #onlyfans mentions1022023-07-14T04:13:30.764Z
medievalistsa feed to capture work on the European Middle Ages and by medievalist scholars. use the word (or hashtag) "medievalsky"1022023-08-02T12:45:59.727Z
Folklore folksA place to find people who post about folklore, fairy tales, mythology and other kinds of magic!1012023-08-24T14:50:38.994Z
Environmental HistoryScholars of environmental history, broadly defined. Open to anyone who wishes to add themselves. Send posts here using the green book emoji (📗), or the text envhist/#envhist/envhum/#envhum. Feel free to contact for help. Please add yourself here:
bikini babesA feed for bikini pics just use #bikini or the bikini emoji to have your pic show up in the feed1012023-07-07T19:33:24.331Z
Good Omens!All mentions of Good Omens and characters.1002023-07-30T00:19:27.085Z
CraftSkyPosts about crafts - if your hobby isn't showing up, tag so I can add it to the search terms.

craftsky|crochet|cross stitch|embroider|knitted|knitting|knitter|needlepoint|quilting|yarn|spindle|roving|perler|sewing|dressmak|bookbind|leatherwork|leathercraft|corsetry
ConflictskyResearch on political conflict and violence.992023-09-30T17:34:02.721Z
EnergySkyEverything Energy on BlueSky. Use '🔌💡' or mention energysky to be included!992023-09-28T00:17:21.870Z
The Spectrum GangAutistic? ADHD? Combo platter? If your brain wiring is just a little unique and you feel a certain kinship with other neurodivergent folks, this thread is for you! Run by - add #ADHD or #Autistic for the feed to pick up your post!
Name credit to
🇨🇦A better 🇨🇦 feed for Canadians!

Picks up all the popular Canada hashtags (#cdnpoli #abpoli #onpoli #topoli #polqc, #cdnnews, etc) PLUS national news stories from the major English & French pubs.
What's Not Randomly sorted posts with no likes (made with skyfeed)992023-07-16T09:04:31.412Z
EUskyEUsky is a feed for academic scholarship about Europe and the EU, broadly defined, with an emphasis on politics politics and political science. List managed by as a subset of the Polisky feed. Tag posts with "EUsky" or 🇪🇺982023-09-20T13:42:35.601Z
catscat pics982023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
🦀 Crab Time 🦀A feed discussing crabs by verified users. Just ask to add you to the verified user list.

Use 🦀 for the post to appear on the feed.
DHAn inclusive list of Digital Humanities folks, understood in the most expansive way possible, including textual studies, media studies, digital queer studies, digital critical race studies, gaming, creative coding, digital art and narrative, and more982023-08-05T16:15:10.435Z
RetroGamingRetro gaming feed for Bluesky972023-08-12T14:18:16.477Z
Hurricane HilaryFor tracking Hurricane Hilary972023-08-19T23:25:50.158Z
Indie AuthorsTracking "self publish", "indie", "writing"
Warhammer + HobbyWIP collects all posts about miniature painting, warhammer or wargaming962023-09-10T06:00:06.714Z
Vore 🔞The Bluesky Vore community! 🔞
Use #vore

Contact to be added.

"Vore" is a fantasy fetish centered around being swallowed or consuming others, explored through art and role-play in a consensual and non-harmful context.
//Made at
MusicPosts with links to music sites or 'music' in the text952023-07-03T01:14:15.859Z
Science CommunicationPosts tagged with #SciComm, #InclusiveSciComm, #SciEngage, #SciCommJob, #SciCommJobs, or #SciWri. Created (as in set up to aggregate without curation or moderation) by and
KidLit CommunityKidLit authors, illustrators, educators, librarians, and publishing professionals (NOT a mute list -DO NOT SUBSCRIBE)942023-09-25T02:54:32.320Z
AoNZ PoliticsFeed for Aotearoa New Zealand political posts. Tag with #nzpol to include posts here.942023-10-01T04:25:08.622Z
#Wirsindmehr#wirsindmehr - der Hashtag gegen rechts!
Dieser Feed zeigt User, die ihn verwenden, auch #wirsindmehr, #fcknzs und mehr werden als Suchwörter benutzt.
Vernetzt Euch, folgt Euch - es wird nur eine kurze Pause sein, bis im Himmel auch die Rechten auftauchen.
❤️Your Likes. See more at
PsychSciSkyTracking "#PsychSciSky", "#Psychology", "#PsychSci"
menaskyMiddle East academics and folks922023-09-19T12:59:37.509Z
NederlandsEen feed van accounts die voornamelijk in de nederlandse taal posten.922023-08-23T07:32:22.170Z
Journalists ATAustrian Journalists

Leute aus Österreich, die irgendwas mit Medien machen.

...wird laufend upgedatet...

Ideen/Wünsche/Anmerkungen zu Ergänzungen oder Entfernungen bitte an:
MLBMajor League Baseball News and discussion912023-07-03T01:22:36.423Z
Turkish ClusterA feed of all posts from authors in the Turkish language cluster912023-08-07T02:54:03.716Z
Art: StreamsFeed of live streaming artists. Use #artstream. Looks for keywords surrounding art streams. Filters out AI/NFTs912023-09-26T20:31:11.251Z
Féminisme Féminisme intersectionnel, un fil pour regrouper les tweets sur le féminisme principalement en français, et en anglais.
Intersectional feminism, a feed for tweets about feminism, mainly in French and English.
LewdsAll posts with lewd labels902023-07-04T04:42:53.169Z
#milf feedA curated feed of hot moms! Use #milf #milfs or #milves on your photos to join.

Feed avatar by yourfavkiwi dot com
NHLWelcome to the official BlueSky NHL Feed, created by The Hockey Hotline892023-07-05T15:12:27.633Z
CriticalMass+VisionZero🚲criticalmass, kidicalmass, bicibus, fahrradbus, verkehrswende, radentscheide, tempolimit, falschparken, visionzero892023-10-06T18:26:08.800Z
BuchbubbleHier kommt alles rein, was mit Büchern zu tun hat. Wenn du also selbst über Bücher schreibst, dann erwähne irgendwo 'Bücher' und dein Post landet in der Buchbubble.892023-09-24T15:01:16.287Z
『作品』の話『二重カギカッコ』は、小説や映画などのタイトルを表記するときによく使われます。 『 のついた投稿を拾っています。案外みんな作品の話をしている。892023-10-29T00:52:31.760Z
#atdev hackingfeed for people working on at-proto and bsky. tag a post with #atdev for this feed to include your post.

not affiliated with the at-proto/bsky dev teams.
Complexity ScienceLiving beings as complex adaptive systems, emergent properties, scaling laws, and everything else about complex systems.

Use #complex, #complexity, 🦋🦫, or 🦫🦋 (no spaces) to have your post added to the feed!

If you "Add to my Feeds," please also 💜!

Lewd Fursuits: MurrsuitsTurn on the AC, you're gonna need it

To appear on this feed: photo posts containing either 'murrsuit,' '#murrsuit,' or 'fursuit + nsfw'
Genshin ImpactGenshin Impact Feed: posts containing "#genshin" or "genshin" or "#genshinimpact"872023-07-29T01:42:55.410Z
MicroSkyA home for microbiologists in the sky.

Signup here:

Tag posts with #MicroSky (case insensitive) or 🦠 or 🧫 and enjoy!
Climate CrisisThis feed surfaces the terms climate crisis, climate change, heatwave, flash flood and sea level rise. Think of this as a saved search for these terms.

The feed is not moderated
SchulentwicklungDer Feed sammelt alle Beiträge, die mit #Schulentwicklung markiert sind!872023-09-10T16:04:13.251Z
Flash LitFlash fiction and CNF. Use #FlashFiction862023-10-07T03:10:32.273Z
Dungeons & DragonsEverything Dungeons and Dragons on BlueSky.852023-08-10T14:18:46.578Z
Minneapolis and St. PaulA feed of posts from authors in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area (private feed moderated by
MemesMeme feed - posts only with pictures with "meme" in the alt text842023-08-07T05:32:17.074Z
Lecture SFFFPour suivre les posts en français sur les littératures de l'imaginaire #livre #SFFF #science-fiction #Fantasy #Fantastique #Littérature #lecture #ecriture #french #book #books
Si vous voulez faire apparaître vos skeets dans le feed ajoutez #lectureSFFF
#KidLitArtFeed for posts tagged #KidLitArt (primarily used by illustrators who work on childrens' books)842023-10-06T20:02:52.252Z
Second LifeA feed for Second Life users! Tag your post with #secondlife to get it to show up here! // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com842023-09-26T13:18:51.423Z
Aussie FeedA custom feed for Australia which picks up mentions of any Australian state/territory and their respective capitals from the past 24 hours.832023-08-21T23:34:16.827Z
#wowdwwowdw - das tollste Erlebnis in der Woche - jeden Freitag!822023-09-08T18:33:40.912Z
Taylor SwiftPosts about Taylor Swift822023-07-04T03:13:55.489Z
XIV Question of the DayFFXIV WoL Question of the Day feed! To be included, put 'wolqotd' anywhere in your post. (sidenote, QRTs do not show up on original posts but do show up in the OP's notifications.)822023-09-17T19:25:43.813Z
⚓️NarthexAnglicans/Episcopalians, those adjascent or sympathetic, WAT exiles, and more. Registered contributors can post to the feed using #Anglican #TEC #WAT ⚓📕or 🕯️ Contact @dljohnston.bsky.socail to be added. LGBTQIA+ affirming. No AI/NFT822023-09-09T00:18:35.953Z
contentiouskyA feed for scholars of contentious politics: social movements, protest, revolution, direct action, social mobilisation
Liked by 2 users
Political Behavio(u)rThis is a feed for folks working on political behaviour, broadly construed.

If you are in the polisky feed, you are automatically added here too. If you are not in polisky, but would like to be added, please tag @valentimvicente and ask to be added.
Sci-Fi Fantasy BooksA feed of posts about Sci-Fi Fantasy Books: Science-Fiction, Fantasy, SFFF, SFF, spec lit, utopia, distopia, Horror,novel.....and many more other keywords812023-10-12T13:39:28.492Z
MilSky GERFeed for MilSky Germany (former MilTwitter). Everything Bundeswehr and military bubble Germany on Bluesky. Hints welcome who should be added! List by Paul C. Strobel812023-10-05T16:15:19.505Z
Oops All Remall the rem posts812023-07-04T01:42:09.883Z
Feminist scholarsA feed of and for feminists and women academics. Use ♀️ or #FeministSky to contribute to the feed. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com812023-10-28T04:03:37.679Z
Veganer RezeptfeedDieser Feed ist für den Austausch veganer Rezepte im deutschsprachigen Bluesky.

Damit dein Skeet mit Rezept im Feed auftaucht, schreib "veganrezept" als ein (1) Wort in den Skeet, dann funktioniert es wie ein Hashtag
BBW Hotties 🔥 For all the BBW hotties out there! use bbw to appear in feed 💜812023-07-06T00:00:19.713Z
Plant Science ResearchA feed to collect postings on Plant Science Research & Plant Biology. Tags: #PlantScience|#PlantBiology|#PlantDevelopment|#Phytohormones|#PlantGenetics|#PlantCellBio|#PlantPhysiology|#PlantPathology|#PlantMicroscopy|#PlantEvoDevo|#MPMI|#PlantEvoMPMI|#PlantCellWall|#PlantGenomics|#PlantImmunity812023-10-19T15:52:51.644Z
Gundam FeedA feed for everything gundam!802023-07-03T01:59:25.816Z
Queer SFF Feed 🌈🚀💫Just use 🌈🚀💫 or the following in any combo:
+ fantasy/SFF/scifi/sci-fi/science fiction
Phrases are inclusive ("gay YA fantasy" etc).
GamingAll inclusive, chronological video game feed, picks up various gaming/gamer related keywords, also including game development, game news, & esports. May include some posts about board games/card games

Use 🎮, 🕹️, or #gaming to easily include any post
#rstatsSince Bluesky doesn't support hashtags (yet), this is a fake hashtag feed for all posts with #rstats802023-07-10T19:02:14.162Z
WIP CozyWork In Progress802023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
US PoliticsPosts relating to US Politics.792023-07-28T21:47:59.541Z
🗺️ Шо по Атласу? 👀Останнє оновлення Атласу - завжди закріпленим постом наверху.

Крім Атласу та тредів про кластери, в стрічці зібрані також інші цікавинки Блускай.

⚠️ Content language: Українська.
College FootballFor all your college football needs! Use the tags 🎓🏈, #CFB, #CFBsky, #Collegefootball,#NCAAFB,#FCS,#D2FB,#D3FB to get posts to show up here
Update: Most conference tags should now also work on here but it's not letting me list them all in the description
Public Admin/PolicyA feed for public administration and public policy research and discussion. For academics and people who want to follow scholarship, not general discussion/rants/etc. Ask to be added. Tag posts with "PAsky" or 🏛️ or "policysky"792023-09-21T01:37:55.774Z
#HistoryA general history feed pulling in #history and all posts from select Bsky historians. Don't forget to 📌 and ❤️️!782023-10-02T14:44:32.323Z
FrancophoneFeed qui affiche les publications et réponses comprenant les termes « français » et « francophone », ainsi que quelques mots-clics tels que #français #francophone et #franco.782023-07-07T00:00:29.960Z
Ava's Media 🍑A feed mostly full of Ava nudes 👀 with some memes & shitposting on the side782023-07-18T09:00:11.853Z
News (Deutschland)News-Angebote aus Deutschland - wird kontinuierlich ergänzt782023-10-06T06:11:42.636Z
la PAIX Un fil regroupant les utilisateur·ices de Bsky, en mixité choisie.772023-09-21T17:58:22.274Z
RJ Palmer ArtArt I made!772023-07-05T23:38:00.149Z
BKDKFor BkDk posts!772023-08-02T20:12:36.710Z
Lewds, nudes, & boobsall my spicy pics in one place! Never miss one!

If you want more (incl audio & video) sub to my OF

Or tip me on ko-fi:
BTS Bangtan OT7 FeedFeed for mentions of the Kpop group BTS / Bangtan Sonyeondan in English, Japanese & Korean; use #BTS to be added to the feed, feel free to send feedback to // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com772023-09-29T12:35:38.561Z
TTRPG CreatorsTracking "ttrpg", "dnd", "ttrpgcreator"
Games Art & AnimationGames artists and animators of any level --> concept, characters, environments, lighting, vfx, gameplay anim, tech art, tech anim, UI, pixel, cutscenes, etc.

(at) me to be added - I'll do add passes a few times a week.
✨💖Cutie Saturday💖✨Every Saturday draw and submit some cute ladies using the tag #cutiesaturday either in the post text or in the image alt text! I'll repost as many as I can. Suggestive art is allowed. Made by Aeyga.

Avatar by Yoh Yoshinari.
TTRPG in/from UK & IEA feed featuring posts from TTRPG enthusiasts in the UK, from the UK, or about the UK.

No AI/NFT. Love Wins - Trans Rights Are Human Rights - BLM // Made at
GermanPoliticSkyFeed for anyone interested in German politics from the perspective of political science. GermanPoliticSky752023-10-05T08:23:27.001Z
#Fotovorschlag#Fotovorschlag Feed752023-09-26T15:48:16.971Z
🎲✂️ Board Game Design- play nice and don't get dirty (interactions, not content)
- Please use alt text
- ask to add you to the list
- I'll like your post when I add you. Ask again if I don't within 48h
- once added, use "🎲 ✂️" in your board game posts
Blacksky: TrendingTrending content from the Black users of Bluesky.742023-08-06T21:49:39.505Z
Star WarsFeed with posts mentioning Star Wars movies and TV shows and various SW characters742023-09-05T23:35:15.049Z
Vegan!The latest Vegan content from around the network. To flag posts/accounts, please email [email protected]742023-09-11T23:35:22.828Z
Blacksky BrasilLista de usuários negros brasileiros!742023-07-14T16:01:50.429Z
Big Brother 25 Posts containing #BB25 or BB25742023-07-03T00:45:06.989Z
raccoons & opossumsHope you like raccoons & opossums because that is what you will find here. Images labeled via alt text with the words "raccoon" and/or "opossum" will show up here.742023-07-27T16:19:33.938Z
Space SkeetsTest feed for space skeets! Use 🛰️ to opt in.

NO filtering by users right now. Active users will be auto-added to a future member list.
GoonSkyFeed of SA Goons from the SA Bluesky thread. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com732023-10-23T09:40:46.475Z
🇺🇦 #укррайтПости з тегами #укррайт, #укрфф, #укрфанфікшн від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Selfiesuse #selfie or 🤳 to show up in this feed732023-07-18T09:54:01.200Z
AI ImagesThis feed will display all the posts where AI image related words are used732023-10-16T19:31:48.360Z
#kidlitchatA feed for posts with #kidlitchat (or just plain old kidlitchat) in them, ideally to be used for a weekly chat where we gather and virtually mingle.732023-08-20T21:28:07.517Z
DictatorskyA place for everyone and anyone who studies the politics of authoritarian regimes and/or political violence

Tag is "dictatorsky"
Disabled In STEMFeed where folks in the #DisabledInSTEM community can connect. Use the hashtag #DisabledInSTEM to appear in the feed.722023-09-20T04:46:27.193Z
HaliSkyFeed for posts containing (NOT case sensitive):

(case sensitive):
#iTeachPhysics 🎢For teachers of physics. Originally a bi-weekly professional development Twitter chat for physics teachers moderated by @BlackPhysicists

EduSky and What's Science can post with 🎢
CorgiskyWelcome to Corgisky, the feed for corgi pics!

All image posts/replies, by most recent, with corgi(s) or corgisky in the post text or alt text.
bangersMost recent posts where someone replied just "banger"722023-08-07T05:31:33.660Z
Book reviewsFeed of book reviews

Looks for #bookreview or the words book and review
woso! NWSL & USWNT (all)US-centered women's soccer feed. Find your woso community!

Don't use just Thorns, Dash, Courage, etc. You will have to say Thorns FC, or Houston Dash, NC Courage, etc. or #kcbaby, #vamoswave. Case insensitive.
🦊Furry VRWelcome to the VR feed for enthusiasts! Explore SFW and NSFW content in one place. Join this unique experience and immerse yourself in a world of emotions. 🌌🔞📸 #VRC 🐾💫 #VRChat #FurryVR 🦊🐺💕 #ERP722023-09-22T23:57:42.901Z
Tech newsPosts with links to tech news sites722023-07-03T01:14:15.859Z
Ukrainian ClusterA feed of all posts from authors in the Ukrainian Cluster712023-08-07T02:54:05.200Z
Game Jobs & Careers
Hiring and looking for work posts from the games industry!

Opt in with...
- #GameJobs
- #GameCareers
- #GameDev + #Hiring, #LookingForWork, or #LFW

Opt out with #Private, #NoFeed, or #NoGameJobsFeed.

Discuss at
Support the feed at
FirehoseA chronological feed of all posts on, noisy and unfiltered712023-08-07T02:54:07.732Z
Egg FeedI'm gunna rate your eggs712023-08-03T05:03:30.074Z
Dark Art & Macabre ArtBeautiful sci-fi, fantasy, and other dark art illustration. Gathers from #DarkArt, #MacabreArt, and more. May include blood, body horror, or others. Please browse at your own risk.712023-10-28T21:32:31.292Z
Skyline francophoneCe feed a pour vocation de centraliser un maximum de publications en français sur Bluesky.

Une remarque, une question ou une suggestion ? Laissez-moi un mot sur [email protected].

(dernière MAJ le 10/09/23)
KidLit/YA EditorsKidlit & YA editors & editorial assts who work for traditional publishing houses.
To be added, see:

NOTE: Do not query editors via Bluesky!

Yu-Gi-Oh!Skyscraper, a Yugioh community feed.712023-07-03T00:39:38.104Z
Micro Nano BioBluesky feed on anything micro or nano relating to Life Sciences. Posts on cell biology, molecular biology, biophysics, nanobiotechnology etc and many others welcome. 712023-08-28T22:28:51.530Z
ArachnophilesPictures of spiders and other arachnids. If you're afraid or don't like them, no need to let us know!702023-10-28T20:50:42.771Z
#queerAdultSFF BooksA feed of posts talking about queer adult SFF books
Use either #queerAdultSFF or "queer adult SFF" (case insensitive)
猫部-cat club-猫部-cat club-のフィードです🐈🐈‍⬛
[猫部][猫][cat club][ねこ]
TolkienAnything Tolkien from the last three days. Moderated by Ask me for a list of key words.702023-10-25T17:06:59.919Z
話題のフィード今どんなフィードが話題なの? カスタムフィードのURLを含む日本語の投稿を拾います。(※カードだけのリンクは拾えません。)702023-10-18T13:10:52.628Z
GeosciencesTracking "Geosciences", "Geology", "Earth Sciences"
Pixel ArtA simple Pixel Art feed. Pretty bad actually. Should find any posts with "8bit" or "Pixel" "art" or "artist" or "pixelart" for example. Includes post text, alt text, and link descriptions.

"Run" by
What's HotA copy of the old What's Hot feed, maintained by jaz.bsky.social692023-08-07T02:54:12.649Z
DevelopersThe developer feed692023-08-19T17:58:14.870Z
🌈 My Little Pony 🦄shows you any post tagged #mlp or #mylittlepony as well as any post with a major character's name, with some exclusions to avoid unrelated posts because rarity and applejack are words.

to exclude a post from this feed, include nofeed or nomlpfeed in your post
Huge Emotionクソデカ感情を叫んでいる人たち
中身 →
Journalism FeedFeed for all things media! Currently using journalism | journalist | journo| copyeditor | editor| 📝| #journalism and adding individuals via permission.

If you want to be added or have feedback:
Geometry DashA feed of every post made by people in the Geometry Dash community! Mention to make all your posts be
available in this feed.
TaylorFeedonly pics posted by @taylorhenries.bsky.social692023-07-03T02:36:26.474Z
french post onlyposts francophones, sans les replies692023-08-17T19:13:29.282Z
#MedizinAlles, was die Welt der Medizin bewegt.

Icon by Delapouite ( under CC BY 3.0 license (
🌱 VeganbubbleEin deutschsprachiger Feed aus Posts mit dem Stichwort "vegan" ("govegan", "vegane" etc. funktioniert auch) von User:innen aus der Liste "Veganbubble".
Um auf die Liste "Veganbubble" aufgenommen oder entfernt zu werden, meldet euch bei
Illustration & ConceptA curated list of illustrators, graphic novel/comics/BD and concept artists.

Random sorting with some weight to favour new posts,
Crocheters in the SkyFeed for people who crochet. Just include a 🧶 emoji to get your post added to the feed!682023-08-10T02:37:12.170Z
Screenshot Saturday
Every Saturday, game devs post screenshots of their games. Check 'em out and let the devs know how excited you are!

Opt in with #ScreenshotSaturday
Opt out with #Private, #NoFeed, or #NoScreenshotSaturday.

Discuss at
Support the feed at
Top skeets FRTop skeets francophones (en théorie mais ne marche pas top) de la semaine682023-08-11T07:24:02.022Z
#WX WatchersA custom feed for meteorology and weather watchers. This feed collects all skeets from the last week which include #wx[...] or #[2 letter abbreviation]wx.

This is not a substitute for local weather alerts! Please follow all warnings and instructions from your local weather service.
WebcomicsA BlueSky feed for webcomics, specifically. Tried to include different formats, webcomic platforms, and comic collectives. Let me know if I missed any!682023-10-28T20:28:46.233Z
TFEveryday 🔞Like and pin this feed for your
daily transformation needs 🐾🐺

⬇ Use these tags to be showen in feed ⬇
#Transfur #Transform #Transformation #TF #TFTuesday #TFEveryday
IndiaSkyA feed for BlueSky users from India to find friends and content672023-10-18T12:14:48.549Z
Editors of WordsA feed for editors who work with words. Use #amediting to post to the feed.672023-07-07T14:03:36.663Z
NSFaeWBluesky's Hottest Fae Folk672023-07-14T02:17:06.174Z
UK Kid LitTracking "ukkidlit", "kidlituk"
OverwatchFeed tracking mentions of Overwatch (the video game). Use "Overwatch" or "#overwatch", "Overwatch League", "OW2".672023-10-14T17:08:19.266Z
DramioneTracking "dramione", "#dramione"
Photography 📸A feed for all things Photography. Only posts with 📸 in them will show up in this feed. Use this to curate your photography uploads to appear in this custom feed.662023-10-27T19:07:25.650Z
#BB25A much more inclusive BB25 feed. Should show any post with BB25 (or #BB25) in it in the last 7 days. Replies NOT included.662023-08-01T13:32:21.616Z
Followfriday francophoneUn flux pour trouver des chouettes Skyos à suivre.
#ff #followfriday #suivrevendredi
Fat Cock Friday PicsOnly FCF / FGF posts that contain pictures for... reasons662023-10-28T13:52:42.678Z
Conservation 🦤Everything relating to conservation, including science, policy, advocacy, and news. Ask to be added as a contributor. In your posts to the feed, include the dodo emoji 🦤, "conservation", or "#conservation".662023-09-20T10:20:37.753Z
Queer+Trans Studies 🌈🎓This is an interdisciplinary academic feed to organise posts about research, events or news in LGBTIQA+, queer and trans studies.

To have your post appear on this feed, use the rainbow and the graduation cap emojis together 🌈🎓
SCOTUSSCOTUS expert commentary - filtered SCOTUS-only posts (experimental) from this list of experts:
International SecurityUse #IntSec to share on International Security!662023-10-12T14:36:14.037Z
#NEISVoidposts using the #NEISVoid hashtag, "no end in sight" for people living with chronic illness, hashtag was created on twitter by @bennessb662023-08-15T19:39:56.240Z
OC Art 🎨Showing love to OCs everywhere! This is an art feed focused on original characters - image posts tagged with #oc or #originalcharacter will appear here. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com662023-08-25T13:42:36.086Z
HP BioEverything history and philosophy of biology!

Use #hpbio, #histbio, #philbio, 🐋🌱, or 🌱🐋 (no spaces) to have your post added to the HP Bio feed!

If you "Add to my Feeds," please also 💜!

Comments/suggestions welcome:
Climate Change ScienceThis curated feed compiles original (no reposts) skeets from climate scientists, science communicators and reporters.
It relies on a public mute list. Do not subscribe to the list below. (I know it is puzzilig ;)
עברית + תגובותכל הפוסטים והתגובות בעברית.
הפיד בקוד פתוח! מוזמנים לעקוב ולעזור.
Gay Gainers & Chubs A feed for gay dude/dude-adjace gainers, chubs, superchubs, megachubs, and the guys who love em.642023-09-23T23:34:25.285Z
BKDKBK FeedA tag for every BKDKBK!

Searches through the last 3 days for tags relating to BKDKDBK

WARNING may include NSFW content
ScriptskyFeed for screenwriting discussion. Include the word "scriptsky" in your posts to have them included here.632023-07-03T00:08:56.619Z
Non-D&D TTRPGEverything TTRPG excluding everything D&D632023-08-31T21:19:27.778Z
News and JournalistsNews and Journalists feed632023-09-29T16:20:22.590Z
Scientific PublishingFeed to collect postings revolving around scientific research publishing, publishing models, open access, etc.
Environmental humanitiesTracking "Envhum", "Envhist", "Ecocrit"
Journalisten (DACH)Deutschsprachige Journalistïnnen - wird kontinuierlich ergänzt632023-10-06T06:10:12.668Z
PotteryA feed that pulls all mentions of the word pottery632023-09-20T22:03:04.729Z
BTS Fic A feed for BTS fic readers & writers. Includes both SFW and NSFW content. To be included, use any of the following: #btsfics, #btsficrecs, #btsfest. Send feedback to // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com632023-10-09T14:44:18.222Z
ChemSkyTracking "chemsky", "chemisky", "chemtwitter"
CogSciFeed for Cognitive Science.
Tag: #CogSci, #CogPsy, #CompCogSci
NSFW ChubsThis feed collects NSFW images from various Chubs in the community.

To be featured on the feed, follow I'll be happy to add your profiles to the feed. ❤️
Brasil SuperclusterA feed of all posts from authors in the Brasil Supercluster632023-08-07T02:54:02.930Z
Mechanical KeyboardsFor - the Mechanical Keyboard Feed632023-07-29T20:07:54.834Z
#NukeSkyNukeSky: a feed for experts, professionals, and knowledgeable enthusiasts to highlight nuclear topics (research, nonproliferation/arms control, policy, history, news, etc.)

ping to be added and tag posts with "nukesky," "#nukesky," or "☢️"
Sapphic booksTracking "Sapphfic", "Sapphic books", "Lesfic"
Museums 🏛️Feed with skeets containing the word "museum".622023-07-11T11:05:00.986Z
hey guys check this outhey guys check this out612023-08-22T18:30:00.358Z
NatSecSkyList of National Security, Counter Terrorism, Violent Extremism, foreign Interference l, Defense and Disinformation Researchers or Practitioners on BlueSky612023-09-26T12:41:18.138Z
RecipesBlueSky cooks giving up their delicious secrets. Any of the following keywords will add your post to the feed: Recipe, Oven, Ingredient, Saute, Stove612023-07-28T21:47:59.099Z
🔞 FakeAnnaLee MediaClick the little heart above please! ☝️

All the media from without having to read any of my shitposting 💕
Political Science DataSubfeed of PoliSky!
📈 Share & Shine: Got a fresh dataset in your arsenal? Promote it here!
❓ Data Quests: Looking for data to fuel your research? Post your inquiry here.
Use PolDataSky|PoliSkyData|PolSciData|📊
Genderqueer Topic FeedThis feed picks up any skeets (not replies) containing the following keywords in body or alt text: genderqueer, genderfluid, genderfuck, nonbinary, nonb-binary, enby, androgyn*, neutrois, and Mx. (Please feel free to suggest additional trans terms that should be included.)612023-10-26T16:24:44.941Z
Maya's mediaMedia for @maplesoaked.bsky.social612023-07-06T06:36:57.748Z
#MilSkyFeed zu militärischen Themen, Bundeswehr, NATO, Sicherheitspolitik, usw.612023-10-17T08:31:33.812Z
kinky baddiesA feed for kinky baddies just use #kink, kink, bdsm or kinky to have your pic be in the feed602023-07-18T20:26:47.726Z
Toasties! 🍞🥂⛴️A feed to find all of the Toast and Toast-adjacent buddies. Contact @hieuzon1st to join!602023-07-20T20:45:17.605Z
Bush🌳Use "bush🌳" in your caption or alt text to be included in the feed!602023-08-01T12:15:37.458Z
CSSThis is a feed for those interested in computational social science. Use the words "cssky" or "computational social science" in your post and it will appear here.602023-09-20T14:37:04.186Z
19th CenturyistsFor all things 19th-century. Use #c19th, #19thC, or #c19 for posts on topics from around the globe: literary, history, political philosophy, fashion, material culture! [Inspired by 18th Centuryists] // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com602023-10-11T11:27:51.676Z
VR/AR/XR/MRA feed dedicated to VR/AR/XR/MR and Spatial Computing. Also includes location based entertainment (LBE).602023-07-19T22:00:27.032Z
Bombando Brasil(BETA) Algoritmo similar ao What's Hot Classic, mas só com posts em Português602023-07-23T05:51:31.745Z
Who's Blocked?Posts from most blocked users in the last 24h.602023-07-03T03:45:17.181Z
Bug SexA VERY MATURE feed for RESPECTFULLY posting about all things relating to invertebrates mating, including pictures. *especially* pictures, actually ;)

Put #bugsex in your posts to show up in the feed
#AusNewsHashtag #ausnews and articles: ABC, The Guardian, The Age, SMH, Crikey, The Saturday Paper, The New Daily, WA Today, The Klaxon, SBS, The Shot, Pearls and Irritations, InQueensland, Independent Australia, The Monthly, Michael West, AFR and The Shovel
No Murdoch run papers have been included.
SheithFeed for tracking Sheith community content from Voltron.

Picks up any post containing the word "sheith" but not "anti" and removes content from users on the Sheith Feed Mute List. Please contact ElfGrove with problems or needed adjustments.
What's StoveyIt's like what's mid (most recent 6-11 likes), but it's dedicated to Stovey, so it's What's Stovey.592023-07-22T07:27:33.832Z
R LatestThe most recent posts from the R world592023-07-03T02:13:46.644Z
Destiny 2 ArtFor all Destiny 2 fan creations. Art, 3D modeling, Destiny crafting or cosplay.

Include destiny2art (no spaces) in your text post. Must include image attachment
Queries & SubsMSWL, Open to Queries/Submissions, Call for Submissions, Submissions Call, Close to Queries/Submissions, Writing Contest

Tracking all posts containing the above, without case sensitivity, from the last 7 days, inclusive to phrases like "reopening to unsolicited queries" or "open submissions."
Covid-19 DE 🤜🤛Dieser Feed zeigt Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen eines der nachfolgenden Worte vorkommt: Corona, Covid, Covid19, Covid-19, SARSCov2, SARS-CoV-2, Long-Covid, LongCovid, Post-Covid, PostCovid, MECFS, Biontech, Impfung. Wer DE als einzige Sprache ausgewählt hat, sieht nur deutschsprachige Posts.592023-08-31T07:57:04.559Z
Keffalskybluesky feed for the keffals community592023-08-11T22:04:11.551Z
Twin PeaksMentions of Twin Peaks, FWWM, Fire Walk With Me, Garmonbozia, Mister Jackpots, Mr Jackpots, Damn Fine Coffee, David Lynch (or just Lynch), Mark Frost, Laura Palmer, Black Lodge, Dale Cooper, Agent Cooper, 🍒 ☕, 🏔️🏔️592023-08-04T15:38:13.444Z
All MentionsAll posts that reply, mention, or quote post you. Includes indirect replies and replies to any quote posts.

If you are having issues with missing posts please consider removing all languages from Content Languages in your Settings
it's 4/20 somewhere cuties smoking jazz cabbage 🌬️🍃

use weed time in alt text or caption to have it show up here.
Bear MediaPictures of bears and big guys

This feed pulls from the same list as the Gay Bears feed so if you are on one, you are on the other.

Only posts with images
Jess m's artfeedfeed of ALL my art, tagged with a jar emoji582023-07-11T04:46:22.154Z
MilSkyList of service members, veterans, and civilians that think and write on military issues.582023-09-01T10:08:20.090Z
The Humble Potato 🥔 potato facts and recipes582023-07-03T02:22:21.131Z
Hockey+You're feed for all things hockey on bluesky (NHL, IIHF, PWHL)!582023-09-14T15:53:14.691Z
C/I PolEconSubfeed of polisky on IPE/CPE. Feature on the feed by using keywords ipesky, cpesky, or cipesky. Original posts and replies all figure in the feed for as long as they are in polisky.

Feed curated by, reach out for suggestions!
FFXIV Art (SFW)FFXIV art feed, the SFW and non-trigger edition. This is handdrawn or handmade art, not screenshots or gpose. To be included, tag both ffxiv AND art on the post.

Also picks up ffxiv artist, ffxiv commission, ffxiv comic. EXCLUDES gpose, mod, screenshot, xivafterdark, sensual, nsfw, cw, tw
Psychiatry & Clin PsychA feed for psychiatry & clinical psychology.

Tags: 🧠🩺 | 🩺🧠 | #Psychiatry | #Skychiatry | #ClinPsych | #ClinPsy (+ minor variations)

24h sorted by likes, remaining chronologically.
#TaskCardsDieser Feed enthält alle Posts rund um TaskCards582023-09-09T07:38:30.441Z
아니 아니 이런 피드를 왜 만들어582023-09-14T03:46:54.979Z
Mutual AidThis is an automated resource of mutual aid posts.

This feed collects any post matching the case insensitive regex "mutual\ *aid" so it will contain both requesters and providers.
Bunny & Rabbit PicsCute rabbits or bunnies, hopefully. This is a allow-listed feed, please to request entry if I haven't already found your posts. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com582023-09-06T23:10:04.856Z
עבריתכל הפוסטים בעברית (ללא תגובות).
הפיד בקוד פתוח! מוזמנים לעקוב ולעזור.
Roxie RusalkaAll of my photos in one feed! Lewds, nudes, music, memes.572023-09-24T16:15:50.790Z
iTeachMath ♾️Mathematics Education feed tracking:

EduSky can post with ♾️
Gaming Streamer/CreatorA feed of verified gaming streamers and creators, mixed with tracking Twitch, TikTok Streamer, YouTube Gaming links + mention.

Hashtags #twitch #youtubegaming #live work here!
Nikki Nikki Nikkinever enough nikki562023-07-18T13:44:33.637Z
GermanBookSkyAlles rund um das Thema Buch - Für Lesende & Schreibende 💜

Nutze #GermanBookSky oder #autor_Innenleben um in diesem Feed angezeigt zu werden // Made at
friends of lichen ❤️A simple feed for friends of lichen. ❤️ just use the words lichen, lichens, cladonia or lichensubscribe to appear here. Replies are filtered out. // made by // if something is wrong with this feed, just tell me!562023-10-04T09:36:51.673Z
Street Photography FeedFiltering for street photography in the post, now removing text only posts that mention street photography.562023-08-24T14:22:35.686Z
Vinyl Community➕, 📌 & ❤️ if you are into vinyl ⨀
All about records, turntables and record stores. Share your hobby with the world and make some new friends. No hashtags required.
Emma Media™️Emma Media™️ at your fingertips anytime, it's totally trademarked. Random for added chaos.552023-07-11T17:49:28.755Z
Reylo 🦋Reylo? Reylo. All mention of Reylo or #reylo gathered here. 🦋

Covers the last 7 days (Skyfeed limit). Looking for just fics & art? Check for the Reylo Fics & Art Feed.
Horror You've entered the nightmare zone. explore the terrifying, the bone-chilling, and the nightmarish. horror stories, movies and games, creepy images, and more.
If you have something scary to share,
use #Horror
Fiber ArtsPut the joy of Fiber/Textile arts in your bsky feeds. :D If there's a craft we need to add, let me know.

fiber arts|textile arts|textiles|knitting|spinning yarn|crochet|nalbinding|weaving|felting|bookbinding|yarn|dyeing|shibori|lace making|tatting|bobbin lace|kumihimo|macrame|embroidery
UFOskyCollects the most recent posts about UFOs, UAPs, and non-human intelligences.552023-07-25T20:13:51.299Z
Detroit Red WingsA feed dedicated to posts about the Detroit Red Wings, including notable former hockey players and prospects. #LGRW552023-10-29T23:24:56.093Z
compneuroskyComputational neuroscience posts on BlueSky! Add #compneuro, #compneurosky, 🧠🤖, or 🧠💻 to your post for it to appear in this feed.

Don't be an jerk. Posts must be about comp. neuroscience.

Run by
#Physics ⚛️Posts tagged with #Physics

Members of What's Science can add to feed using ⚛️
The MirariA feed of posts from the past week related to Magic: The Gathering.552023-07-16T22:00:25.855Z
Scifi & FantasyPosts referencing science fiction & fantasy, all media.542023-07-07T03:55:05.622Z
🎵 Furry MusiciansA feed of Furry Musicians being fine-tuned over time.

Specific users posting any of the following words/phrases:
Preferred: #FurryMusician, #FurryMusic
Also: album(s), bandcamp, dj, melody/melodies, music, musician(s), play, playlist(s), song(s), soundcloud, spotify, studio(s), track(s), youtube
THICK ⏳🍑Thick image feed for posts containing ⏳🍑542023-07-30T00:52:07.789Z
PubLibsFeed of public library workers, public libraries and public library users. Use the hashtag #publibs to seed the feed!542023-09-15T01:08:17.660Z
Diverse Books 📚🌎Like this feed so others can find it! Highlighting authors of systematically marginalized identities. Incl but not limited to BIPOC, LGBTQ+, & disabled writers. Use 📚🌎 to show up on this feed! (any world emoji, any order)

Feed created by
#LesFatalsPicsartTous nos photomontages plus ou moins foireux réalisés sur PicsArt
(sur une idée de
Star Trek542023-07-07T03:00:15.789Z
Indie Devs & GamesPure #IndieDev #IndieGame #SoloDev #IndieGameDev #IndieDeveloper #SpooktoberGameChallenge feed.

No RT, no replies.

♥️ 4 Indie Games!
Mineral Cup 2023Vote for your favorite mineral each day in September for the annual Mineral Cup. #MinCup23 /

Feed by
#MEAwarenessME/CFS (MECFS) Awareness

Searches for #MEAwarenessHour #MEAwarenessDay #MEAwarenessMonth #SevereMEDay #MillionsMissing and/or #MEAwareness & more.

Searches posts & replies incl. Alt Text
Feedback welcome.
Nur der BVB 🖤💛This is my first feed.
All Members of the list "BVB-Timeline 🖤💛 - NOT Muted!!" will be reflected if they skeet about "BVB".
Feel free to follow this feed, pin it to your app and leave a 💛 if you like it.
Fishes! 🐟Fresh skeets about fishes. Get added to the Fishes! 🐟Feed Accounts list and use fish, #fish, fishes, #fishes, shark, 🐟,🐠,🦈 in your skeet and it will appear in this feed.542023-07-25T11:14:04.003Z
Non-WotC & Paizo TTRPGsNon-D&D, non-Pathfinder TTRPGs, including:

- Blades in the Dark
- Call of Cthulhu
- Dungeon Crawl Classics
- Dungeon World
- Knave
- Powered by the Apocalypse
- Old School Renaissance
- Shadowdark
- Traveller
- Vampire: the Masquerade

Among others.
MLSkyFeed for machine learning, deep learning, statistics, & computational learning theory research. Tag posts with #MLSky. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com532023-09-30T21:43:14.338Z
DocteurSky 🩺#DocteurSky
#DocSkyRéglage (Pour signaler les modifications nécessaires)
Reylo 🦋 Fics and ArtReylo Fic and Art Feed

Tag your work and fic recs with #reylofic, #reyloart, or #reylomicro to appear in the feed!

Covers the last 7 days (Skyfeed limitation).
📣 BreakingRecent posts that have links and either start with the word "BREAKING:" or contain the 📰 emoji. Maintained by
BooksThis is a place to discuss books. Use the word, "book," or, "books," and include a picture (any picture) to be added to the feed.532023-10-30T03:05:08.320Z
하늘뜨개방블루스카이 뜨개질 피드532023-10-26T06:56:40.116Z
Kidlit/YA AgentsAgents who have repped YA and/or kidlit creators. To be added, pls reply to

NOTE: Do not query agents via Bluesky! Do your research to make sure agent is legit and the right fit for you.

sizeskya feed of sizekink stuff: use #SizeSky to post here532023-10-21T16:49:54.543Z
PebblersA feed to try to help orphened Pebblers find each other as shuts down.522023-10-26T21:53:24.333Z
Bluesky en catalàA feed that brings together users connected to Catalan culture and language.

Maintained by
NSFWLewd talk and hashtags522023-07-03T02:03:18.376Z
GenX-FilesA GenX feed. Includes any post by a feed member with 'GenX' anywhere in the post. Ask to be included on the feed! Use !feed to exclude a post that would otherwise be included.522023-10-25T10:27:04.643Z
NaNoWriMoFor authors and writers that partake in the National November Writing Month and it's camps! 50000 words, lets go! ✏️📖

For your posts to appear here, use any of the following : NaNoWriMo, National November Writing Month, Camp NaNo, NaNo Writer or ✏️📖
PSJMInfoA feed for any and all job market information relevant to polisci PhDs.522023-09-27T20:33:21.140Z
KlimajournalismusFeed von Journalistinnen und Journalisten aus AT/DE/CH, die über Klimakrise, Klimaforschung und Klimaschutz schreiben. (Liste unvollständig und experimentell, klar.) // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com522023-10-10T14:48:50.571Z
Mutual AidFind out which of your fellow Blueskyers could use a little help.

[built with]
Film PhotoFilm photography feed. Posts with #FilmPhotography, #BelieveInFilm, or #FilmIsNotDead are included. Also other film related terms.522023-09-21T14:17:27.889Z
NFLFeed for everything NFL. Use any team's full name (ex: Tennessee Titans) or use NFL in a post to show up in this feed.522023-07-07T15:18:26.499Z
MdB (Bundestag)Die Skeets aller Abgeordneten des Deutschen Bundestages auf BlueSky #bundestag522023-10-17T08:43:06.147Z
Banger SkeetsCertified bangers only. Reply to any post with "banger skeet" to include it.522023-07-04T01:42:09.883Z
Bagarrosphere 🇫🇷Liste fabriquée par contenant les analystes, chercheurs, experts et personnes tournant autour des thèmes des armées, de la défense et du BITD

Diffusion de manière chronologiques des posts sur les 24h dernières heures qui ont eu plus de 5♥️
Jeux-Vidéo Francophone🎮Feed qui publie les skeets du jeux-vidéo francophone.
Préférez les mots en français et non en anglais

Skeets originaux, pas les Reposts !

MAJ fréquente !
#eduBWFeed für Content zu Bildung in Baden-Württemberg
Continental Europe TTRPGFeed under construction
No AI / No NFT // Made at
Ukraine in EnglishEnglish-language feed about Ukraine and Ukraine war.522023-07-03T02:28:37.025Z
#LernenmitKIder Feed sammelt alles zum Thema KI in der Schule #LernenmitKI512023-09-03T13:28:28.571Z
Web DevsPosts relating to web development.512023-07-28T21:47:58.717Z
Natural Disasters (All)Feed for terms related to natural disasters.512023-07-11T15:46:18.118Z
History & IRFeed for History/IR content – historians, IR folks, and anyone interested. Filters for "HistIR", "Historical IR", and "HistoryIR".

If you'd like to be added to the list, just tag me @janeijking & let me know. This is work in progress – suggestions welcome!
#TransBooks365To share your favorite stories (novels, comics, shorts, etc.) by and/or about trans people! Use #TransBooks365 for your post to show up in this feed. Created by @/emerylee512023-08-15T18:58:23.400Z
Glitching OutSW glitch art. use 👾🎨 to have your work appear 💕
pulls from SkyHub & Adult Content feeds, message me to be personally added.
(also pulls from alt text)
ElectronicsAlpha v0.0.9 attempt at having an Electronics Feed for Bluesky.
Poke if you have suggestions on what to add/remove.
#lesanimots🗨️🦊Le feed des animaux qui parlent !
Pour apparaître dans le feed, un post doit comporter, dans son texte ou dans son alt :
- soit #lesanimots
- soit 🗨️🦊
- soit #jobdanimaux
SFF magazinesA feed of original posts from a list of SFF magazines and small presses.502023-08-22T15:11:52.783Z
Doctor WhoA feed for Doctor Who, shows every post with #doctorwho in it, also other doctor who related words. to report issues502023-09-29T08:30:46.867Z
Findom FunFinancial Domination feed to promote Findoms and Cashmasters 💸

regex - findom|financial domination|#findom|finsub|paypig|cashcow|humanatm
WatersportsIf urine the know, urine the know502023-09-03T22:48:30.130Z
DevSciFeed for Developmental (Cognitive) Science.

Tags: #DevSci, #CogDev, #DevPsy, 👶🧠

If you have tips on how to improve this feed, tell me!
PoliSciSkyFeed of those active in political science, foreign policy, and/or international relations - profs, analysts, etc., ping to be added.

Use the 🗺 emoji to post directly to the feed!
BandcampEvery post from the last 7 days that contains a link to a Bandcamp page. Not affiliated with Bandcamp!502023-07-27T21:24:32.928Z
Mycology and Fungi 🍄Ask to be added to the list of contributors. In your posts, include the 🍄 emoji or one of the following terms, with or without hashtags: fungi, fungus, mushroom, mushrooms, mycology, or mycologist.502023-09-17T21:14:39.021Z
#🇨🇦newsCanadian news for bluesky

Use the hashtag #cdnnews for your post to appear here!

(icon by
🧭 BioethicsMessages/discussions in bioethics. Use the word bioethics or hashtag #bioethics #publichealthethics #healthequity #healthjustice #medicalethics #clinicalethics #researchethics //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com502023-09-14T18:53:12.052Z

Ideen zu Ergänzungen oder Entfernungen bitte an:

Was es so aus diversen österreichischen Medien auf bsky schafft.
WHC: Poster's DelightThe original What's Hot experience, text-only.502023-07-19T18:11:18.319Z
TTRPG IntrosA feed of introductions in the TTRPG space! Use #TTRPGIntro to post yours!502023-07-26T20:15:16.422Z
Radsport+Rennrad 🚴💨radsport-feed. posts mit "radsport", "rennrad", "miekekröger" und "triathlon" erscheinen hier. 🚴💨502023-10-05T07:55:51.381Z
BlackSkyFR: les palabresBienvenue sur BlackSkyFR, le feed des noirs de France et du monde francophone!

Sur BlackSkyFR: les palabres, on papote de nos sujets avant tout 🖤

Like et partage le feed, consulte le thread épinglé pour savoir comment ça marche, et visite l’autre feed BlackSkyFR: le Village 🛖
Software developmentVarious aspects of coding - languages, version control, CI/CD, infrastructure etc.492023-10-17T22:22:32.068Z
UglyDogsPart IIFeed for #UglyDogs that's more broad. Tag your post with #UglyDogs UglyDogs or 🛷. This is NOT case-sensitive. Let me know if anything should be added.492023-08-07T12:50:05.711Z
CommSkyA feed for communication scholars to have focused discussion and enjoy serendipitous discovery of each other's work. For academics, grad students, and serious discussions of communication scholarship, NOT general purpose talk. Ask to be added. Tag posts #commsky or 📟 to be added!492023-09-19T17:42:28.087Z
AnneyongA feed for #Kdrama fans . Posts will appear on the feed if you use #Kdrama or kdrama or Korean drama limited to posts in the last seven days492023-07-09T09:21:08.272Z
Migration & CitizenshipThis feed is for those interested in research on migration and citizenship. The feed is based on polisky list. That means that if you have been added to polisky and write a post including the word migcitsky, your post will appear here. Requests to add other disciplinary lists welcome.492023-09-21T21:15:50.092Z
Onlymama PicsShowing only pictures of mama Chloe Blossom492023-07-08T20:39:43.095Z
Kidlit Art! 🎨KidLit Art! Focus on art & art discussions for children incl. Picture, Chapter & Board Books, Cover Art, Graphic Novels & related fields! Registered contributors can post to the feed using #kidlitart or 🎨. May take post a few mins to show up492023-10-20T00:24:24.803Z
Classical Music 🎻The classical music feed finds posts that mention classical music and/or #classicalmusic. Also opera but not "soap", "space" or "phantom of the". // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com492023-10-22T09:26:09.050Z
butt stuff 🍑your one stop shop for all things ass related - booty, butts, anal, posteriors etc.492023-08-06T01:41:00.936Z
KinkZoneA feed of Bsky's kinkiest hotties! Use 💜🖤, 🖤💜, kink, kinky, bondage, or bdsm
Searches Alt text as well
Psych JobsA place to curate jobs for the Psychology job market. Spin off from

If you're advertising an academic job relevant to psychology, consider including a tag!

Tags: #psychjob #psychjobs

Find a post without a tag? Add a tag in the replies & it'll be added to the feed!
AnimorphsAnimorphs feed - all posts/replies with a variety of terms from the Animorphs world.

Ping for any issues, I don't check this feed regularly.
hey paul, check this outfor when you wanna show paul a cool post, not a replacement for bug reports or reporting users

use #heypaulcheckthi•sout
#IchBinHannaSeit dem 10. Juni 2021 gibt es die Initiative #IchBinHanna zu prekärer Arbeit in der Wissenschaft, initiiert von Amrei Bahr, Kristin Eichhorn und Sebastian Kubon.
Feed folgt dem Hashtag #IchBinHanna.
RepostNextPost「リツイートの直後のツイートを表示するやつ」( )にインスパイアされた「リポストの直後のポストが流れてくるフィード」です
This feed displays the Post immediately after the Repost (testing now)
Vision ScienceA feed for the science of visual sensation, perception, and cognition.

Add #VisionScience to your post for it to appear on this feed.

Rules: No bigotry. No personal insults. Posts must be about vision science.
Japanese and ImagesJapanese and Images482023-07-03T04:17:06.148Z
DMsA feed of all your Bluesky DMs!

Includes all posts that start with DM and mention your handle, along with any replies
PolTheoryA feed for all things political theory and political philosophy482023-09-21T15:47:26.807Z
#eduNRWhier posten Lehrer:innen Infos zu Schule in NRW482023-08-26T19:06:18.445Z
Games NewsVideo games news sites & journalists.

Please (at) me to be added.
Cats!Cats! They're cats! This is a cat feed!482023-07-25T10:06:09.375Z
Mahjong! | 麻雀 🀄This feed searches eng/jpn terms related to mahjong, with a focus on the riichi mahjong scene. Please see the pinned post for more details. Pin and Like if you feel like it's useful! このフィードは、リーチ麻雀を中心に、麻雀に関連するeng/jpn用語を検索します。詳しくはピンされた記事をご覧ください。役に立ちそうなら「ピン」や「いいね」を押してください!482023-09-21T00:14:05.285Z
Week Peak FeedMost popular posts from the last 7 days482023-08-30T15:10:55.657Z
Business by FlipboardCurated by Flipboard's state of the art topics recommendation system.482023-07-03T02:59:08.453Z
DemographyA feed for any and all demography content on Bluesky. Simply use the word "demography" to get your post featured. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com482023-10-10T14:35:37.142Z
Nudibranchs!Nudibranchs and their sea slug relatives. Feel free to share your observations and art!

This feed automatically picks up keywords, but you can use #Nudibranch to make sure your posts up

Users who post uncredited images will be muted from this feed
TwitterrudelAlle #Twitterrudel Tweets482023-08-22T16:50:40.434Z
Game Dev - New + RisingNew posts about game and TTRPG development which are gaining traction!

If you want to make sure your posts are included, add #GameDev or #TTRPGDev to your post.
#Arsenal on BlueSky#Arsenal FC content from the entire network482023-10-03T14:17:51.571Z
What's BikesA feed of posts that mention anything to do with bikes.472023-10-19T01:20:08.944Z
FutanariCollect posts with images containing ふたなり or futanari in text or ALT

ふたなり や futanari を文章やALTに含む画像つき投稿を集めます
Bluesky SwedesFinds all posts with content-lang set to swedish472023-07-31T00:16:50.228Z
Discover Portfolios!A randomly sorted feed for portfolio day posts with fewer than 20 likes

*Limited to 7 days of history!*
Health Policy SkyTo have tweets feature in this feed, include #healthpolicy or 🩺📊 (smushed together) in your post. Emoji can be reversed (📊🩺) and 🩺💸 will also work.472023-07-04T20:09:19.127Z
Five Nights at Freddy'sUnofficial FNAF Feed

As safe as possible


We're hiring! (people who can help developing the feed)
Authors & WritingTracking: authors, writing, writingcommunity, writelife, writerlife, indie, self pub, trad pub, amdrafting, amwriting, amediting, amrevising, amquerying, on sub, published, debut, cover reveal, book birthday, writesky, writersky472023-10-22T15:46:28.004Z
Elle Cross thread ficsFeed for Elle Cross thread fics472023-10-19T15:13:30.544Z
Rubber DronesA feed of rubber drones! Posts with images and tagged with #rubberdrone or #latexdrone472023-10-18T17:33:58.085Z
Lit WorldA feed for lit journals.472023-07-08T02:24:55.657Z
Socialist Friends ✊✊Socialist Solidarity
Let's gather to create a better world
Rugby World Cup 23Basic Rugby World Cup feed.

Current inputs are: RWC23, RWC, and Rugby World Cup.

Will tweak further and expand as we get closer to the tournament.
Italy FlagA Bluesky feed for posts containing simply 🇮🇹 emoji
(This feed includes posts written in the last 7 days)
T2/Pebble PubA feed for everyone who was on T2/Pebble.

If you haven't been added and would like to be, please submit your Bluesky profile URL to this Google Form:
UNVEU1. FC Union Berlin Content!
Dieser Feed führt alle deutschsprachigen Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage, welche die gängigsten Union Schlagworte und Hashtags enthalten zu einer kurzweiligen FCU Timeline zusammen. Eisern!
(inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
Warrior Nun familyPosts from the people connected to WN that are on Bluesky

If I missed someone, please tell me.
If someone does not want to be on the feed: same
#bildungspunks Community aus Bildungsmenschen | Deutschsprachig | Bildungspunks lernen voneinander miteinander

Hashtag #edupnx verwenden
Radtour + Gravel 🚲🚵Radtour, Gravelbike, Mountainbike und Bikepacking 🚲🚵472023-10-06T12:05:16.630Z
Bluesky Tutoriales 📝Tutoriales de Bluesky, desde lo más basico nada más llegas de Twitter/Mastodon, hasta aprender a crear tus propios feeds462023-10-23T11:25:24.295Z
Philadelphia EaglesFeed for the Philadelphia Eagles NFL team. Captures common keywords like player names. Use the emojis 🦅🏈, 🦅🦅, or use the hashtag #eagles to make sure your posts get into the feed.462023-10-29T20:49:43.862Z
Ciencia ÑFeed general de Ciencia en Español.

Para postear añade #ciencia, #CienciaÑ, ⚛️, 🧪 o 🔭
LGBTQ PoliticsTo join, contact

Moderated field for LGBTQ politics scholars/practitioners from any discipline.

Keywords: LGBTQpolisky|queerpolisky|sexualitypolisky|🏳️‍🌈|🏳️‍⚧️
Team RhetoricFor all the rhetoric, composition, technical communication, writing program administration, and writing studies scholars searching for each other in this vast blue sky.

Please fill out the Google form to add/remove yourself:
Philosophy of TechnologyFeed for Philosophy of Technology. Use #philtech on your posts for them to show up under this feed! -smusab462023-09-29T16:06:48.555Z
#SQLFamilyA feed to find all #SQLFamily and #AzureDataCommunity members and posts! //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com462023-07-25T13:19:11.437Z
으어어흔한 직장인들의 울부짖음462023-07-07T07:07:20.473Z
Evolution & behaviourFeed of any posts tagging EHBEA, HBES, BioAnth, EvPsych, or mentioning cultural evolution (CES is too common to include alas!) //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com462023-08-21T07:43:51.496Z
Historical Fiction+Historical fiction, historical romance, historical mysteries, and more! Include one of these to have your post included: #histfic #histrom #historicalfiction #historicalromance #historicalmystery #althistfic462023-08-06T19:20:05.158Z
The Locked TombI love a little gall on gall.462023-08-27T07:21:01.867Z
InverteFestA feed for the #InverteFest events the last week in April, August and December

Just add 'InverteFest' or #InverteFest to your post to show up in the feed!

Users who post uncredited images will be muted from this feed
Deutschunterricht Zum Teilen von Materialien und gemeinsamen Nachdenken rund um den Deutschunterricht.


Welche # fehlen noch?
NerdyGoneWild WIPWIP nerdy bordering on the side of naughty #ngw462023-07-17T23:22:05.604Z
Skywriting 🔖Literary magazines, presses, journals, and other creative spaces. Tag to be added!452023-08-20T01:54:48.119Z
Art: CrowdfundingFeed of artists promoting thier Patreons, Kickstarters and other projects. Use #artcrowdfunding. Searches for keywords related to art + backerkit, kickstarter and preorder. Filters out AI/NFTs.452023-09-26T20:29:17.659Z
Teaching/Learning BSkyBlueSky for teaching-oriented faculty, SoTL researchers, faculty development, or just general college teaching tips and Qs. Anyone can follow, ask to be able to tag posts with "TeachLearnSky" or "SoTLSky"452023-10-11T18:46:43.586Z
Journalists on BlueskyA list of reputable journalists who posts on the regular. Remember: Journalists are people first!452023-10-17T23:57:04.155Z
Wang YibooooooPictures of our favourite Chinese actor/dancer/singer/racer etc etc Wang Yibo!

search terms: Yibo|WYB|王一博|yeebs|yeekies|yeebie|yibito|yands|왕이보|หวังอี้ป๋อ|VươngNhấtBác|ВанИбо|ワンイーボー |ဝမ်ရိပေါ်
Black ArtA feed for sharing Black diasporic artists.452023-08-01T03:54:16.201Z
Warrior Nun extendedWarrior Nun feed that searches for many terms related to the show.

List of the used terms here:

If you think I missed a WarriorNun related term, tell me and I can add it.
Fantasy Toys(18+) Posts about fantasy toys and from fantasy toy creators452023-07-17T06:19:54.695Z
MicrobiomeSkyCurated by me to aggregate all posts, papers, and links on the subject of microbiomes, metagenomics, microbial communities etc. However, anyone is welcome to post directly to the feed by using #microbiome or #microbiomesky tags.

Skin/gut/soil/animal/plant/water/food: all microbiomes are welcome!
Front or Back 🍒🍑home of some very hard decisions 🍒🍑

use 'front or back' or 'back or front' in caption to post to feed
Celeb by FlipboardEntertainment topic feed curated by Flipboard's state of the art topics recommendation system.452023-07-03T02:59:08.453Z
Paizo FeedA feed for everything Paizo related!452023-08-31T21:18:21.179Z
mostpopmost liked post every ten minutes452023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
Disasters: HurricanesDisaster feed for terms related to hurricanes.452023-07-11T12:09:02.437Z
🎛️ Shoegaze & Dreampop 🎛️🎛️ Looking for posts about shoegaze and/or dreampop? Well here you go. Everything posted in the past seven days. If you want to tag, tag with the 🎛️ emoji.452023-08-03T09:39:17.503Z
Game Dev - What's HotPopular game and TTRPG developer posts from the last week, organized by when they were posted!

If you want to make sure your posts are included, add #GameDev or #TTRPGDev to your post.
Political PsychologyA feed for everyone and anyone working in political psychology.

Tags are polipsy , polipsysky, polpsy and polpsysky

Contact to be added
Trigunmain keywords include the titles! (i.e. "Trigun")442023-08-01T20:16:51.292Z
News OrganizationsThis is a listing of news organizations on bsky. To add to this list, please @evilrobert.newrosehotel.co442023-07-05T21:45:17.320Z
Le fil officiel des FFFLe #FFF : feminist follow friday.
L'idée : mettre en lumière des comptes de super badass personnes féministes et / ou queer, racisées, handi, etc 🙌).

Publiez vos recos avec le #FFF et/ ou feminist follow friday

Questions à ou
Food StudiesThe Food Studies community brings together scholars, interesting developments and publications in the fields of #foodstudies #foodsystems #foodhistory #foodjustice #agroecology #regenerative+ag #foodpolicy #foodpoverty #urbanfood #urbanagriculture #urbanag #foodsharing #foodconsumption #foodsafety442023-10-06T18:46:27.571Z
GensouSky | TouhouPosts that include "Touhou" or "東方Project" (not case sensitive) in main text or image alt text from the past 7 days. English/日本語

Feedback/suggestions are always welcomed!
TTRPG #rolentuidioma¡Aquí el primer feed de juegos de rol de mesa en español! Únete al feed y utiliza en tus post #rolentuidioma #juegosderol #rol #rolenlasaulas #roleros #roleras #jornadasroleras etc442023-10-03T13:28:47.431Z
하루치 밀린 블스 따라잡기최근 24시간 동안 좋아요를 많이 받은 한국어 포스트들을 좋아요 순으로 보여줍니다. 좋아요가 3개 이상이고 한국어가 한 글자 이상 들어간 포스트 대상입니다.442023-07-27T15:58:55.448Z
Paul Frazee likesPosts liked by @pfrazee.com442023-07-03T01:34:22.136Z
dataSkyence🤖📈data science feed (WiP)
filters on the following regex:
📈🤖|🤖📈|θ+ε|causal inference|econometrics|dataskyence|pydata|rstats
Art: SubscriptionsA feed artists to subscribe to for art rewards. Use #artsubscription or #art + #patreon. Filters out AI/NFTs.442023-09-26T20:28:54.040Z
ImmunoSkyFeed for immunology research. Tag posts with ⑂, #immunosky, or immunology jargon like #lymphocyte. //Made at // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com442023-09-22T17:52:22.027Z
KidLit/YA Book Boosters If I add you to this list, use "📚👍🏼" on posts boosting other people's kidlit/YA books to have your post appear in this feed.

To be added, see

More resources:
Too Fat Lardies gamesA feed for all players of 'Too Fat Lardies' wargames rules to showcase their games, models, and to discuss the rules.442023-09-04T07:58:42.157Z
Fiction PodcastsPulls all of Bluesky for mentions of Audio Drama, Fiction Podcast, Audio Fiction, Horror Podcast, and Anthology Podcast in any variation of the above, hashtags not required but also reads #audiodramasunday. Additionally pulls specific Podcast Accounts from a list by @horrificnathan.com442023-08-01T15:35:22.554Z
EspañolMy attempt to put together a Spanish Language feed for language study with random stuff I don't care about filtered.442023-07-29T03:19:09.748Z
Voice ActorsSo Voice Actors can find work and each other. Use #voiceactor/#voiceactors, or #voiceover/#voiceovers to be included432023-07-11T22:56:15.935Z
Weird Car TwitterContent tagged with with: #weirdcartwitter
Marxism (curated)This is a feed for Marxist debate. In contrast to another "Marxism" feed it publishes only posts by users on the feed list (tell me if you want to be added). In order to post to the feed, use the keyword "marxsky".432023-10-04T20:05:00.188Z
dkpolPosts about Danish politics.

Tags are "dkpol", "#dkpol" or "dkpolsky".
Autism Researcha feed for sharing autism research. Includes posts using #AutRes | autism research432023-10-01T21:24:19.596Z
Wagon WednesdayPhotos including #wagonwednesday or "wagon wednesday"432023-10-05T20:52:35.937Z
ComparativeskyThis is a custom feed for political scientists working on comparative government, politics and methods. Use Comparativesky or Regimessky432023-09-24T17:09:57.940Z
#고양이고양이 피드입니다.
#pluralskyuse the tag for a single post. like the feed to add all your posts
Lifestyle by FlipboardCurated by Flipboard's state of the art topics recommendation system.432023-07-03T02:59:08.453Z
#BookHistoryTracking "#bookhistory", "#manuscripts"
Transformers ArtTransformers art! Put #maccadam in your posts!432023-07-28T03:19:13.178Z
AspecAuthorsA feed for acespec authors across the skies. Use #AspecAuthors to show up here.432023-08-02T21:45:25.352Z
KRBKKR FeedA tag for every KRBKKR!

Searches through the last 3 days for tags relating to KRBKKR and MHA

WARNING may include NSFW content
ABDL PicsAll the cutest Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers under one roof!
🔞 NSFW Allowed 🔞
// Made at
Meio LiterárioEste feed mostra publicações com palavras relacionadas ao meio literário. O objetivo é reunir pessoas interessadas em literatura, pessoas que escrevem e pessoas do mercado editorial.432023-10-05T16:59:15.858Z
#MathSky #🧮This feed captures any post with either #MathSky or #🧮

Art from James O’Brien for Quanta Magazine
Junge Journalist*innenEine Liste, die uns durch die Augen junger Menschen mit journalistischer Expertise blicken lässt. Für andere, neue Perspektiven.
Noch nicht verifiziert und nicht vollständig. // Made at
📰 Блакитний Лайнопис🌈Газета "Блакитний Лайнопис🌈"

Behavioral ScienceA feed on behavioral science and behavioral economics on BlueSky. Please use hashtag #BehSci, #BehEcon, or #BehSciSky.422023-09-20T12:20:28.246Z
US Soccer + MLS/NWSLPicks up any posts about MLS/NWSL teams, plus USWNT/USMNT teams422023-10-21T18:26:59.907Z
Final Fantasy GeneralWelcome to the general Final Fantasy feed!

This feed will (hopefully!) pick up any post talking about Final Fantasy games, as long as the title or a word unique to the series is used.

Unique words currently include "chocobo" "moogle" and "theatrhythm" but I'm open to suggestions!
BkDk & DkBk ONLYAny post with bkdk or dkbk in it, ONLY
Shows posts with ANY of the following:
D&D and Tabletop GamingA feed for #DnD and #ttrpg hashtags. Use #ttfeed or #dndfeed to discuss adding new hashtags.422023-07-03T00:52:12.122Z
Italian BlueskyBluesky feed for skeets/posts in italian or featuring the #italy hashtag, containing the word "italy" or "IT🇮🇹"422023-07-04T13:22:37.646Z
Art by Marc KnelsenFeed with all my art posts! All my art has the tag #artbyelranno, feel free to add it to your feeds.422023-07-24T16:38:14.046Z
VfB Stuttgart FeedA feed of posts related to the German football club VfB Stuttgart // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com422023-09-25T09:18:31.499Z
#WritingQAsk questions and get answers from the writer community.
Hashtags: #WritingQ #WriterQ #characterQ #worldbuildingQ #worldbuilderQ
Tuxedo CatsJust tuxedo cat photos, I hope. Will try to moderate it when I can. Sometimes gets photos of both black and white cats together, or well dressed kitties too. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com422023-08-23T12:33:10.914Z
Divine Oracle of BlueSkyThe divine ecstatic oracle of bluesky, the riddles of the universe, handed down to the saints and prophets, to be delivered directly to your feed.422023-10-02T18:52:40.737Z
Paleo SkyFrom Paleontology, Paleo-environment and Paleogeography to Archaeology, Paleo-anthropology and ancient DNA, all things Paleo !

No need to be added, just use the #PaleoSky to get in !
NatureCurated list of professional and amatuer wildlife and landscape photographers

CN: bugs, spiders, insects
EyesOnRexKritische Stimmen und Beobachtungen zum Rechtsextremismus in Deutschland und darüber hinaus // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com422023-10-25T07:45:11.772Z
zmeess artall of my art here on bsky!422023-10-14T15:12:47.363Z
Gaming (Deutsch/German)Deutschsprachiges Gaming Feed.
Nutzt Folgende Hashtags, damit eure Beiträge im Feed hier auftauchen. #games #gaming #retromontag #retrogaming #videospiele #zocken #spielenews #gamingnews // Made at
SunsPosts about the Phoenix Suns412023-08-23T19:40:50.070Z
✨LatexImages featuring latex412023-07-30T04:31:47.614Z
Footsky🦶Welcome to Footsky. This is a place for everything foot kink related. We accept feet and paws here, all you have to do to get featured is use #footsky in your post, other tags like #feet or #paws may work, but #footsky will ALWAYS get you in!412023-10-29T17:44:22.575Z
Critical Role ArtImages tagged with #CriticalRoleFanart. Not spoiler-free.412023-07-30T14:54:31.546Z
#gameaudioBluesky feed for #gameaudio.
Add #gameaudio to your posts and for 3 days this feed will show those posts.
Please don't abuse the hash tag for overly promotional or non game audio related things.
if the feed gets cluttered write AaronBrownSound to adjust the algo.
MTG Content CreatorsPeople who create content related to the Magic: The Gathering Trading Card Game412023-07-06T19:23:29.649Z
Turtles for Yizhan!This feed tracks the following keywords - yizhan, bjyx, zsww, lsfy - both in post text and alt text (and hopefully not in link urls) and is not case sensitive!412023-10-22T23:08:32.731Z
EgyptologyEvery good thing of Egypt: culture, modern or ancient; archaeology; language; art; and history. Life, Prosperity, and Health! Catches #s Egyptology, EgyptianArchaeology, AncientEgyptBluesky, Coptic and AncientEgyptianBluesky (for any linguists) Pls reply ''#addEgypt'' below to join in.412023-09-22T20:50:21.491Z
Dog PicsNo Furries! No Thirsty Dudes In Collars!
Feed is moderated to keep it dog pics only.
Scoops pics of dogs, puppies, etc from everyone if they have 🐕 or 🐶 in the ALT IMAGE TEXT (or one of a zillion dog-related keywords). Approved posters have a bigger set of terms and it searches post text for them.
polcomFeed for political communication research. Picks up any post that includes "polcom", "polcomm", "political communication", or "🏛️📣".
It's not required to be on a list to post here.
Japanese Super Hot過去7日間で100いいね以上の日本語を含むポストを掲載しています。
Posts containing Japanese with at least 100 likes in the past 7 days are listed.
AfripolskyFeed for / by people studying, writing about, doing things broadly related to African Politics, History and related fields.412023-09-24T08:00:47.474Z
Sonic OCs!Feed to see content of Sonic OCs! Remember to add the #SonicOC hashtag to your post and your post will appear in the feed!

Feel free to add it to your feeds 💕✨

Just remember to follow the rules to keep it civil:

-Don't harass anyone.
-Don't insult people's OCs.
-No hate.
-No drama.
-No fetish.
🔞 Adult (Porn)The "Adult Content" feed (images flagged as adult content by the filters from the last 24 hours), but images only have the "porn" label.412023-08-16T13:02:46.682Z
Cinefagos (Ñ)Feed para amantes del cine+series sin reservas. Noticias, Opiniones, Fotos, Festivales, Criticas, Trailers
Dale al like para vernos todos en un mismo sitio
Taskmaster (the show)Chat about Taskmaster the television program. For the Marvel Comics character, follow @kimhu.bsky.social412023-10-28T22:19:27.488Z
#PsychoBubble FeedDieser Feed listet skeets mit dem #Psychobubble sowie weitere Schlagwörter wie Psychotherapie oder Psychotherapeut, bei Veränderungswünschen gerne kontaktieren. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com412023-09-29T12:56:29.283Z
MigraineChatA feed to discuss all things migraine and follow the #MigraineChat community.
Have a migraine-related question or need to vent? Add MigraineChat to your post to be included in feed. Will also pick up MigraineSky. Not case sensitive, # not necessary (but works).
SilberskeetsWhat's Hot Classic Feed but only with German Skeets (that have more than 12 likes)412023-08-09T22:16:20.048Z
Workout SkyA feed for workout enthusiasts. Post racetimes, routines, pr's, weight lifting, whatever you would like402023-08-25T02:31:19.470Z
KidLitArtPostcardThe 1st Thursday of every month is KidLitArtPostcard Day, for illustrators to share new art with editors, art directors, and agents in Children's book publishing. Ranked by likes from the last 3 days. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com402023-09-08T12:18:23.156Z
Jeu de rôlejdr, jeu de role en français402023-10-28T07:52:05.455Z
Íslenskir skítararÍslendingar á BlueSky402023-07-04T20:30:09.069Z
Palaeo CentralA feed for all things related to Palaeontology and Palaeoart!402023-09-06T08:00:43.958Z
midwestposteingblah blah freshcoast blah blah midwest is blessed402023-07-29T21:30:10.642Z
Covid-19's NewsCovid-19's News402023-07-15T00:29:33.661Z
Macro Furry FeedFeeds for arts featuring HECKING BIG furries
This feed follows posts with #macrofurry hashtag
Furry ABDLA feed for furry ABDLs that captures all mention of "ABDL", "diaperFur", "babyFur", "diaper", and/or the emojis "🐾🧷" or just "🧷" in the post, alt text, and link tiles.402023-09-11T15:43:13.028Z
LatAm Social ScienceThis is the feed for Latin American Social Science, tag if you want to join in.

You can use "latinsky" to post.
Bahn-Feed 🚝🚉🚇Feed zu Bahn, S-Bahn, U-Bahn, Straßenbahn, Öffis402023-10-10T10:43:16.166Z
Dramione ArtBringing a Dramione art feed for y'all lovelies <3
To be included here, the post must have the terms:
- dhr, dramione, or Draco AND Hermione
- any variation of art, sketch, paint, or draw
Any trouble or questions, contact me here :)
Aotearoa Pets 🐱🐶🇳🇿This is a feed for people from Aotearoa New Zealand to share photos or stories of their pets. You can use any of the hashtags #aonzpets #aotearoapets #nzpets #petsnz #mokai #mōkai to have your post collected in the feed, or tag your post with these emojis: 🐱🇳🇿 🐶🇳🇿402023-10-14T01:44:44.721Z
glasses appreciator 👓baddies with bad vision💕

use the word glasses to appear (also pulls from alt text)
CivMilSkyEverything about civil-military relations/military in politics. Use the word CivMilSky and your posts will be included402023-09-07T07:11:44.791Z
Promote Them BooksAuthors of all types. Promote your upcoming projects and publication dates here. Readers want to know.402023-08-08T04:33:39.080Z
s&gesss&gess (formerly called UnSHITTABLEs) is a closed feed. You're probably not the intended audience.402023-10-26T06:11:48.536Z
allpicsEvery single picture posted to this site402023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
Bandcamp LinksAutomatically updated feed of all posts containing links to Bandcamp.

(I am not employed by BC/Epic, just a musician curious about regex)
GeneSkyFeed for science posts related to genetics, genomics, DNA, RNA, heritability, genes, transcriptional regulation, bioinformatics, and computational biology. Tag posts with 🧬 to be included. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com402023-09-27T20:50:46.975Z
#식물계식물 피드입니다.402023-10-30T01:08:49.017Z
Twitch FeedAnyone who mentions Twitch!392023-07-03T05:45:59.180Z
KidLit Art DirectorsKidlit Art Directors and Book Designers who work for traditional publishing houses. Do not query or pitch on Bluesky unless they have asked! Do your research. To be added, pls reply to

Also see
Freelance EditorsAn ongoing feed from freelance editors. Must use "freelance editor" to be included.392023-08-23T16:38:57.327Z
LinuxAll posts on Bluesky about Linux and its popular distributions & desktop environments392023-09-05T23:33:30.544Z
#UnLapinUnThreadun peu de trucs de neurologie392023-08-22T14:23:10.756Z
Hermitcraft+A feed for Hermitcraft, Empires SMP, and the Life series.

Improvements being made to catch other missed posts regularly. if you would like to help improve the feed or have suggestions.
Catch up 3hcatch up 3h392023-08-13T08:59:37.003Z
JessieDames PicsAll of the photo posts from Jessie Dames!392023-08-17T13:04:55.615Z
📊 Data & VizData visualisation and charts. Include the 📊 emoji in your post text to be included (must have an image or external link with thumbnail). Maintained by
Climate & SustainabilityPosts relating to climate and sustainability efforts as we confront the greatest challenge facing humanity392023-09-27T18:10:16.960Z
K12 Educators/LibrariansK-12 educators and librarians who work with young people in schools and libraries (not just at home). If you'd like to be added, pls reply to

Also see #EduSky!

For more info:
#SchleFaZ #KulFaZ #LezFaZ
#vtuberAdd 'vtuber' or #vtuber to your post to be featured here! (Last 7 days, randomized)392023-07-03T17:13:20.986Z
Bluesky Education PeepsA feed for all things PK-16 education. Includes professors of education, K-12 educators, and people who study education.392023-09-06T13:38:51.337Z
All NSFW Theme Days!Morning Wood/Meaty/Monochrome Monday, Testicle/Tummy/Tushy/Tighty-Whitey Tuesday, Hump Day/Wet/Wiener Wednesday, Thirsty/Thigh/Thick Thursday/Fursday, Fat Cock/Hog Friday, Softie Saturday, and Softie/Dick Root Sunday, and more all in one photos-only feed!

Bonus: Jocktober!
TPOT Cluster FeedA feed of all posts from authors in the former TPOT Cluster392023-08-07T02:54:05.584Z
G_Witch FeedA feed for everything related to Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury! Tag your post with #GWitch, #G_Witch, #G-Witch or #水星の魔女 to include it here!392023-10-19T14:44:06.038Z
Skeets About ChicagoAll skeets mentioning Chicago!382023-07-03T02:14:22.416Z
🖤Furries of Color🤎By Furries of Color, for Furries of Color! Special feed for all furries of color looking to connect!
Tags: #furriesofcolor #fursofcolor #FOC #BIPOCfurs
#narkotwitter/#narkoskyBluesky-feed for #narkotwitter //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com382023-09-05T19:34:08.797Z
● 民藝 ●日本の手しごと、飾らない美しさ。 
NSFW Chasers / BearsThis feed collects NSFW images from various Chubby Chasers and Bears in the community.

To be featured in the feed, follow I'll be happy to add your profiles to the feed. ❤️
Stovey FeedInto the Stovey-Verse382023-07-21T03:49:56.467Z
NGOs & BewegungenEine Liste von NGOs, Bewegungen, Initiativen, gemeinnützigen Vereinen und Gewerkschaften. Kein Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com382023-10-14T10:44:07.448Z
Science for PolicyTracking all things #SciPol, #Science4Policy, and Science-Policy!

Follow if you're interested in evidence-informed decision-making and integrating science into the policymaking process.
GrogsquadLooks for the #grogsquad tag382023-08-03T09:12:34.522Z
Suomi SyöteKaikki suomenkieliset postaukset.382023-09-09T12:19:25.333Z
Cargobike+Carryshit 🚲💪cargobike und carryshitolympics 🚲💪382023-10-05T07:55:06.820Z
#MedBubble ⚕️🏥 MediBubbleℹ️ Dieser #MediBubble ⚕️🏥 Feed zeigt alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen das Wort MedBubble, MediBubble, MedBluesky, MediBluesky , Twankenhaus oder Blankenhaus ;-) genutzt wurde bzw. der jeweilige HashTag.382023-09-15T08:34:24.160Z
#bluelz#bluelz custom feed382023-10-01T11:33:51.735Z
TransRightsno longer latesky feed, now the TransRights feed - all posts, replies, reskeets with "transrights" in it382023-10-05T05:23:24.557Z
Destiny The GameDestiny The Game Feed of Players, Community Members, Third Party Tools, and Bungie Staff + some filtering of the firehose
Tags : #LostSectorReport, #destiny, #destiny2, #dtg, #bungie, #destinythegame, #twab, #twid, #destiny2art, #destiny, #festivalofthelost, #fotl, #thefinalshape, #lightfall
Hottest 24h Austria 🔥Posts in/about Austria of the last 24 hours. Sorted by Hacker News Ranking382023-10-27T17:48:23.482Z
News Feeds on Bluesky News feed about Europe, Ukraine, Belgium, Cybersec/Infosec, Refugees, Climate
this is a #infojunkie list
fatfurs!a cobbled feed of fatfur content sorted by newest :D

i trust someone else to make a better one please ToT
Halloween FiendsEverything Halloween, 365 days a year.382023-09-15T23:22:35.939Z
🔭AstrophotographyWhat's beyond the blue sky? Space!382023-07-03T03:32:01.208Z
ME/CFS This feed picks up ME/CFS specific acronyms:
Pixel Art GalleryDiscover the latest original Image posts related to pixel art ◉ Keywords(+alt text) include pixelart, 8bit, ドット絵 and variations ◉ Artists who don't tag will be added manually ◉ TIP: Uncheck all in Settings > Content languages for more art382023-08-25T12:26:00.250Z
Cute Animal PicsA feed of cute animal pictures from the whole network382023-08-07T02:54:10.411Z
#VeilleESRFeed de veille sur l'Enseignement Supérieur et la Recherche.382023-10-21T17:27:18.380Z
Retro, Sci-Fi and SpaceA feed that contains Retro, Space and Science-fiction related stuff. Mention me for the accounts you want to see in this feed.

Last Update: 22.09.2023
RenewskiesWelcome back users who last posted over 2 weeks ago382023-07-04T04:42:53.169Z
BattletechAll things Battletech and MechWarrior. Use #battletech or #mechwarrior and have an image to appear on the feed, but other mentions of Battletech may also appear here!

LGB-7Q is the Pride 'Mech <3 // Made at
PhilosophyA Philosophy Feed382023-08-10T14:58:33.636Z
TATORTDen Feed gerne anpinnen. Ich freue mich über ein Herzchen, wenn ihr den Feed als nützlich betrachtet, dann kann ich versuchen zu verfeinern. Plan ist, später auch den "Polizeiruf110" zu integrieren.372023-10-11T14:06:24.500Z
Strips d'Enfeetaminetous mes strips : chronique uterines et psychose372023-09-13T09:04:12.337Z
美味しそうなのを集めました。(Japanese Foods)372023-10-15T08:34:24.588Z
BurdSkiesAre you a bird? Do you like birds?
Join this feed full of wonderful avian antics and feathery friends! Always be beeping!
KOTHKing of The Hill372023-08-07T05:31:56.827Z
HytaleAll things Hytale!372023-10-20T16:21:52.918Z
#iTeachChem 🥽Chemistry Education Feed

Anything tagged with #chemEd #iTeachChem.

If you are on the EduSky or What's Science list, you can post with 🥽.
Livres FR / French BooksFeed de livres français. Partagez vos bonnes idées de livres! Lecture et littérature

Tag: #livresFR
Sundress SeasonSundress and sundresses #sundress #sundresses372023-08-06T17:40:34.969Z
Affective ScienceAn interdisciplinary space for posts related to Affective Science.

Tags: #AffectSci
Adoptees of BlueskyFeatures skeets from accounts that have opted in, and contain keywords including #adoption #adoptee #adoptees #adopteevoices and 🥚
Let me know if you want your skeets to appear in the feed!
WHC NSFWWhat's Hot Classic (NSFW)

12 likes or more and either...
-from the suggestive feed
-has image and text includes nsfw, #nsfw
KidLit UK IntroductionsTracking "kidlituk_intro"
News (International)News-Angebote aus aller Welt - wird kontinuierlich ergänzt372023-10-06T06:14:54.812Z
🖌️ #CommsOpen | #AdoptsFeed of artists offering commissions and selling adoptables.
★ Use #CommsOpen or #Adopts

Picks up ChemSky, RealTimeChem, ChemTwitter, and 🧪⚗️

HellaverseHAZBIN HOTEL and HELLUVA BOSS related content.
- Looks for hashtags, show names, some characters, pairings in posts and image descriptions. Also add content from selected accounts.
- Does not exclude NSFW or spoilers
- Disable your language filter to see all content
FlowerReportA feed for flowers. Inspired by the efforts of Alyssa Harad, continuing the work begun by Teju Cole, a project where people post a pic of whatever is blooming in their location. Not just for Sundays! Add #FlowerReport to your post, and please add Alt text to your images if you're able to.362023-10-18T14:31:38.610Z
Bluesky RadioBluesky Radio is a feed of the last 24hrs of a mix of interesting and recently posted Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music links (excluding reposts and replies) from all around the Skyline.

Contact for feed issues.
ClimateCrisisClimate Crisis Feed

Finds the keywords "climate change", "greenhouse gas", "global warming", "climate scientist(s)", "climate crisis", "climate emergency", "emissions" and "renewable(s)"

It also picks up the hashtags #ClimateChange and #ClimateCrisis and #GlobalBoiling
Bsky ASOIAFTweets based on Characters and Books from George RR Martin's ASOIAF. Include ASOIAF in your skeet! If you talk shit about GRRM or talk about how AI should write his books, you're blocked! // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com362023-10-07T02:30:04.854Z
Discover 🐶 NAFO 🚀👩‍🚀👨‍🚀NAFO Discovery feed.

Find NAFO fellas, who are not in the NAFO chatter feed yet (you may find it here:

To hear what Ukrainians have to say, use #UkrainianView feed
AccessibilityA feed that pulls in skeets (posts) that are about accessibility (hopefully).362023-07-09T18:57:38.750Z
일주일치 밀린 블스 따라잡기최근 7일 동안 좋아요를 많이 받은 한국어 포스트들을 좋아요 순으로 보여줍니다. 좋아요가 5개 이상이고 한국어가 한 글자 이상 들어간 포스트 대상입니다.362023-07-27T15:57:44.396Z
우리는 음식을 만들어요직접 만들어 먹은 음식들을 올리는 공간이에요!
집밥이 좋아서 만들었습니다 :)
Películas y series 📽️Películas, series y documentales
Dale a like y encuentra en este Feed recomendaciones para ver en diferentes plataformas
FFXIV Art (+NSFW)FFXIV art feed, including NSFW. MAY CONTAIN SQUICKS OR TRIGGERS. This is handdrawn or handmade art, not screenshots or gpose. To be included, tag both ffxiv AND art on the post.

Also picks up ffxiv artist, ffxiv commission, ffxiv comic. EXCLUDES gpose, mod, screenshot.
Queer CommonsQueer thinkers and creatives. Use #qcommons or #queercommons to add invidiual skeets to the feed. Tag with questions or to be added manually to the list (all your skeets will then appear in the feed).

Mute or block users freely: I won't be moderating.
Sacramento KingsYour home for everything relating to The Sacramento Kings. #LightTheBeam362023-07-26T01:51:56.439Z
DnD ArtA feed specifically for art, be it fanart or otherwise, for Dungeons and Dragons. Use hashtag #dndart to show up in this feed.362023-08-05T05:43:19.616Z
Na SpéiríníLiosta Gael362023-08-29T08:52:59.003Z
#iTeachBio 🧬For Biology education.

Anyone can post with #iTeachBio

If you are on the EduSky list, or flag you can post with 🧬
닌텐도 스위치닌텐도, 스위치, 마리오, 동숲, 젤다, 야숨, 왕눈, 포켓몬, 링피트, 스플래툰, 루이지, 커비, 파엠, 풍설, 제노블, 피크민, 와리오, 메트로이드, 스매시브라더스, 저스트댄스 들어간 글을 검색합니다 (키워드 추가 요청해주세요 😄😄)362023-09-19T11:37:38.445Z
Baldur's Gate SpoilersA video game feed for Baldur's Gate III spoilers! Use #BG3spoilers to have your post included. (I've also added some character names from Acts 2 and 3, but the hashtag will always be included.) For the spoiler-free version, check my feed list or just search for "Baldur's Gate III" on the feed page.352023-09-27T01:23:13.909Z
Japanese Pro WrestlingA feed for posts about Japanese pro wrestling!
Please tag posts with #purosky or #puroresu to add them to the feed. Also: #NJPW #DDTpro #AJPW #NOAH_ghc #stardom #tjpw #pw_freedoms #ChocoPro #GLEAT #pr666 If you have any suggestions or see any issues please let me know!

We want to see people's bookshelves.
Genealogy🧬Genealogy posting and discussion.

Ping to be added to the list for your posts to show up.

sample keywords: genealogy | ancestry | lineage | 🧬 | 🌳 | Genealogical| gedcom | OneNameStudies| OnePlaceStudies| Genealogical| genealogist(s) | familyhistory
#블친소#으로 시작하고 '친소'로 끝나는 단어가 포함된 포스트를 모아볼 수 있습니다.352023-10-13T05:16:32.052Z
Goodnotes 5/6Goodnotes Tipps und Tricks352023-09-15T18:39:08.803Z
Politics ATPeople who do politics, Austria.
Posts only, no Replies.

Leute aus Österreich, die irgendwas mit Politik machen.

Ideen/Wünsche/Anmerkungen zu Ergänzungen oder Entfernungen bitte an:

...wird laufend ergänzt...
Late Night WriteLateNightWrite author chat. Run by and
mdzs+wxTracking "mdzs", "wangxian", "lan wangji"
Congress_ThinkersA list of people thinking and reporting on Congress. (This is not a mute list.)352023-10-11T02:46:04.153Z
Adam DriverA feed for the rats!

Includes posts & replies tagged #adamdriver #adamdriverart #adcu #bensolo.

Covers the last 7 days (Skyfeed limit).
VeganFürFauleDieser Feed sammelt alle Skeets der letzten 7 tage die VeganFuerFaule enthalten. Achtung, mit Umlaut funktioniert das nicht!

Replys sind jetzt auch enthalten.
Arms ControlUse #armscontrol

For posts on arms control, non-proliferation and disarmament in the broadest sense on WMDs, conventional weapons and SALW and everything else in between
Book BloggersA feed for all book bloggers to share their newest posts, reviews, and memes. Include the phrase 'book blogger' for your post to be added.352023-07-28T12:43:59.562Z
LegoLego feed352023-07-27T21:03:21.841Z
Authors (UK & Ireland)Authors living in/from the UK/Ireland

To be included as an author:
a) @ me so I can add you
b) soon, to ensure writing-related skeets, text will need #author or other novel-related keywords

Short URL:
Baldur's Gate 3 ArtA feed for BG3 art!

Tracks image posts containing BG3 art tags. Filters out posts containing spoiler tags.

Use #bg3 and #art in your post, or #bg3art to have your art included
MusicSkyMusicSky is a feed for music lovers . This feed populates posts with the Hashtag #MusicSky and Posts from users on the MusicSky list with Hashtags #NowPlaying , #NowLooping , #CLT ,#NowSpinning or Bsky Radio. If you would like to be added to this Feed , CC using #AddMusicSky352023-09-15T12:59:36.128Z
TezosTuesdayTezosTuesday 01 test!352023-07-04T07:56:47.254Z
SWorkersThis is a feed for SWorkers. A place to post our availability, Tour updates as well as Digital Subscription links and promos ( OF, ManyVids Fansly etc). Just add these emoji in this order to your post and it will appear in the feed 👑👠💰352023-08-12T09:02:41.815Z
⬜️🟥⬜️ BEL ClusterA feed of all posts from authors in the Belarusian language cluster352023-07-28T14:34:15.126Z
Lauren's MediaLauren's Lewds
NSFW 18+
🕹️RetrocomputingGo back to the golden era of home computers!342023-08-13T17:01:45.816Z
#opensourcePosts with #opensource from the whole network342023-08-30T15:24:28.787Z
RomanticismFeed for #RomanticStudies
#Romanticism #Bigger6 (and a selection of Romantic period authors - now with added Frankenstein)
Mac & iOS DevPosts from Mac/iOS/Swift developers building apps for Apple platforms342023-07-15T14:51:55.389Z
Top Of The PopsTracking "Top Of The Pops", "TOTP", "#TOTP"
🇺🇦 ️Ukraine Feed The BlueSky overview of everything about Ukraine now. Learn about the War and how the Ukrainians live.
🇺🇦 🇪🇺 🇩🇪 ️🇺🇸 ️🇬🇧 ️️
Inktober 2023One place to watch all the Inktobers uploaded to BlueSky.
All languages on.
Use the Tag #Inktober or #Inktober2023 to pop in.
What's Unpopular Posts with 0 or less likes

A feed sorted by the least amount of likes and the date posted
Werethrope's Boofy ArtsBeefy furry bara art by your big local werewolf dad! 💪🏼🐺💖342023-07-26T22:42:58.491Z
Jorts & DaisyDukesmedia posts of jorts, daisy dukes, denim shorts, jean shorts342023-07-18T13:44:25.189Z
Top 20 - Past 3 hoursTop 20 posts in the past three hours

Use #nofeed in your post if you want it to be excluded
Let's Talk OCs!#LetsTalkOCs Let's talk about your TTRPG OCs! Tell us about their backstories, their design, their quirks, their flavored abilities, everything!342023-08-26T13:09:46.198Z
EEG in neuroscience#EEG All things EEG (and MEG) related in cognitive neuroscience. Methods, papers, job openings, random cool EEG stuff etc. Use the #EEG tag to post to this feed.342023-09-14T14:06:02.983Z
SpursUnofficial Tottenham Hotspur Bluesky feed. COYS!342023-10-29T12:07:02.419Z
Portfolio DayA #PortfolioDay thread so creators ranging from writers to artists, developers, and more can share their work for employment and networking.

All tagged posts will be in feed for 72 hours
Naturephotography Let nature inspire you

Pictures from nature all over the world.
Natuurfoto's van de hele wereld
German PostsAlle Posts, die als "Deutsch" getaggt wurden.342023-08-23T09:58:03.677Z
Bees! 🐝A curated feed for sharing stories, photos, and news about bees. Use #bee #bees or the bee emoji to add your content, after you have been added as a registered contributor.342023-10-21T00:20:47.930Z
#원석마켓원석, 나석, 클러스터, 주얼리 거래용 피드입니다.342023-07-27T00:45:57.302Z

#XKL と入れると拾われないように調整してみました
Consciousness ResearchThis a feed for empirical, theoretical and computational research in the scientific study of consciousness. Please use any of these hashtags #consciousness #conssky #consci // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com332023-10-29T06:11:11.298Z
Writing WorkshopsTracking "#WritingWorkshop", "#WritingCourse", "#WriteBeyondTheLightbulb"
Saint's Sex WorkersA feed made for the promotion and support of black indigenous people of color's endeavor in sex work!

Use #SaintsSwers to appear on feed and give the feed a like!
Hertha BSCHertha BSC Gruppe - Aus Berlin, Für Berlin -
#gemeinsamhertha #HaHoHe #HerthaBSC
LibrosUn feed para juntarnos todos los lectores.
Porque nos encontramos entre montones de libros.
Godot 🤖Anything and everything made in the Godot Engine!332023-09-11T01:30:21.517Z
🔁「VAPORWAVE」Chronological feed of artists, musicians, and people involved in the vaporwave scene. Also catches all posts mentioning "vaporwave" in the last 7 days. Ping to be added to list!

Check the algorithmic feed:
vocaloida feed that scans every post and image alt text from the past 7 days for vocaloid and miku related keywords332023-08-01T06:14:07.555Z
🇺🇦 Топ-100 за весь часТоп-100 постів за весь час. Оновлення щоночі.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
The Untamed/ CQL CdramaFeed for The Untamed/ 陈情令 (Chén Qíng Lìng), 2019 wonderful Chinese drama. Anything related to "The Untamed" or/and "CQL" (case sensitive!!!) will appear here 🥰332023-09-19T18:30:58.550Z
Stationery ✂文具に関するフィードを配信しています。332023-09-14T23:09:11.277Z
Presse et media FranceFeed contenant les articles des 24h dernières heures des principaux titres de la presse et des médias nationaux français (papier et numérique)332023-10-21T11:59:48.836Z
Covid-sichere TreffenVernetzung von Menschen aus #TeamVorsicht und andere, die sich auch mal vor Ort treffen, unterstützen wollen, Tipps zu Covid-sicheren Jobs, Praxen, usw.; Alles mit diesen Hashtags: #covidsafemeet #covidsafe #covidsicher #sichertreffen332023-09-22T23:57:14.534Z
VtM WtA WoD Etc.Quick feed for VtM (vampire) keywords Vamily, WoD, clanbooks, many clan names...332023-10-26T15:28:33.133Z
SchulleitungHier werden Links und Informationen zu finden sein, die für Schulleitungen hilfreich sein könnten.332023-09-10T15:30:41.699Z
Spanish ArtistsUn feed para reunir a todos los artistas de España. Por favor, añadid filtros a las imágenes NSFW. No hagáis Spam.
IA/NFT NO son aceptados.
Leer mensaje fijado ANTES de postear, gracias.
// Made at
Tarabiscoté*e HausfeedHausfeed des Hauses Olivian Tarabiscoté*e, hier erscheinen alle Skeets der Mitglieder des Hauses.
Du bist neu im Haus? Sag Hausmutter Olivian Bescheid, damit sie dich hinzufügt. 🪻🖤
Consciousness CommunityFollows everyone in Consciousness Science.
Ping me if you want to be included. :-)
Members of ASSC, AMCS only.
#consci // Made at
Minecraft Postsa feed for posts about minecraft.

discuss or show off your builds here!
BlackademicsThe scholars of Blacksky.322023-10-27T22:41:45.871Z
Slime MoldsNothing but slime molds!

This feed automatically pulls from keywords, but you can use *SlimeMold to make sure your posts show up

Users who post uncredited images will be muted from this feed.
Film Cinema Cinema, Film History, Jazz Music, Classic Movies, Film Noir, Art Cinema, Media Industry, Photography //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com322023-09-04T15:40:12.680Z
FemboyNo one had done it yet femboys are here322023-07-03T02:25:29.304Z
Blog PostsFeed for sharing and reading through cool blog posts. Just include #blogpost when you're posting something to be included in the feed!322023-08-11T18:05:32.810Z
Cook Bake EatCooking, Baking and Eating: All things food

Searches for 🧁, 🍽️, 🍜, 🥖, #cooking, #baking and #recipe and links with "recipe" in it.
JOCKTOBERA feed to view all the Jocktober goodness on Bluesky322023-10-05T22:14:19.459Z
Notre Dame FootballMatches mentions of "Notre Dame/ND" in conjunction with the words "football/game/ticket(s)" in posts as well as #ndfb, #goirish, "Go Irish. Beat XXXX.", and the emoji combo ☘️🏈. Contact for feedback!322023-08-21T21:37:11.578Z
The Last Drive inThe Last Drive in feed for you mutants.
It will pick up
The Last Drive in
or thelastdrivein
if it's in your post.
No hashtags needed.
🐾 Eurofurence 2023A feed for all things Eurofurence! Use #eurofurence, #eurofurence2023, #eurofurence27, #ef, #ef2023, or #ef27 to include a post in the feed.

Join the furry feeds by following
Morning walk ☀️ Photos from everyone's morning walks!322023-10-22T05:59:32.204Z
AzulSet your user list at
PhotographieUn feed pour les photographes français de Bluesky
#photographie #photographiefrance #photofr #photographiefr
#FCSPHashtag #fcsp. Ein Feed rund um den FC St. Pauli.322023-10-25T10:48:25.315Z
Popular Psychology PostsPosts from the #PsychSciSky, #SocialPsyc, #CogPsyc, #DevPsyc, #IOPsych, #AppliedPsych, #ClinPsy, PoliPsy, & #SchoolPsychology feeds, from the last 24 hours, with > 2 likes, sorted in descending order of number of likes.322023-10-24T10:52:00.766Z
Peatlands and WetlandsA customised feed for anything and everything related to peatlands and wetlands. Once added, you can include any of the terms "peatland", "peat", "wetland", "bog", "fen" or "swamp and your post will appear in the feed! Created by @scootjd.bsky.social322023-07-26T10:57:27.460Z
New Military TechUse #emergingmiltech or #milinnovation to get included322023-10-18T10:26:55.653Z
Holosky 💙Bluesky's Hololive feed!
For all generations of Hololive and Holostars.


Tracks "#hololive" "#holostars" "#holoen" "#holotempus" "#ホロライブ " '#ホロスターズ"
Alexandria SkeetsPoliticos, armchair pundits, and other assorted weirdos in Alexandria, VA // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com322023-10-19T17:40:05.917Z
NintendoA feed for everything Nintendo.322023-07-14T18:01:21.264Z
energiehimmelDeutschsprachiger Feed mit Diskussionen rund um Energiewende und Energie- sowie Klimapolitik.

Formerly known as #energietwitter

(Feed ist in Aufbau.)
Hogsky 🍆Experimental feed. Any image post with 'hogsky', '#hogsky,'bulge' in the text or alttext will appear here.322023-08-23T03:39:25.932Z
Fire Emblem Three HousesHi there! Welcome to the Fire Emblem 3H feed. Tag your post with #fe3h to feed it here. Don't forget to adjust your Content Language Settings to see all the gorgeous posts in this feed ;)322023-08-25T14:36:36.745Z
Indie bookstoresIndie bookstores and booksellers on Bluesky. To be added, pls reply to

More info:
SpotifeedSpotify links on Bluesky. Find your new favorite tune! Managed by: @naes.tech312023-07-14T07:32:26.674Z
TTRPGA complete feed of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Critical Role, and all other TTRPG posts! Want to be removed or added? Ping or open a Pull Request (yes, it's open source!)312023-07-05T04:08:56.298Z
Anime & Manga NewsThe latest updates from across the network talking about anime and manga.312023-07-09T16:08:15.319Z
Original CharactersA feed showcasing content from creatives with Original Characters!312023-10-11T02:33:54.187Z
Ambient musicPosts mentioning ambient music, hashtag #ambient, ambient playlists, soundscapes and field recordings312023-10-04T14:04:51.013Z
MutantFamfeed for the MutantFam. If MutantFam is in your post, it will show in this feed.
No hashtags needed.
SkyKitaAlles rund um Kita, Krippe und Co. Reagiert auf twkita, twitterkita, skykita, bluekita (mit und ohne #)312023-09-12T19:48:44.547Z
Bara artsFeed for bara/gay adult art, it self sorts posts from a series of artist and any post with the words "bara" "gay" "hunk"312023-10-20T01:36:42.536Z
Reylo FeedFeed for all things Reylo! Use #Reylo to include posts in the feed.312023-07-09T03:16:55.759Z
#FoodSkyFeed for #FoodSky - a place for food and drink and recipes and BBQ and more

Use #FoodSky or 🍽️ for inclusion
klimahimmel_ATFeed, der sich aus Accounts rund um Klimaschutz und Klimapolitik in Österreich zusammenbaut.

(im Aufbau)

Wenn ihr entfernt oder aufgenommen werden wollt, gebt mir ( bitte ein Zeichen.
KirjataivasKirjataivas on suomenkielisten kirjataivastelujen virta. Saat oman viestisi näkymään täällä lisäämällä taivasteluusi kirjapino-emojin.312023-10-26T17:17:21.471Z
SelfiefredagDenne feeden er dedikert til selfiefredag, der vi deler våre selfies her på skyen. Formålet med denne feeden er å forenkle søket etter fredagsselfies fra andre deltakere.

Bare bruk "selfiefredag" eller "fredagsselfie" og du vil finnes i feeden!
Alt-Preferred Art FeedA filtered feed based upon the excellent Art feed, re-ranking the list to push posts lacking alt-text and a request for alt-text to the bottom. alt4me, and noaltplz are all acceptable. **Some posts may slip through because of bugs in SkyFeed.312023-08-06T15:38:19.697Z
Russia, Ukraine, EurasiaTesting a blue sky list for Russia, Ukraine, Central Asia, S. Caucasus, Eastern Europe watchers312023-09-24T19:31:41.377Z
K-POPFor KPOP lovers. A genre of popular Korean music that features catchy melodies, colorful visuals, and diverse influences.312023-10-30T00:00:34.245Z
Wishlist Wednesday
Every Wednesday, game devs post their store pages! It supports the games you're excited about, so wishlist liberally!

Opt in with #WishlistWednesday
Opt out with #Private, #NoFeed, or #NoWishlistWednesday.

Discuss at
Support the feed at
Sporty Spice 🌶️ all things leggings, yoga pants and yoga shorts!312023-08-06T01:39:52.592Z
furbyPosts that use the words "furby" and/or "furbies" will show up here. Images labeled via alt text with the words "furby" and/or "furbies" will also show up here. Replies are filtered. It may take a few minutes for new posts to show up.312023-07-27T18:36:59.329Z
📓手帳手帳|スケジュール帳|バレットジャーナル|トラベラーズノート|planner|bullet journal|bujo
TeamDatenschutzHier liest du Posts, die den Hashtag #TeamDatenschutz nennen, von und für Datenschutznerds312023-09-04T14:30:00.491Z
Philadelphia PhilliesAll mentions of Phillies, #Phils, Go Phils, #RingTheBell, the names of all players on the 40-man roster/retired numbers/manager/GM. If something's here but shouldn't be, let me know @jdepstein.bsky.social312023-10-13T17:13:07.747Z
#AusPolAussie Politics - all posts by most recent with #auspol312023-08-07T05:31:45.467Z
FridayKissTracking "#FridayKiss"
どうでもいい写真部#Bluesky どうでもいい写真部 の投稿を配信します。312023-07-12T13:12:32.159Z
VtubersWithDisabilities Vtubers in the community that have physical and/or mental disabilities #vtuberswithdisabilities //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com312023-09-21T08:51:42.502Z
MST3KA simple feed that searches for the term "mst3k" (not case sensitive), so if your skeet about the show doesn't include that term, you'll need to add it if you want it to show up here.

I thought about adding more terms, but most of the rest are too general
Jeux de société FRFeed des publications Jeux de société francophones.

j2s - jds - #j2s

(illustration Pexels / DS stories)
Art SharesPosts mentioning "art share" or "artshare"!302023-09-26T20:37:22.157Z
Хтивки!Хтивки, нюдси, sexymondays і тому подібне.
Україна ван лав.
Додайте до фотографії #ню, щоб потрапити в фід
DisSkyUnofficial feed of Disney Parks related posts.302023-10-25T00:42:47.140Z
#朝ドラらんまんNHK朝ドラ『らんまん』のフィードです。 #朝ドラらんまん 、 #らんまん 、 #らんまん絵 タグ及び『らんまん』等の「」『』【】〈〉《》括弧付きの日本語の投稿を拾います。302023-10-18T01:24:47.218Z
ALLTOBER 🎃October has A LOT of prompt challenges. So you don't have to keep track of a dozen feeds, this feed includes all of them!302023-10-16T00:30:13.954Z
BikethreadAll about bikes

VEGANISMVeganism, Animal Rights related posts.

As long as the word vegan is in your post & you've been added to the feed approved list your post will show.

@ me in your post if you want to be added if I haven't already discovered you.
ABDL ArtThe best ABDL artwork that BlueSky has to offer all in one place!
🔞 NSFW Allowed 🔞
// Made at
Vtuber AssetsUse the hashtag #VtuberAssets to be featured

A feed showing off Vtuber Assets //Made at
Berufliche BildungInteressantes und Neues zum Thema berufliche Bildung302023-09-12T19:41:30.076Z
medievalfeed of posts using word "medieval"302023-07-18T15:06:47.804Z
NewsDENachrichten Feed!
Deuschsprachige News und Pressemitteilungen von Tagesschau, ZDF Heute, Zeit Online, Tagesspiegel und anderen Nachrichtenportalen gesammelt in einem Feed!
🇺🇦 Топ-100 за тижденьТоп-100 постів за минулий тиждень. Оновлення щоночі.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
NSFW Chubs/Chasers/BearsThis feed collects NSFW images from various Chubs, Chasers, and Bears in the community.

To be featured in the feed, follow I'll be happy to add your profiles to the feed. ❤️
🔥🌶️Spicy Saturday🌶️🔥Every Saturday draw and submit sexy ladies using the tag #spicysaturday either in the post text or in the image alt text! I'll repost as many as I can. This is mainly for NSFW art. Made by Aeyga. PLEASE APPROPRIATELY TAG YOUR ART!

Avatar by Hiroyuki Imaishi.
Metro CreaturesHey Nashville! If you came from the Bad Place but miss our little Metro-watching community, this feed is for you. See pinned post for instructions, and don't forget: This is a Red Lobster. 🦞302023-10-10T20:11:07.824Z
Journalismus SachsenJournalist:innen über Sachsen / Medien in Sachsen

Stand 2023-10-27

Neueste Accounts:

Korrekturhinweise an // Made at
Nitesky NGLA feed to collect AMA posts from people participating in the Nitesky NGL AMA // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com302023-10-02T04:08:28.575Z
Furry AdoptsFor those looking to sell, or purchase adoptables in the Furry community.

For your posts to appear, please use #furryadopt !

ProteomicSkyCollecting the mass spec-based proteomics related hashtags #proteomics #MassSpec #TeamMassSpec, "proteomics", and even 💪⚖️.

Feed algo is last 7 days sorted chronologically. Try ProteomicSky-Hot too.

Image credit to JBC Methods Madness (
KinderimpfungBeinhaltet folgende HashTags:
LGBTQIA+ NewsfeedLGBTQIA+ rights, social issues, inclusivity, representation, activism, and vibrant pride celebrations.302023-07-05T12:34:42.553Z
🇺🇦 ТредиТреди (4+ пости) з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
SakuAtsuSaku 😷🏐🦊 佐久侑佐久A feed of posts up to 2 weeks old featuring Sakusa Kiyoomi 佐久早聖臣 and Miya Atsumu 宮侑
– Case-insensitive; picks up ship name including SKTS | 日本語OK
– Does NOT filter out 🔞 posts | 🔞内容あるかも
₿skyThe Bitcoin Skyline302023-10-18T13:57:38.668Z
earthquakefeed of posts that mention "earthquake"302023-08-06T04:12:16.190Z
anti capitalismSeeking economic justice and scrutinising capitalist power. This feed provides a radical leftist take on current events, politics, and economics through a socialist lens. Our goal is to spread class consciousness and empower the marginalised. Solidarity!302023-08-24T12:57:38.507Z
Quantum Feed on BlueskyThis feed is set to cover quantum science, technology and engineering on bsky. It targets content on research results, new papers and preprints, research news, conferences and announcements, education and schools relating to quantum physics.
The feed is curated to provide quality content.
#cdramacollects posts which include #cdrama (not case sensitive)292023-08-29T23:58:03.826Z
Justice/Droit#Droit - #Avocat - #Justice - #TeamAvocat - #TeamJuge - #TeamGreffier - #TeamProc - #TeamJustice - ⚖ -292023-10-09T12:10:51.946Z
Horror Writers ChatWeekly Horror Writers Chat takes places every Wednesday 7pm UK time (2pm Eastern US)

Five questions abot you, your work, your characters etc. Please use #HorrorWritersChat to ensure your chat answers appears in the feed.
#LitWiss#LitWiss Feed für alles Mögliche über #Literaturwissenschaft und #Philologie im deutschsprachigen #AcademicSky.
Für Infos und Hinweise zur Verschlagwortung:
🇺🇦 Топ-30Щоночі вибирається 30 постів, які набрали найбільшу кількість лайків за попередній день.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Aotearoa Books 📚🇳🇿This is a feed for people from Aotearoa New Zealand to review and discuss the books they read. You can use any of the hashtags #pukapuka #aonzbooks #aotearoabooks #nzbooks #booksnz to have your post collected in the feed, or tag your post with these emojis: 📚🇳🇿292023-10-14T01:47:27.161Z
Invertebrate ID RequestsA feed for requestions identification help of invertebrates. Use #InvertID to be included292023-10-01T20:14:53.411Z
Like RouletteFrom your recent likes, pick a random user, and show their likes.292023-07-19T18:11:18.922Z
#大河ドラマNHK大河ドラマの歴代作品フィードです。 #大河ドラマ タグ、作品名の # 付きハッシュタグ、作品名を「」『』【】〈〉《》で囲った日本語の投稿を拾います。292023-10-18T01:24:34.675Z
The CosmereThe Cosmere feed292023-10-22T08:10:41.680Z
ShadowgastA feed for those lovely, complicated Critical Role wizards.

Includes "shadowgast" posts tagged with #shadowgast, #criticalrolefanart, #crfanart, #criticalrole, and #criticalroleart.
#musicscienceA community for all things music and science!!292023-09-20T12:47:42.343Z
Bravoskeets mentioning following: bravotv | project runway | housewives | real housewives | below deck | vanderpump | RHOC | RHONY | RHOA | RHONJ | RHODC | RHOBH | RHOM | RHOP | RHOD | RHOSIC | RHUGT | RHODUBAI | top chef | summer house | million dollar listing

ping for filter changes
GrowlARTArt only feed for !
MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, WNBAThis feed is for everything MLB, NFL, NHL, and WNBA related. Skeets just need to have the team name (ex: Washington Nationals) or the league abbreviation (WNBA) to be included.292023-07-03T00:25:05.783Z
ADHS/ADHD PostsAlle Posts, die ADHS und ADHD erwähnen.292023-08-22T18:07:00.921Z
RedheadsA feed for all images including "redhead" or "red hair" in caption or alt text!292023-09-18T00:45:48.363Z
Xiao Zhan 肖战A feed for wonderful actor & singer, Xiao Zhan 肖战, also known as Sean Xiao.
Any post (text, image alt text, link) with xiao zhan or/ and 肖战 (not case sensitive) in it will appear here. 🥰
TürkçeTurkish Timeline292023-07-06T13:11:26.932Z
drone/death/black/doom7 day feed with mentions of drone metal, death metal, black metal, and doom metal.292023-07-11T12:31:07.721Z
SGEEintracht Frankfurt Content!
Alle Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage mit Hashtags und Schlagworten rund um die Frankfurter Eintracht in einem Feed! #sge
(inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
knitskeets about knitting, because what more could you want292023-07-05T18:52:01.865Z
Desi WatchA feed to capture people discussing Movies, Shows from the Subcontinent. Use DesiWatch to appear on the feed.

Keyword pulls beyond just Bollywood.
Hell Foods Dumb feed for the worst food creations posted on this site. Just tag #hellfoods.

Due to the limitations (7 days) of the feed to see some of the older posts put #Hellfood / #Hellfoods into the search.

Enjoy I guess? lol
AEWBlueSky feed for All Elite Wrestling/AEW.292023-07-09T14:42:11.274Z
Tech Bluesky 💻Every post with one result keyword or hashtag.292023-08-18T20:11:36.125Z
FFXIV Roleplay FeedThis feed is meant for in character posts, advertising your venues, or finding other roleplayers!
Use 'ffxivrp' for your post to end up in this feed!
Take note: this feed is for roleplay purposes! Gpose-based tags will not show up here, nor will NSFW ones!
Elixir & ErlangAny skeets mentioning Elixir or Erlang. Doesn't include "Phoenix" or "OTP" because of many unrelated skeets about specific city, actor, or fanfiction terminology. Does include "Phoenix Framework".292023-07-11T18:55:46.962Z
Queer Romance 🌈💜Just use 🌈💜 or the following in any combo:
+ romance, romantic / character, MC, rep
(finds "romantic trans rep" and "LGBTQIA romance" etc)
#NoAfD - Gegen die AfD ✊Dieser #WirSindMehr✌️Feed zeigt alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen das Wort (HashTag) NoAfD ✊ FckAfD genutzt wurde.292023-09-15T08:17:54.677Z
Pro CyclingA network wide feed of posts that are discussing pro cycling events, teams and athletes292023-10-19T01:22:30.674Z
Indie MusicIndie rock, punk, folk, hip hop, country, avant-garde, experimental, and more music.292023-07-03T03:25:56.294Z
Clown Cuties CircusA place where all Clown Cuties belong. Find your faves and support the circus! // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com282023-10-21T18:32:31.025Z
Plush ArtistsPlush artists feed!
Use the tag #PlushArt or #Plush in text, alt text, or reply to add your handmade plushies
The Owl HousePosts related to THE OWL HOUSE in the past 7 days
- Looks for related words or hashtags (mainly "owl house" and "#toh" + ships)
- NSFW might slip in. Check your Moderation settings.
- Disable your language filter to see all content.
All Star WarsThis feed includes most Star Wars shows on Disney+. The Acolyte, Mando, Ahsoka, Skeleton Crew, Boba Fett, Andor, Lando, The Bad Batch, Rebels, Visons, Tails of the Jedi, Skywalkers, .... This feed created w/ by version:
Guild Wars 2Feed that pulls Guild Wars 2 or GW2 in most possible combinations in an effort to coalate information about that game.282023-07-25T18:26:11.897Z
Monster FuckersChronological feed of posts containing "monster fucker" or "monster lover" from the past 7 days. Make friends, fuck monsters!282023-08-08T05:16:05.917Z
Literatura de géneroPunto de encuentro para lectores, escritores, divulgadores y editoriales de género 🖤

Si quieres unirte a la comunidad, puedes añadir alguno de estos hashtags y emoticonos a tus posts:

#fantasía #cienciaficción #cifi
#terror #horror

📚✨ ~ 📚🚀 ~ 📚💀
📚⚔️ ~ 📚🧬 ~ 📚👻
#BBLFShows any posts (not replies) that contain BBLF so we can hopefully have a feed just for the Live Feed updates.282023-08-01T13:32:49.741Z
GerVtuberEin Feed, der Posts der letzten 7 Tage zeigt, die den Begriff "GerVtuber" enthalten! So können wir uns alle vielleicht etwas leichter finden und unterstützen! :)282023-10-15T20:16:04.935Z
Bluefallo Skybresvapor distilled content, blocked by paul hamilton282023-07-03T04:36:15.968Z
TwitterArgFeed para listar a la gente que vive/siente/sufre Argentina.
Hice una lista, pidanme que los agregue!
Give 'em some love!Posts that have only one or no likes/hearts/faves, let's give 'em some! (Appearing at random, not chronologically.)282023-07-03T00:34:23.610Z
Neuroscience JobsFeed to share #neurojobs openings in your lab and/or institutions.
#topoli#topoli feed, including Toronto politics posts and anything with #topoli in it282023-10-28T20:35:20.524Z
Manga and Anime artists!A feed dedicated to manga and anime style artists from all over the world, from small to big, everyohe has a place here.
Abusive behavior of the feed or spam could get your user delisted indefinitely from the feed.

Listed tags: #animeart #mangaart #animestyle #mangastyle
PedSky -PediatricsThis is a feed for anyone interested in pediatric healthcare. Put these words in your post to get on our feed: PedSky, tweetiatrician. If you want to be a contributor w/o key words, ask me to add you! // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com282023-09-25T11:50:08.623Z
도시락keywords: 도시락, お弁当,弁当
수제 도시락 피드.
도움되는 정보는 가끔씩 남겨두기도 합니다.
(밀키트,only 샐러드와 닭가슴살 등은 제외됩니다)
HarringroveThis is harringrove feed what else i can tell, Billy Hargrove/Steve Harringron and r18!282023-10-03T07:29:54.216Z
#BelieveInFilmFilm photography feed until they get hashtags working282023-07-03T02:00:19.011Z
BKDK (Fixed)a feed for all fixed bkdk content; filters out dkbk and bkdkbk content282023-08-22T20:10:20.356Z
Sophie NudesSoph's Nudes282023-08-08T16:22:43.231Z
지름의 전당오늘, 다들 어떤 것들을 구매하고 있을까요?282023-09-20T08:55:56.495Z
Just Pixie Skye's PhotosA feed of all my (Pixie Skye's) image skeets - selfies, memes etc282023-07-04T15:21:31.907Z
🐾 Test 🚨🛠️Experimental version of the '🐾 Hot' feed.

double break
Indie Pixel Games !Check out the latest updates on retro-style specific games from Indie Game Developers or Studios in Bluesky! Excluding NFT/AI.
🔸️Tags: #pixel & #indiegame/#indiedev/#gamedev
🔸️Where: In post or ALT text
🔸️Duration: 7 days
Belgitude| Belgian FeedFeed de la Belgitude (francophone pour le moment)
#belgian #belge #belgique #belgium #bruxelles #Mons etc etc
Botany & Plant Sciences🪴A feed for plant scientists, tracking different areas of land plants biology.
Missed something? Send me a message.
TolkienFind Tolkien related posts on Bluesky282023-07-03T03:30:19.941Z
Paxton Trial Feed282023-09-06T16:18:49.557Z
eddissyA place for Eddie Munson X Chrissy Cunningham282023-08-26T10:18:17.845Z
AppellateSkyEverything appellate law. Use the hashtag #AppellateSky in your post for it to show up in the feed282023-07-11T01:19:12.040Z
#StetWalk MovementA feed for editors, writers, and creatives to share pictures of their adventures while getting away from their screens. Use #StetWalk to post to the feed!282023-08-26T02:07:58.796Z
Bassenji Art (NSFW)282023-07-28T15:30:55.097Z
RomanceClass BooksA feed for everything #RomanceClass! We are a community of writers, readers, actors, and artists who gather together to do what we love—pushing the HFN/HEA agenda.282023-10-25T05:16:12.397Z
Byzantine HistoryTracking "BlueskyByzantine", "ByzantineBluesky"
Protein CosmosFeed for Protein Science- follows posts with structural biology, X-ray, NMR, cryo EM, cryo tomography, biophysics, mass spec, alphafold, deep learning, biophysics etc. Tag with 🧬🧶 // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com282023-10-24T05:39:55.793Z
OSINT 🕵️Posts from the last 7 days with the hashtag:

#OSINT or #osint

(image by alvaro_cabrera on Freepik)
Infosec communityCommunity-oriented list grepping for infosec keywords. Trying to avoid posting bots282023-07-25T07:26:57.552Z
Middle GradeA feed for Middle Grade authors and readers282023-08-31T16:26:06.562Z
Santé FRUn feed sur la Santé en langue FR. Patient et médecins, discutons ici282023-10-27T17:38:39.273Z
Splatoon Art and MediaA feed for Splatoon art and media. This will collect posts tagged with Splatoon, SplatoonArt, SplatoonOC, Splatsona, and Coroika. It'll pick it up with or without hashtags.
Pin this feed to have it show up as a link on your home page.

Like and share to help promote the Splatoon Artist community!
Skeetstar DEDie populärsten deutschsprachigen Skeets der letzten 24 Stunden. Sortiert nach Like-Count.
"German Favstar"
Econ - PopularEconomics research related posts sorted by popularity. To have your posts included, please fill this form:
Birbseed Feed 🪶Welcome to the feathered side of the furry fandom. Open to anyone with bird content (Bird OC optional). SFW + NSFW.

-Get added by following:
-Added users can post using #furry, #furryart, #fursuit WITH one of the following:
#avian, #bird, #gryphon, #avali, feather/bird emoji.
TTRPG Casting FeedThis feed aims to collect TTRPG Casting Calls on Bluesky by including posts tagged with #ttrpg and #casting.

Message [email protected] to be excluded from the feed or to report anything fishy.
OFMD Artfor art posts tagged with '#ofmdart' or '#ofmdfanart282023-08-18T00:53:25.565Z
Ethnographers 🐓Curated feed for posts about ethnography. Checks for posts with "ethnography," "anthro," "sociology," or "🐓" from approved users. Hit me up at @songsforhorses to be added to the list.282023-09-24T13:21:47.032Z
Nederlandstalig BskyEen feed voor de Nederlandstalige community.

A feed for the Dutch speaking community (in Dutch only)

#Nederlands #Vlaams #Vlaanderen #Nederland #Belgisch #België
Monster/Orc Fornication A feed made specifically for Tiq.

All relates to monster and orc sexy times.

Use #MonsterFucker or #MonsterFucking or #OrcFucker or #OrcFucking to be explicitly added to the fees

If updates to the feed filter let me know :)
What's Katkat gothfemme's posts with greater than 12 likes, excluding quotes, in a random order.272023-10-15T19:55:14.286Z
Invisible disabilitiesA feed for people living with invisible disabilities, chronic illnesses and/or chronic pain, or those who want to learn more about it.

#hiddendisabilities#MS #CFS/ME #PoTS #Epilepsy #Fibromyalgia #LongCovid #Lupus #FASD #FND
BD, Comics, MangasFeed Francophone pour suivre les posts liés aux BD, Comics, Manga (french books)272023-10-25T21:35:42.613Z
Gamedev FRGame and indie developers from France // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com272023-10-28T09:50:40.351Z
ComicsA BlueSky feed for comics! Tried to include different formats, major publishers, webcomic platforms, and comic collectives. Let me know if I missed any!272023-10-28T20:29:22.472Z
🇺🇦 #gamedevПости з тегами #gamedev, #ukrgamedev, #геймдев, #укргеймдев від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Thomedia 🔞🍆All of Thomaster's Media for all your thirst trapping needs272023-07-24T23:42:19.958Z
CzechPosty českých uživatelů za posledních 24 hodin.272023-10-20T14:44:05.754Z
Just pics of AmyJust pictures of @amyhadalittlepond.bsky.social272023-07-12T21:04:54.008Z
mxtx worksTracking "svsss", "mdzs", "tgcf"
Boku no Hero AcademiaA 7-day feed that tracks BNHA/MHA/Boku no Hero Academia/My Hero Academia. Does not exclude NSFW. Does not exclude spoilers.272023-08-06T11:03:02.481Z
Stained GlassStained glass art, all eras. Testing out feed, weeding out AI.272023-10-20T17:51:43.744Z
Scotsky 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿Scottish people and people living in Scotland!
Skeet at to be added!
Wildlife ScienceA feed specifically for wildlife ecology. Tracked posts include the terms wildlife, ecology, ecologist, ecosystem, and ecosystems.272023-09-11T04:40:48.124Z
PalestineA feed for all references to Palestine. 🇵🇸272023-10-08T00:36:15.503Z
Y'allternativeA feed for QTPOC, and LGBTQ+ country music, Americana, folk, and roots music.272023-08-22T18:37:03.603Z
DKBK FeedA feed of all posts properly tagged *dkbk. Note that the tag *bkdk is excluded so any post that has both the *dkbk and *bkdk tag will not be seen.

This is to ensure people don't see their notp so pls tag properly. Thank you!

Note: Click the *pin button to add to your home feed
About OsakaPosts about Osaka, Japan.
NatuurliefhebbersDit is een Nederlandstalige lijst met natuurfoto's en natuurberichten.
Gebruik #natuur of #natuurliefhebber om je bericht in de lijst te krijgen.
3D Environment ArtistsThis feed searches for posts with "environment art", "environment artist", and "3d props". Fill your feed with awesome work by awesome people <3272023-08-05T01:58:26.603Z
Women's HockeyFeed following women's hockey keywords272023-09-22T16:39:26.410Z
BeeraholicFor beer lovers. Our beer glasses are like our bank accounts - empty most of the time.

BrettspielAlles rund um Brettspiele272023-10-11T20:21:29.464Z
Mystery Lovers 🔎💀📚For lovers, readers & writers of mysteries - traditional, classic, cozy, historical, and more! Use #mystery, #mysterybooks, #mysteries, or 🔎💀📚 to be included!272023-10-03T18:17:28.856Z
Strassen für Alle Verkehrswende Feed, der Lust auf eine positive Zukunft macht. Vision einer neuen Mobilitäts-Normalität:
KidicalMass, Schulstraße, Fahrradbus, Bicibus, BikeBus, VisionZero
#DialogueSurToileLes tableaux qui parlent 🗨️🖼️272023-10-20T20:25:38.215Z
TabybarasAll posts from readers and fans of Today in Tabs (
Fishsky 🐠Behold Fishsky, a feed for fishkeeping and other aquarium hobbies. Feed picks up: 🐠 at beginning or end of post, fishkeeping, #fishtank, #fishsky, fish tank, and aquarium. Feed avatar: "Sky Fishes" by Jessica Sanchez.272023-07-17T18:14:51.191Z
Honkai: Star RailTracking "hsr", "honkai star rail", "houkai star rail", "star rail", "スターレイル", and "崩壊 スターレイル".

Posts from up to 7 days ago. Includes replies and reposts. Works on hashtags too.
Traumafolgen FeedZeigt alle als deutschsprachig markierten Posts mit den Hashtags #Trauma #PTBS #kPTBS #Dissoziation #DIS #pDIS und #DSNNS der letzten 7 Tage.

Kein Platz für Saneismus, Täterschutz und Victim Blaming.
Deutsche PolitikPolitik-Feed, deutschsprachig
Posts verifizierter Politiker*innen, Parteien, Ministerien, sowie populäre Inhalte zu politischen Themen.
Tags: Bundestag, MdB, SPD, CDU, Die Grünen, Die Linke, FDP, AfD und weitere.
Language: German
Tagata MoanaA feed amplifying Māori and Pasifika voices on bsky.

ping to be added/removed from the feed.
One PieceFeed of One Piece Keywords sorted chronologically. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com272023-08-23T09:12:12.447Z
Sonic ArtistsPosts related to all Sonic The Hedgehog artists and their work, whether they be fans or professionals.
Fanart, comics, commissions, etc, digital or traditional mediums.
Use #SonicArtist to add your posts to this feed.
Reylo Prompts feedA Feed for Reylo prompts collection

Use #reyloprompt and #reylowritingprompt
Fantastic FestEverything about Fantatic Fest, the largest genre film festival in the US.262023-10-25T20:05:52.457Z
Lectores y escritoresUn feed que recopila todos los post en español con las palabras: escritura, lectura, letras, libro, literatura, ensayo, novela, poema y poesía.262023-09-07T03:10:47.337Z
XIV Physical Merch ShopsFor Final Fantasy XIV Physical Merch Shops!

Use #XIVMerch OR #FFXIVMerch to your shop posts to get added to the Physical Merch Feed, only one hashtag necessary.

Bluesky version of the @_FFXIVMerch on Twitter.

( any feed concerns, please reach out to itsladyj )
kashiomi art feedArtworks by kashiomiart262023-07-24T09:53:18.920Z
Creation作った報告を拾います (Japanese Posts with images)262023-07-25T08:48:04.113Z
FellowshipsandGrantsThis is a feed for the SCIENCE community to post Research Fellowships and/or grant opportunities for postbaccs, graduate students, postdocs, and PIs. Science community helping each other and sharing opportunities.262023-09-13T12:31:58.062Z
IrishArtAnimationComicsPeople from Irish Art, Animation,Comics communities262023-07-03T00:24:23.869Z
IR TheoryA PoliSky sub-feed for International Relations Theory. Anyone added to the PoliSky mute list can automatically also post to this feed. Use either IRTheory or IRTsky as keywords.262023-10-04T20:28:21.987Z
We love Canva! For all of you, who cannot live without Canva anymore.
Collects #canva #canvaedu #canvalove - Posts need at least 2 likes
Pony FinderA feed for MLP fans and artists to find each other and chat, just use the #mlp hashtag262023-07-25T00:49:52.337Z
#ArtAll image posts with #art in the post or alt text.
⚠️ Uncurated — Sometimes NSFW ⚠️
🇺🇦🐶Українські песики і цуцики. Іноді щось ще.
Додайте до фотографії 🐶, щоб потрапити в фід

Ukrainian dogs ❤️
Fat Cock FridayThis feed collects all image posts that have "Fat Cock Friday," "FCF," or "fat cock" in their body text. All replies and non-NSFW posts have been stripped, so you only see a steady diet of -- you guessed it -- fat cocks. Enjoy! <3262023-10-01T05:59:16.948Z
SkynetSkynet is a feed for academic scholarship about cyber* , with an emphasis on politics and political science. List managed by as a subset of the Polisky feed. Tag posts with "skynet"262023-09-20T13:16:43.191Z
School LibrariansSchool Librarian feed, includes searches for:
School Library Journal
Art & Artisanat FRFeed d'art et artisanat de créateurs français.262023-09-25T09:30:09.624Z
#Dax18Tracking "#dax18", "dax18"
PawsThis is a feed for all paw lovers! No human feet! NO NSFW. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com262023-10-26T03:02:04.897Z
Warrior CatsAn Unofficial Feed for the Warrior Cats book series by Erin Hunter! Include #warriorcats in your post to show up here! Discussions and art welcome!262023-09-01T03:25:42.073Z
Das perfekte DinnerDeutscher Feed zu "Das perfekte Dinner" auf Vox

Hashtag #dasperfektedinner
KidLit/YA Book BloggersKidlit/YA book bloggers, Youtubers, podcasters, others who have online venues that help boost kidlit & YA books (not just their own). To be added, pls reply to

More resources:
NFL/Fantasy FootballNFL and Fantasy Football related accounts list262023-07-03T15:22:26.367Z
18+ NDA feed of people with 18+ and neurodivergent terms in bio. (Credit to for the idea)262023-07-12T10:43:43.541Z
DND Arta feed for all the ttrpg and dnd artists out there!

use "dnd" or "dndart" on your posts for it to show up on this feed 💖
ViroSkyA collection of #virology and posts from virologists making the move to Bluesky Social. Flag to be added. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com262023-09-20T06:47:48.080Z
Skybug: Red Dwarf SkyA collation of posts about BBC sitcom, radio show, book and audio book Sci-Fi series Red Dwarf. If you haven't read it expect Douglas Adams undertones with a bit of grimdark thrown in.262023-09-24T22:07:15.573Z
Cozy GamesHere you can find all things 'Cozy Gaming' please make sure if you want your post to appear here you use keywords like: Cozy Game, Cozy Gamer, Cozy Streamer, Cozy Gaming.262023-09-08T19:56:30.814Z
✨Aeyga's Artwork ✨All my art.262023-09-27T15:11:58.745Z
Crochet and Knitting 🧶Feed for just crochet and knitting. Picks up 🧶and either the term, "crochet" or "knitting " or both. Details in pinned post. WIP.262023-10-27T14:35:03.589Z
LegskyFor all types of legs for legs lovers. Use #legsky or #legs to be on feed262023-07-12T20:50:13.413Z
Daily BangtanA feed for all the daily BTS accounts // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com262023-10-28T04:46:57.264Z
Phish (The Band)Content about the band Phish262023-08-04T17:43:03.693Z
Portfolio Day#PortfolioDay hashtag skeets with at least one image, randomized from the previous 72 hours.262023-07-10T00:00:56.680Z
Fiction SonoreUn feed qui agrège tous les hashtagues qui parlent de fiction sonore (#fictionsonore #fictionaudio #serieaudio #sagamp3 #ficson) //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com262023-08-29T11:09:41.637Z
YeeHan Feed for the Hanzo Shimada/Cole Cassidy ship from Overwatch.

Just add "yeehan" or "yeehans" to your post to have it show up on the feed! NSFW is welcome 🔞
SCFSC Freiburg Content!
Beiträge mit Hashtags und Schlagwörter zum SC Freiburg in einem Feed zusammengefasst.
#scf #freiburginternational
(inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
Ciné & Séries FRSuivez toutes les publications qui parlent de Cinéma et Séries sur Bluesky. Et utilisez l'un des ces trois emojis pour être sûr.e de remonter dans la conversation 🎬 🎥 📺262023-08-22T07:43:41.027Z
Sapphic feedA feed for the sapphics of bsky just use the word sapphic to be part of the feed262023-07-06T16:12:58.792Z
IndieNewsA list-based feed for independent news sources. Send recommendations for more accunts to add to @jakei.bsky.social262023-09-19T00:37:48.940Z
#moodle der Feed sammelt alles zum Thema Moodle
#MoodleBande #moodle
LogineoLMS, Mebis
SoloRPGA feed of all Solo RPG / solo play / gm-less related posts!

tags: solo rpg, solo ttrpg, solo ttrpgs, gm-less, solo engine, solo rpg play, solo journaling rpg, etc.
Algal Awesomeness!This feed celebrates algae in science, food, art, and culture. Tag posts with #algae or #PhycologyFriday.262023-09-01T21:06:19.413Z
EurovisionYour feed for everything Eurovision!

Includes #Eurovision, #ESC2024, #JuniorESC and many more keywords to stay up to date with the biggest song contest in the world.
Toronto Maple LeafsFeed including the Leafs, players, retired numbers, and the occasional coffee or plant. If posts that should be here aren't or are here but shouldn't be let me know @jdepstein.bsky.social262023-10-09T18:37:05.561Z
GameMaker DevsFeed for people using Gamemaker!252023-07-07T07:35:32.659Z
addictionscia feed on all things addiction science and addiction psychology (+ related fields)252023-09-24T02:01:31.653Z
#snx Saturday Night Xeure schönsten Tweets von X, hier nochmal recycelt252023-08-26T19:26:14.838Z
Super HotTop trending content from the whole network but with much higher turnover than What's Hot.252023-07-20T01:07:21.214Z
JuraBubbleDie JuraBubble252023-08-22T20:12:31.146Z
PythonPosts about the programming language.252023-10-05T05:55:08.751Z
Urbanism+ News All the Urbanism+ feed content but only news links. No extra content is found here over the U+ feed, but this is nice for people who only want Urbanist news. Some news articles may be missing that are in the U+ feed (I need to whitelist link URLs)252023-09-09T21:53:40.408Z
#BayernEduSchulthemen für Bayern252023-09-09T19:07:14.859Z
Red Panda feed V1.02Still a bit buggy... working on it...

Slightly improved keywords. More pandas showing :)

Added an exclusion for one well known website that had "panda" in the name.
Combat Sports 🥊Your Bluesky home for MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay thai, BJJ or any other combat sports. The Pride flag stays year round, no hate of any kind will be tolerated. Ping or to be added to the contributor list. Post to the feed with 🥋or🥊. No AI or NFT.
destielA feed for Castiel and Dean Winchester from Supernatural. Tag your posts #destiel or #deancas

Check your content and language settings to make sure you can see all of the posts. Picks up posts from the past 7 days. Replies are filtered.
FoodFeedthe FoodFeed is a selection of web sources, news, blogs and newsletters about food and the best recipes !252023-08-15T15:28:49.710Z
Data SciencePosts about data science and machine learning.252023-09-20T15:49:47.808Z
🎲Настільні ігриЦей фід збирає всі дописи, де згадуються настільні ігри, вони ж, настолки для того, щоб адепти круглого стола і квадратних коробочок могли знаходити одне одного в укрблу сегменті252023-08-28T17:32:16.633Z
יידישAll posts and replies in yiddish.
This feed is open source, you're welcome to help!
Електронні ПетиціїСкіти з посиланнями на петиції до Президента/Верховної Ради/КМУ252023-07-18T15:48:41.228Z
SanZo+ZoSan+NSFW🔞Looks for Sanzo, Sanzoro, サンゾ, サゾ, サンゾロ, 산조로, zosan, ゾロサン, ⚔️🚬,ゾサン, ゾサ, ⚔️⏱️, Zorosan, 조로산, #Sanzo, #Sanzoro, #サンゾ, #サゾ, #サンゾロ, #산조로, #zosan, #ゾロサン, #⚔️🚬, #ゾサン, #ゾサ, #⚔️🕒, #Zorosan, #조로산, 🚬⚔️, #🚬⚔️, 🕒⚔️, #🕒⚔️, zosanzo, sanzosan, #zosanzo, #sanzosan posted in the last 7 days over the entire network.252023-10-21T16:43:07.430Z
Thigh Highsphotos with thigh high socks from the last 7 days252023-10-05T20:50:26.967Z
AAPORFor and by survey and polling professionals. To add, tag posts with "AAPOR"252023-09-19T20:48:51.235Z
Klimafeed_KRDieser Feed beschäftigt sich ganz allgemein mit dem Thema Klimawandel.

Hinterlegt sind Stichworte wie:
(und viele weitere)
Team CloTiA feed for lore-positive, knowledgeable FF7 fans //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com252023-09-04T20:34:40.199Z
SkolepratAll skolerelatert prat. Det er fortsatt tidlig testfase, men kommer til å videreutvikle algoritmen fortløpende slik at den blir bedre.252023-08-19T13:04:39.983Z
Genshin Impact CommunityFeed for Genshin Impact posts, including the hashtag #GenshinImpact for discovery of Genshin Posts! - Limited to 7 Days backdated.252023-07-26T12:19:34.287Z
Women's Fiction & LitFicBook Club Fiction, Women's Ficiton, Upmarket, Literary Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, #WomensFiction, LitFic, UpLit, Mainsteam, Issue Book

(NB: "women's fiction" is what's recognizable to readers but should be considered gender neutral until a better term is normalized).
🧠 AuDHD, ADHD, & AutismFeed grabs posts that include: AuDHD, ADHD, Autism, autistic, autist, adhder, actuallyautistic, audhder252023-09-07T03:10:55.361Z
#MomsWritersClubFeed for #MomsWritersClub!252023-09-28T19:58:00.268Z
Bowser FeedBowser Day 8-4252023-08-05T04:05:17.683Z
TorontoA feed of all mentions of Toronto, Canada.252023-09-30T23:28:10.584Z
Apfelfunk CommunityFeed von Freunden des Apfelfunk Podcasts. Hier tauchen nur Beiträge auf, die das Wort "Apfelfunk" oder "Apple" enthalten. Voraussetzung ist ein User-Eintrag in der Feedliste von @techtobi252023-10-20T13:00:05.818Z
BlueskyCatTota la xarxa catalana del cel blau. Visca!252023-10-22T16:10:43.671Z
European by adding your country's flag in your feed used as a key word + 400 more. Works better if you turn your Content Languages in the app settings off.252023-07-21T11:26:16.428Z

🌾FlatlandersAlpha Version\nA feed for Saskatchewan people, by Saskatchewan people\n. Uses basic keyword matching to find content that is relevant to Saskatchewan. Mention Saskatchewan (or a few other words) in two posts within a month to be added to the feed.252023-07-03T17:48:44.396Z
wagon wednesday wagon wednesday is a day for skeeting ass252023-08-23T21:23:18.611Z
dogsdog pics242023-07-02T23:59:30.706Z
KidLit IllustratorsKidLit illustrators who work with PAL publishers ( I have nothing against indie publishing but lack time to curate/maintain more comprehensive list.

Add requests:
Doctor Who FeedDoctor Who feed catching discussions of Doctor Who, Weeping Angels, Cybermen, & Daleks. Tag to add more keywords for inclusion242023-08-10T09:49:48.389Z
Bugs, insects, spiders 🪲overview of posts with an insect or spider emoji that contain images. Filters out for SFW by keywords and mutelists.242023-10-12T08:45:32.812Z
Naudiz's NudezCock242023-07-26T20:05:11.283Z
Makar's Art Feed242023-08-05T21:08:31.228Z
Soulsborne & FROM SOFTDark Souls, Demon's Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro, Elden Ring, Soulsborne and FROM SOFTWARE posts.242023-08-23T10:28:39.764Z
HydrologyA feed of hydrology. Any mention of keywords such as hydrology, hydrogeology, soil moisture, groundwater, aquifer, catchment, etc, is shown.

Add #hydrology to your post to add it to the feed.
Love Island 🏝️Can I Pull You For a Chat? All things #loveisland! Weekly discussion by @leigh-chantelle. Pin this feed to stay up-to-date! Ping for feed & filter updates.242023-10-26T07:01:13.988Z
Homestuck/HiveswapA safe for work feed for Homestuck/Hiveswap posts. Just mention Homestuck or Hiveswap or use the tags #homestuck #hiveswap to appear in here.

Please report to if there's unwanted nsfw posts appearing or someone spams the feed with unwanted posts.
술쟁이last update - 23.10.26

술마시는 사람을 찾아보자

업데이트 내역
3D Character ArtistsFill your feed with awesome work by awesome people!
This feed searches for "3d character", "3D character art", "3D character artist", "character sculpt"
🔞 Adult (Suggestive)The "Adult Content" feed (images flagged as adult content by the filters from the last 24 hours), but images only have the "suggestive" (sexual) label.242023-08-16T13:02:46.096Z
What's WarmTrending content from the whole network with more noise242023-08-30T15:12:28.492Z
Critical Biblical StudyA feed for Critical Biblical Study and Scholarship on BlueSky. Registered contributors can post to the feed using 📜 🪔 #BiblicalHebrew #BiblicalGreek or #CriticalBible. Contact to become a registered user.242023-10-29T09:21:05.166Z
TexasThis feed picks up the words Texas, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Marfa, Uvalde, Brownsville, El Paso, Laredo, Fort Worth, Corpus Christi, and Austin.242023-08-20T02:33:13.324Z
🐾 DenFur 2023A feed for all things DenFur! Use #denfur or #denfur2023 to include a post in the feed.

Join the furry feeds by following
Microbio/marine papersMicrobiology and marine science papers242023-08-28T13:22:33.533Z
Darkgem Art!242023-07-27T20:30:28.678Z
Haikyuu!!Haikyu/Haikyuu Feed of the last 14 days242023-10-16T07:41:40.257Z
RugbyFeed pour les amoureux de rugby. Mise à jour régulière pour les mots clés de la coupe du monde.

Feed for rugby lovers. Regular update for the rwc hashtags.
JP (without bot系)一部bot等を除いた日本語話者(Japanese)のフィードですん。ブルスカちゃん&地震botは拾ってます。適宜更新&修正予定です。242023-10-13T00:33:39.665Z
FPV ArtfeedAll my art in one place, tagged #foxpopvli. Add it to your feed to not miss my new art!242023-07-24T18:21:03.925Z
Pen and Paper DEAlles, was mit Pen and Paper Rollenspielen (in deutscher Sprache) zu tun hat. Im Moment wird der Hashtag #pnpde wird benutzt um Posts in deutscher und englischer Sprache zu identifizieren. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com242023-10-27T14:26:17.001Z
#fallfridayAnytime someone uses the #fallfriday hashtag it's posted in this feed.242023-09-26T06:17:44.319Z
GameDev NewsA feed of Game Industry News.

See Pinned Post for details of included posts.

Please "like" and share.
U+ Recently PopularCurrently it's the same as the urbanism+ feed except posts are not sorted by most recent, they're sorted by a mix of popularity and time. Please let me know if you prefer this more.242023-10-27T21:26:16.850Z
🦬 BEL ClusterA feed of all posts from authors in the Belarusian language cluster. Via SkyFeed242023-07-28T14:24:28.141Z
PlatinskeetsGerman Skeets that have more than 1000 likes242023-10-16T11:27:57.209Z
#1uposts with the labor movement hashtags: #1u, #labor, #strike, #union242023-10-28T20:35:38.398Z
#PortfolioDaya feed for Porfolio day. Just use #PortfolioDay to be included242023-08-16T18:07:25.058Z
The ExpanseA feed for The Expanse.

Join The Expanse Discord (
Weekly Hall of Fametop posts of the week by like count242023-07-16T09:03:09.029Z
ElectsThis feed includes posts from Africa Elects, America Elects, Asia Elects, Europe Elects, and Oceania Elects.242023-07-25T21:40:23.805Z
FFunA feed for finding the lasted Ffun content. Any of the following words in posts (with or without hashtag) with no spaces will bring up posts from the last 7 days: ffun, gayfisting, fistfuck242023-10-13T20:21:57.343Z
VALG2023PLUKKER OPP EMNEORD: (#)VALG2023, (#)VALG23, (#)VAL2023 og (#)VAL23. ( Si fra til supercamilla om du ønsker flere emneord inn)242023-09-11T14:08:40.667Z
Atlantic CanadaHashtags: #atlCanada #atlanticCanada #Newfoundland #NewfoundlandLabrador #NLCanada #NBCanada #NewBrunswick #PEI #PrinceEdwardIsland #PEICanada #NSCanada #NovaScotia #PEIpoli #NBpoli #NSpoli #NLpoli242023-07-19T12:50:44.473Z
BiomechSkyA curated feed for biomechanics research of all types.

Monitoring #BiomechSky
Management, Org StudiesManagement and Organization Studies scholars, journals, and conferences on Bluesky

Run by, message me to get added!
Warcraft PostsA simple feed that grabs any posts talking about #Warcraft, #WorldofWarCraft, #WowClassic and related hashtags. Also grabs posts from the official Warcraft account.242023-10-03T17:14:37.604Z
Apple Vision ProWe just saw the WWDC 2023 stream and the unveiling of the Apple Vision Pro, Apple's first Spatial Computer. This feed is built to connect you to the active conversations surrounding the Apple Vision Pro232023-08-05T05:33:14.838Z
jurisprudenskyTracking "legaltheory", "legalphilosophy", "legalphil"
OhMyGourdIt’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers232023-10-07T01:48:05.445Z
StjernekampEn feed for poster om Stjernekamp.
강아지강아지 피드입니다~232023-09-28T11:28:03.480Z
RB BubbleAlle mir bekannten User mit RB Kontext. Sollte ich jemanden vergessen haben, einfach bei mir melden. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com232023-10-29T10:29:01.643Z
Sandwich ImagesEvery post containing "sandwich" (or 🥪) and an image232023-07-29T02:28:26.911Z
What's BikesA network-wide feed of posts that mention anything to do with bikes, cycling, strava, peloton or zwift.232023-10-29T18:49:14.097Z
List for NSFW furry artists who draw large proportions. Can include hyper, macro, micro, inflation, size difference, etc. Art of minors or animals in suggestive poses will have the artist in question blacklisted.
CIEP 2023 Conference A feed for the CIEP 2023 conference. Use the hashtag #ciep2023 to follow along!232023-08-29T18:16:08.867Z
retirezmoiphotoshople feed des photomontages shitpost, roulés à la main sous les aisselles232023-10-29T19:49:44.017Z
Aces and ArosA feed for asexual and aromantic content and creators. Use any of these tags: asexual, demisexual, aromantic, demiromantic, aroace to appear in the feed.232023-09-22T19:21:21.410Z
PodcastingPosts with links to podcast sites or 'podcast' in the text232023-07-03T01:14:15.859Z
This! Is! Jeopardy-sky!Come talk Jeopardy! on Bluesky! Use the tag #Jeopardy to join the conversation, and pin this feed to stay up-to-date! 232023-07-31T14:51:53.222Z
1.Liga1. Bundesliga Content!
Dieser Feed enthält alle deutschsprachigen Fußball Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage, welche mit den gängig(st)en Hashtags der Erstligisten versehen sind = Beste Fussball Unterhaltung :)
Anime MechaA feed about mecha from Anime, Gundam, Macross, Super Robot Wars and others //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com232023-07-26T14:25:42.086Z
Supercorp FeedA feed for Supergirl, Katie McGrath, Adjudicator posts232023-10-18T17:05:06.400Z
MommyEvery post containing "mommy" on the site. Credit to for the idea!232023-07-10T16:46:54.546Z
Top Of The PopsFeed for BBC4's Friday Pops232023-09-29T20:17:48.402Z
BlackSkyFR: le village 🛖Bienvenue sur BlackSkyFR, le feed des noirs de France et du monde francophone!

Sur BlackSkyFR: le village, on est tous ensemble au même endroit 🖤

Like et partage le feed, consulte le post épinglé pour savoir comment ça marche, et visite l’autre feed BlackSkyFR: les palabres!
Tech FRFil francophone des publications en rapport avec la technologie.232023-10-22T07:07:19.983Z
OpenDataThis is a feed that looks for either "open data" or "opendata" (it is not case-sensitive). It scans the entire network (7 days) and returns Bsky posts sorted by their creation date, from most recent to oldest. The feed has no filters. Use #OpenData for better visibility/accessibility.232023-10-18T06:36:07.551Z
Nationalism Studies ListA feed featuring research and announcements related to nationalism studies.232023-09-30T08:32:49.449Z
VtubersFind both new and old vtubers in this feed!

All you need to do to have your post visible here is to include the word vtuber!
🔔Skeets about Philadelphia, Philly, PHL, the 215 and the 267. Ring the 🔔.232023-10-12T00:39:32.345Z
PizzaPosts containing the word pizza232023-09-10T05:36:34.583Z
Indigenous In STEMWelcome to Indigenous in STEM!

This feed curates posts from several community leaders and posts tagging IndigenousInSTEM, IndigenousSTEM, NativeInSTEM, IndigiData, SACNAS, NDiSTEM, and SACNISTA.

Tags are not case sensitive, but for accessibility please use CamelCase and add alt text to images.
🦬 BEL Cluster Only PostsPosts from authors in the Belarusian language cluster without reposts and replies232023-08-21T20:23:58.356Z
Hack the planetFeed of cybersecurity / hacking related posts.

Spammy accounts will be added to a mute list and excluded.
GamingIn this feed, you'll see gaming industry news and gaming content.

#Gaming #GameNews
Molecular BiologyTag: #MolecularBiology #MolBiol

Share and feed with
The PromenadeA (currently imperfect) feed of Deep Space Nine related posts232023-07-03T03:24:59.207Z
GeneRegulationLooks for 🧬🔄, selected keywords, and assay names. (additional suggestions welcome)

Looks across full bsky network for past 24hrs and a gene regulation list for past 3 days. Ping to be added to list.
ハッシュタグ #FF14ハッシュタグ「#FF14」が含まれているPostのフィードです232023-07-27T16:11:47.948Z
HaladrielA feed of (and for) Haladriel shippers from the Rings of Power fandom.232023-08-13T09:43:43.737Z
🌾Flatlanders[BETA]A feed for Saskatchewan people, by Saskatchewan people. Uses basic keyword matching to find content that is relevant to Saskatchewan. Follow the Flatlander account to have your posts added to the feed.232023-09-13T23:47:26.625Z
AXS-FeedFocussed on Disability, Accessibility, a11y and AXSChat232023-07-04T08:34:33.519Z
Stray KidsPosts related to the South Korean boy band Stray Kids.

"Stray Kids everywhere all around the world, you make Stray kids stay"
Nigerian Feed 🇳🇬A feed of all posts relating to Nigeria.232023-07-25T11:00:29.127Z
NFT artArtworks published on NFT marketplaces like, and others, or keywords like "nft art" in the post.
Chronological feed.
Gridskyfolks who make, solve, love, or are otherwise adjacent to, crossword puzzles //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com232023-08-02T18:34:38.852Z
Zeitungen und Media NewsZeitungen und Media News232023-10-23T12:25:35.114Z
#primarEduDer Feed rund um Grundschule und #primarEdu.232023-09-30T05:51:55.577Z
#イラスト#イラスト のハッシュタグが付いた投稿。232023-07-03T04:17:06.148Z
MobskyFeed for Blakfullas and Mob. any mention of the words Blak, Blakfulla, Blackfulla #Blaksky and #Mobsky in the last 7 days will show up here. Skeet for update requests232023-07-10T23:08:22.375Z
Frog FeedA feed for all the frogs! Frog facts? Frog photos? Divine frog fanart? Add #frog, #toad, or 🐸✨ to your post for it to be included in this feed!232023-08-09T06:55:08.372Z
Skyentific JokesTags: #ScienceJokes #lab&fun

we're on a mission to share the universe's best science jokes and memes. From atomic antics to galactic giggles, we've got it all.

Feedback welcome to refine the feeds & tags.
Metal Bandcampbandcamp posts about metal & adjacent music: death metal, grindcore, doom, sludge, power violence, screamo, etc222023-08-17T17:11:48.324Z
Complex SystemsLatest posts and discussions about complex systems.

Use #ComplexSystems or #Complexity or #ComplexityScience or just the words “complex systems“ or “complexity science“ to be listed.
News & WritingPosts with links to news and writing sites222023-07-03T01:14:15.859Z
Suomi24Suomenkielisten postauksien syöte, aikajärjestyksessä. Suomalaista käsityötä...222023-10-12T18:07:59.085Z
Reylo Six Sentence Sun.Feed for Reylo Six Sentence Sunday

Use #reylosss
HockeyA feed for hockey!222023-07-03T00:35:36.285Z
Women in TechAccounts of women in tech world. Based on the following mute list :
urban farming posts about urban farming (chickens, bees, livestock in an urban setting). if you have the phrase "urban farming" in a post, it will show up here.222023-09-17T19:23:35.381Z
Chili's Grill & BarWelcome to your Neighborhood Chili's Grill & Bar!222023-10-19T23:12:01.865Z
Halloween 🎃It's spooky season. Pin and like 🎃222023-07-05T08:07:48.613Z
Methodology Interdisciplinary Feed on the abstract and concrete questions in methodology, from epistemology to case selection.

Qual, Quant, Mixed, Other? all welcome.

use #ontology, #methodology, #epistemology, #methods, methodsky or methsky

Sister feeds:
- Metascience
- Philosophy of Science
- Dataskyence
Removing feed soonThis feed shares all posts that mention Yuzuru Hanyu or fanyus.

It does not include any keywords for figure skating or other skaters. // Made at
Disasters: Tornadoes Disaster feed for tornadoes.222023-07-11T12:44:14.057Z
MetalheadsA feed for those metlaheads around here. World feed, no language filter. \m/

Last update : 04/09/2023
La ChuteLa Chute avec William Reymond. Affaires judiciaires Trump, GOP, Politique USA222023-10-23T09:58:44.481Z
International LawA feed for discussing international law, in theory, research, or practice. Posts including "International Law" and "IntLaw" (not capitalization sensitive) are automatically included.222023-10-13T14:35:42.695Z
MassSpecSkyCollecting the mass spec related hashtags and mentions including these:
#TeamMassSpec, #Massspec, "mass spectrometry", "mass spec", "proteomics", "-omics", "ion mobility", "metabolomics", "lipidomics", #ASMS2024

Have suggestions for more to include in this feed? Just let us know.
🇵🇹 NotíciasFeed de notícias de órgãos de comunicação social portugueses.222023-08-04T17:58:02.027Z
do not miss the pupjust in case i miss ur pup222023-07-03T03:25:10.396Z
Bob DylanThe one and only Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan
Dylan + name of an album
Game StudiesFeed on game studies and video game research.

Use #gamestudies for posts to show up
Ilustres! 🇧🇷Feed para ilustradores e ilustradoras br! Para aparecer é só usar #🎨br ou 🎨br quando postar sua arte. Pode ser no corpo do skeet ou no texto alternativo (aproveita e descreve a imagem!). Funciona também adicionar como reply na arte já postada!222023-07-27T21:15:01.606Z
mtgTop MtG content of the last 24 hours222023-07-05T19:13:26.116Z
Unreal Engine 5Showcasing WIPs, screenshots, announcements, experiments, technology, and more! Include #UE5 or #UnrealEngine5 in your posts to appear in the feed!222023-07-26T04:41:17.325Z
Thick McDouble Mediamedia feed for panic attack big mac (dani)222023-07-24T19:10:16.966Z
Semi-chub kind of lifeThis is the first and OFFICIAL (any other feeds are knock-offs and WILL BE SUED) for all your semi-chub kind of life needs. This is a funny joke and it should be celebrated. It is ofc a play on the song Semi-Charmed Kind of Life by Third Eyed Blind but with more ya know ya got it222023-10-16T23:21:53.127Z
#SundayPixPosts for the weekly photography theme run by @wombat37. Collects posts containing the string '#SundayPix'.222023-09-09T08:20:48.939Z
weirdcarsweird people talking about cars and people talking about weird cars222023-10-05T02:06:01.214Z
Another round!A feed for cocktails. Append your post with 🍸,🍹, or🥂 and your post will appear in this feed!222023-09-17T01:13:25.512Z
Alerta de Trem 🚨Fique por dentro de todas os Trem do Bluesky (ou quase todos )222023-07-04T03:20:31.631Z
TRPG Feed JP日本のTRPG用フィードです。
BOAT STUCKBOAT STUCK222023-08-23T20:17:11.309Z
Brae's ArtJust my art! #braeart222023-08-01T17:54:22.353Z
uncut dickfor uncut cock connoisseurs. foreskin is underrated, sexy, and worthy of appreciation!

includes image posts with text or alt text that say uncut dick, foreskin, or uncut cock :)
インク沼関連キーワード「#インク沼 | #インクトーバー | #inktober | #インクベントカレンダー | #inkventcalendar | インク沼 | 万年筆インク | インクトーバー | インクベントカレンダー」を含む日本語Post、及びAlt Textを中心に自動で拾います。
SaphiSkyPosts from the last seven days containing sapphic and lesbian keywords222023-07-24T18:33:40.182Z
Nat's Illustrations 🎨All my art sorted in a clean timeline gallery so you don't miss a thing from me! 💖🙌🏻222023-07-30T17:42:53.663Z
Tiny Panthers 🐈‍⬛📸A feed of pictures of black cats! Includes all posts with both a photo and 🐈‍⬛📸 in the post, or quote a post with a photo with 🐈‍⬛📸 to add it to the feed! // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com222023-09-28T04:05:26.702Z
Nerd³ OfficialAll the skeets from NerdCubed accounts with none of the replies or reposts! | |
PrimatesA feed for all things related to primatology, primate conservation, anthropology etc.222023-07-18T01:09:07.548Z
Phone Photography 📱📷A feed for photography made with your cell/mobile phone. 📱📷222023-10-20T12:03:34.689Z
Strictly Come DancingThis is a feed for people watching Strictly Come Dancing to chat about the show. Keywords are Strictly💃, #strictly, #scd and #strictlycomedancing.222023-09-30T17:13:42.654Z
Der Feed zeigt Posts in denen die Worte Fotografie oder Photography vorkommen.
Porn ist rausgefiltert
#FursuitFriday! 🐾📆This feed collects all #FursuitFriday posts on the platform and puts them into one place!222023-07-25T18:06:33.061Z
DSA FeedA feed to collate all the DSA discourse on Bluesky in one place.222023-08-08T17:23:08.213Z
Disinfo & misinfo postsPosts on Bluesky looking at misinfo, disinfo, truth decay, & information disorders, published in English. Captures post text, image ALT text, & links.222023-10-20T17:33:19.362Z
🐾 BLFC 2023A feed for all things BLFC! Use #blfc, #blfc23, or #blfc2023 to include a post in the feed.

Join the furry feeds by following
Meladactyl's Merm ComicA place to find my early BKDK merm comic and the NSFW Eggening comic!222023-09-02T16:04:30.471Z
MathematikEDUFür einen Gedanken-, Meinungs- und Materialaustausch. Ganz im Sinne unseres ehemaligen EduTwitter222023-10-07T08:50:56.586Z
TransNsfwtransnsfw feed just use #transnsfw to have your pic be in the feed222023-07-19T04:14:56.685Z
Xbox GamingJoin the conversation about Xbox and Game Pass. Find new people to follow and chat with about Xbox gaming. If you enjoy this feed please remember to Like and Share!222023-10-23T00:52:29.269Z
#LplppParce qu'on a toujours besoin d'un peu de poésie, un feed avec les Lplpp des 7 derniers jours.
Les Lplpp sont une création de
Japanese MusicA feed for posts about Japanese Music. This is still a work in progress, but right now it is set up to include any posts that use the emoji combination "🇯🇵🎵" and certain Japanese music specific accounts I've added to a mute list manually.212023-09-15T02:30:00.630Z
Deep-sea MiningCompiling skeets using the hashtag #DeepSeaMining and industry related English-language keywords.212023-07-17T14:04:26.076Z
🐶 NAFO 🚀👩‍🚀👨‍🚀 chatterNAFO chatter.

NAFO list is incomplete.

To hear what Ukrainians have to say, use #UkrainianView feed
LatinoaméricaFeed de la hermosa gente de Latinoamérica. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com212023-10-26T18:41:06.571Z
18+links(hot)Posts with adult links (sorted by hotness)

Includes Onlyfans/OF, Fansly, Pornhub/PH, ManyVids/MV, LoyalFans, Clips4Sale/C4S, MyFreeCams/MFC, Chaturbate/CB, IWantClips/IWC, Stripchat, Fanvue, Slushy, Playboy, APClips, JustForFans/JFF, NiteFlirt/NF, SextPanther/SP for changes
Céu Sem LimitesAcompanhe tudo o que acontece no spaces 'Céu Sem Limites' com o host

Comente usando nossa hashtag "#ceusemlimites".
Mostly Tacos 🌮 📷homemade, stand, truck, restaurant, etc.212023-10-02T13:14:42.893Z
Lewdtual Aidlewdtual aid posts212023-10-05T21:00:48.955Z
Ancestry ChatGenealogy, ancestry and family history hashtags for anyone looking for the community212023-09-21T09:31:46.851Z
Gym BaddiesAnything Gym/Fitness related will appear in this feed212023-07-19T11:13:57.204Z
Translation/InterpretingA feed for translators and interpreters

Add #xl8 or #translation to your posts to be included in this feed

#translating #interpreting
Grüne MdBFeed mit Postings von Abgeordneten der Fraktion Bündnis 90 / Die Grünen im Deutschen Bundestag.

Quellliste des Feeds:

Die Quellliste berücksichtigt verifizierte MdB-Konten:
BnuuyBunny Posts (may show nsfw)

Finds any spelling of bnnny and other bunny words. Does not include "bun" (too much bread). Excludes "rabbit hole"
Bird PicsA feed of bird pictures from the whole network (sometimes not birds)212023-08-07T02:54:08.359Z
EconSkyDFeed with German language economists

Feed mit deutschsprachigen Volkswirt:innen

Source list / Quellliste:
Tuler's Art 🐺🌸My artwork!212023-08-17T12:39:14.111Z
Хтивий понеділокЩоб з'явитись тут, використовуйте хештеги #хтивийпонеділок або #sexymonday212023-09-28T06:41:26.649Z
grace + lauren ♡me and my wife being gay for eachother all in one convenient location 🛢️212023-10-28T07:56:58.661Z
Fishnet Fridayall the pics celebrating fishnet friday!

just include "fishnet" and "friday" in your post and you'll end up on the feed
#nofeed to keep it out
Disasters: Heat WaveDisaster communications feed capturing terms related to heat waves.212023-07-11T11:50:12.212Z
Disasters: FiresDisaster feed for terms related to wildfires and other fire disasters.212023-07-11T11:58:01.115Z
Foxy Mediaall of Fox's posts with images attached212023-08-04T22:40:28.909Z
EvergreenEvergreen - any post or reply with "evergreen" in it catching mostly evergreen opinions but occasionally trees.212023-08-24T03:11:33.245Z
🎨Furries of Color🎨BIPOC furs feed for visual artists, painters, designers, fursuit makers, writers and artwork🎨212023-10-21T15:40:04.039Z
KrakoaKrakoa/X-Feed for X-Men and Mutant posting. Created by WIP. XMEN X MEN COMICS212023-10-05T12:34:41.397Z
Taboo MommyGood boys and good girls heart mommy's feed.

Taboo mom, mommy milkers, mommy domme, mommy, goth mom

#mommymilkers #sorrymommysorry #mommydomme #mommy
VänstersnackisarHåll koll på diskussioner om och inom vänstern!

Feeden samlar de mest uppmärksammade länkningarna från svensk vänstermedia under senaste veckan.

Medier: Flamman, ETC, Arbetaren, Radio åt alla/Svärm, Syre, Brand, Proletären, Internationalen, Parabol, Supermiljöbloggen.
Spooky MG AuthorsAuthors who write spooky books for middle grade (around 8-12 years old). To be added, pls reply to

Also see
KidLit PublishersKidlit/YA Publishers.

Pls note I lack the time to vet every publisher. Do your research, make sure they're legit, check submission guidelines. Don't pitch via Bluesky unless you know it's ok.

More resources:
Orbits on BSky 🌕🏹🚀🐧Welcome all Orbits! This feed should pick up any post about Loona, ARTMS, Loossemble, Chuu, Loona members, and related terms.
(UNTAGGED SEXY WOLF GIRLS WILL NOW BE ADDED TO A MUTELIST TO KEEP THE FEED ON-TOPIC sorry thats just how its gotta be tag your stuff💙)
Céu AzulPosts de Bluesky em português // Bluesky posts in Portuguese212023-07-03T02:33:28.259Z
Roller DerbyA feed for all things Roller Derby

As the community grows, I'd be happy to make feeds for your league, or help you do it yourself
NeverNotRunningDas ist der offizielle Feed zum Nevernotrunning. Tagt eure Posts mit "Nevernotrunning" um eure Beiträge hier erscheinen zu lassen.212023-10-22T15:48:54.749Z
PDXLocal city feed for Portland, OR.212023-08-29T18:34:34.477Z
#ONstorm Your feed for weather in Ontario.
Use #ONstorm on your post to show in the feed. Note the feed will also show any posts with both 'Ontario' + 'tornado' or 'heat warning'.
(A)typical NeurodevResearch on (a)typical neurodevelopment.

Tags: 🧠🌱 | #NeuroDev | #NDD | #(ADHD|ASD|Autism|Aut|IDD|GDD|DLD|TD|Tic|FASD) + research, e.g. "ADHDresearch"

24h sorted by likes, remaining chronologically.
ShittyCameraChallengeA feed for the shitty camera challenge!212023-09-13T14:26:29.514Z
TCMPartyIt's #TCMParty on BlueSky! Tag your posts and add this feed to your account. Pulls both #TCMParty and #NoirAlley hashtags.212023-10-21T02:57:31.794Z
Trans WritersA feed with posts by trans writers. To be featured simply tag your posts #transwriting or #transwriter212023-07-06T09:31:21.458Z
Climate AdaptationClimate adaptation concerns how we're going to live in a changing and changed world and what we can do to ensure a more just and sustainable future. Contribute to the climate adaptation feed by using #adapt in your post.212023-10-22T02:08:33.619Z
Network ScienceLatest posts about network science and surroundings.
Use #NetSci or #NetworkScience to be listed, or just write complex network somewhere
ATC-TauschATC Tausch

ein Feed zum Tauschen von ATC

atc | atctausch | atc-tausch | tausch-atc | artist trading card

Hospice&PalliativeCarePosts about the field of hospice and palliative care (#hapc or hapc), the medical specialty of hospice and palliative medicine (#hpm), #hospice, #palliative care, and pediatric pallitive care (#pedpc or pedpc). Posts from the last 7 days.212023-07-10T03:29:04.612Z
PhotonicsOptics and photonics -- the science of light. If you're a scientist, engineer, student, or hobbyist in the field, you can get added to the list so you can post by msging @mickeykats.bsky.social212023-10-28T20:59:58.946Z
OFMD nsfwfor art tagged #ofmdnsfw212023-07-25T19:33:52.894Z
Pelfies🚽A feed that shows everyone's pelfies212023-10-01T00:38:41.626Z
Horror/Horror AdjacentA feed for horror discussion, horror movies, etc212023-07-03T02:32:03.832Z
OhioTracking "Ohio"
Oh, Darn!Y'all motherfuckers swear like a motherfucker, motherfucker.

[built with]
F1 ÑPost en español de F1
Para no aparecer aquí use:
#noF1 #nofeed #NoF1Ñ
🇪🇸 🇲🇽 🇨🇴 🇦🇷 🇵🇪 🇻🇪 🇨🇱 🇪🇨 🇬🇹 🇨🇺
🇩🇴 🇧🇴 🇭🇳 🇵🇾 🇸🇻 🇳🇮 🇨🇷 🇵🇦 🇺🇾 🇺🇸
Si no aparecen sus post aquí,
avíse al admin y lo intenta arreglar:
24시간 하이라이트지난 24시간 동안의 모든 한국어 포스트를 가장 좋아요가 많이 달린 순으로 정렬합니다.212023-07-20T05:58:16.947Z

Squirrel Glorious squirrels212023-07-09T20:55:37.740Z
Film Photography FILM PHOTOGRAPHY FEED. 📸🎞️
All makes and models welcome! No Digital/AI 🚫
Once added to the Feed, post using the 🎞️ emoji
Discount BooksWho doesn't love a bargain?
Promote your FREE or temporarily DISCOUNTED ebooks here! Tag your post to get into the feed: #discountbooks
(Please don't spam the feed.)
DemoscenePosts related to the demoscene.

Looks for relevant words, URLs, and adds demoscene-only accounts from a list.
SommerhausDeutscher Feed zum Sommerhaus der Stars 2023 auf RTL

Hashtag #Sommerhaus
Disasters: Earthquakes Disaster feed for terms related to earthquakes.202023-07-11T12:15:47.310Z
WorldAnvil WritersA feed for worldbuilders and writers using WorldAnvil! Picks up all mentions of #WorldAnvil, WorldAnvil, or World Anvil.

Created by - let me know if something's broken or needs changing?
Cold BoysFor fans of the hit television series The Terror.

Contact me to request a term be added. Full list of search terms:
Animal Butts!Almost every animal has a butt.

Don't believe me? Well here's an entire thread of animal butts to prove you wrong!

Add #animalbutt to your pics to be included in the feed, and have fun!
Moon PhotosHere's a feed that exists to showcase what the Moon has to offer. All photos that appear here should have the Moon in them. Use #MoonPhotography, #MoonShots or 🌑to appear in the feed. Link
Caribbean Sky 🌺🦎Feed dédié à la Caraïbe !
English, Français, Kréyòl, Español!
Add keyword "Caribbeansky" (double b, with or without #) to display your posts on the feed!
Welcome, bienvenidxs, kontan vwè zòt, bienvenue!
Amazing Digital CircusTHE AMAZING DIGITAL CIRCUS related content.
- Looks for the show name and 'Pomni'
- Does not exclude NSFW or spoilers, check your Moderation settings.
- Disable your language filter to see all content
Interoceptioninteroception, cognition, mind, brain, body (heart - lungs - gastric)+ physiology interactions and well-being, 🧠🫀 ,🧠🫁, brain-immune202023-10-06T11:26:00.789Z
Correio EleganteSkeets do Correio Elegante202023-07-07T23:20:07.620Z
Yaoi - Boys' Love (New)Latest posts about Yaoi (Boys' Love) type keywords in English. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com202023-07-27T10:14:44.428Z
LiteskyComunidad literaria y escritora hispanohablante para hablar de nuestras historias y fangirlear con las de otras personas.202023-09-22T17:28:30.859Z
Ecriture SFFFPour suivre des skeets en français concernant l'écriture dans le domaine de l'imaginaire (SFFF). Pour apparaître ici, ajoutez #EcritureSFFF ou #EcritureImaginaire à vos skeets.202023-08-30T08:31:18.479Z
Lit Journal FeedFeed of literary journals or magazines
Virtual Photography A feed for Virtual Photography
Can add to feed using 🎮📷 emojis or by tagging Virtual Photography or Photomode

This isn't for AI, just video games 🖤
Perimenopause sucks 🥵a list for people who struggle with perimenopause symptoms - you are not alone! - let's share our stories to help each other - use "perimenopause" to add to the feed202023-09-12T08:57:27.860Z
RustlangContent related to Rust programming language202023-08-06T19:00:01.773Z
😎 PV-Buddies ErneuerbareHier geht es primär um Konzentrierte Informationen durch Feed-Filtertechnik, Themen sind ua. Erneuerbare Energie, Klimawende, Solar, PV, etc.

Keywords sind :

für ein Like und Bookmark Bedanke ich mich schonmal ;-D
Art history picsFood for the soul, or something like that202023-07-29T12:11:49.508Z
Pete's ArtfeedThe best place to find and browse all my art posts here in Bluesky!202023-07-25T21:43:12.138Z
vim-japanese日本語で書かれた Vim/Neovim に関する投稿をまとめたものです。 Language が Japanese である Post のうち、以下の単語を含むものを拾います: vim, neovim, nvim, vimrc, vimmer, #vimeditor, ...202023-08-25T11:05:21.975Z
Runa Solaris's art 🌻Thank you for your interest in my art! ^^♥️🌻

✨More links and commission info in my bio ^^ ✨
Hytale Fan ArtAll Hytale Fan Art202023-10-20T14:16:48.439Z
FFXV FanworksTracking #ffxvfic, #ffxvart and #ffxvfanwork202023-08-29T00:06:31.446Z
notes for therapy Ennui Doofen's Posts202023-08-24T16:20:28.725Z
Second-Hand LikesYour most recent liked post's author's likes.202023-07-19T18:11:19.205Z
NUFCImproved NUFC/Newcastle United Football Club Feed.202023-10-20T14:42:28.857Z
Hell Ya FeedHell ya202023-07-03T02:28:23.491Z
SVSSSPlace for all things SVSSS related whether that be manhua, books, or the anime! Shit posts are also welcome~

here might be NSFW!
MHA + BkDkBkPosts & replies with MHA, My Hero Academia, Boku no Hero Academia, but none of my NOTPs (it's nothing personal, just wanna curate my feed :>)202023-10-12T20:09:03.051Z
#GOPDepate#GOPDebate - all posts/replies, by most recent, with #GOPDebate so people can follow the Republican 2024 Presidential Debates. Creator of feed fucking hates them all, this is not an endorsement, fuck those fascist bigots. (yeah its spelled wrong, not worth my time to fix)202023-08-24T01:13:17.526Z
micronouvelleles micronouvelles c'est ici202023-08-25T16:30:51.315Z
Comicsall the comics i've posted on bluesky!202023-07-24T19:47:24.443Z
ADHD FeedA feed of ADHD posts (a work in progress)202023-07-04T13:37:18.520Z
AppleEDUsammelt alles zu #appleedu|#ipadinschule|#ipadedu202023-09-10T20:25:06.942Z
FanslyFansly feed #fansly202023-07-14T04:12:44.847Z
MicrosoftEDU MS365EDUSammelt alles zu MS365 / catches everything about MS365 #OneNote #MSTeams #MicrosoftEDU #MIEEXPERT202023-09-10T20:56:56.316Z
Cannabis DEDeutsche Posts (inkl. Antworten) rund um das Thema Cannabis im weitesten Sinne.

Sortierung chronologisch (neuste zuerst)

Suchbegriffe z.B.:
Weedmob, Hanf, Cannabis, Legalisierung, Entkriminalisierung, Prohibition, CSC, 420, THC, CBD, Joint, Vaporizer, Edibles, LegalizeIt, 🥦, Haschisch, Kiffen usw.
EishockeyDas deutschsprachige Eishockey in einem Feed.202023-10-29T21:20:12.319Z
Abolish NYPD 🐷Including mentions of "nypd" or "rikers" in post text, image alt text, and links202023-10-27T14:07:50.623Z
Hunter's GuildWelcome to the Hunter's Guild, Hunter! This is where you will find posts related to Monster Hunter. If you want your post to appear here, just mention Monster Hunter! Keep it polite, folks- we Hunters must be kind and courteous to our fellow Hunters.202023-07-10T21:29:49.808Z
#IchBinArmutsbetroffenSolidarische Bewegung #IchBinArmutsbetroffen
[email protected]
GoatskyFor discussion or photos or whathaveyou about actual goats. No metaphorical goats such as sports figures. Just include 🐐🌤️ in your skeet. That's the Goat emoji and any of the Sun Behind Cloud emojis.202023-09-13T00:50:21.563Z
TennisSkyAll things tennis. Use #TennisSky or 🎾 to add individual posts.202023-08-24T15:18:11.379Z
antifa or anarch, DElast 7d, original GERMAN posts containing "antifa" or "anarch", not reposts

anarchismAn anarchist feed.

(if you have suggestions on RegEx or hacks to this feed, feel free to tag me and I'll update the feed)
ECLECTIC 🎪Eclectic feed filled with a mix of mostly 20th century artefacts.202023-10-15T11:06:18.750Z
Seattle bbsFriends in seattle! Tag to join the feed / list.

Don't be WEIRD!! i will YEET YOU!!
MLSPosts about MLS and MLS clubs.202023-10-21T18:26:15.711Z
Agora PTPosts dos últimos 7 dias com a hashtag #AgoraPT202023-07-30T13:31:20.962Z
Poésie Pour suivre les posts en lien avec la poésie, les poèmes, les poétesses et les poètes de bluesky et d'ailleurs202023-09-22T03:14:40.897Z
project sekaia feed that scans every post and image alt text from the past 7 days for prsk/pjsk related keywords202023-08-01T06:15:26.256Z
Experimental & Ambient 🎶Skeets about experimental, ambient music and all in between //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com202023-08-02T12:11:16.796Z
One PieceFor all things "One Piece"... though things might slip by.202023-07-24T14:51:13.309Z
inked and piercedA feed for people with tattoos and piercings just use #pierced or #inked for your picture to be in the feed202023-07-08T21:00:01.825Z
GODBIRD「ART」godbird, but just the art 💫202023-07-24T19:41:39.149Z
Disasters: Smoke Disaster feed for terms related to smoke and poor air quality caused by smoke.202023-07-11T12:04:24.719Z
La Playlist Féministe Une playlist avec des voix de femmes uniquement202023-10-28T20:20:37.411Z
ArknightsFeed for anything Arknights related! Use: Arknights, アークナイツ, 明日方舟, or 명일방주 in text or alt texts and your post shall appear!192023-09-14T13:49:18.387Z
ComputationalPskychiatryCustom feed about all things related to computational psychiatry!

Use hashtags: #computationalpsychiatry #comppsychiatry #computationalpskychiatry #comppskychiatry #cpsy #compsy #cpconf
Urban SketchingTracking "Urban Sketching", "#UrbanSketching"
Apex LegendsA feed for Apex Legends in Bluesky. Use #ApexLegends to be included.192023-08-21T12:21:15.404Z
Second Life (Historical)A feed for Second Life users! Tag your post with #secondlife to get it to show up here!192023-07-30T03:08:58.690Z
Game Art / DevGame art and development feed looking at environment art, prop art, character art, along with industry standard software tools and processes!192023-09-25T21:17:10.338Z
wildflowerhourWild and naturalised flowers you find from across Britain and Ireland in the last week. Use #wildflowerhour so everyone in the #wildflowerhour community can see your finds!192023-09-22T17:15:30.810Z
Weed Timelast 24h weed time pics192023-10-05T20:54:59.111Z
Memorial DeviceTracking "Memorial Device", "Marquee Moon", "MDANT"
ART🎨Modern Art, Fine Art, Classical Art.192023-10-18T19:16:03.948Z
FurryWritingPosts that contain mentions of furry writers and their possible links.

Suzanne 🌑✨ Art FeedAll my drawings! Sometimes nsfw192023-07-06T17:26:50.746Z
underratedreply to posts that didn't get the love that they deserved with "underrated" and they'll appear here192023-09-03T19:07:12.385Z
Comic TalkThe feed to talk about comic books, manga, webcomics, and comic strips. No AI!192023-07-05T23:16:55.807Z
Blender ArtBlender art feed. Essentially just looks for the word Blender for all your 3D modeling fun!192023-07-29T19:07:11.538Z
lav pics192023-07-03T00:30:00.097Z
Queer History 🌈🗃️Tracking "#queerhistory", "#lgbtqhistory", "🌈🗃️"
Miscreants 😈Skeets from all the troublemakers of the Miscreants stream team! Contains a mix of SFW and NSFW content.192023-10-21T21:40:13.222Z
인.형.좋.아#bjd #구체관절인형 #스딩 #엠딩 #유딩 #오비츠11 #넨비츠 #넨도 #엠디디 #디디 #블라이스 #브라이스
#솜인형 #솜깅 #누이구루미 #무뉴
원하는 태그 있으시면 멘션주세요
South Asian StudiesA feed for academics, think tankers, researchers, journalists, and observers talking about or sharing their research on South Asian politics, history, culture, geography, environment, etc. Use southasiasky, desisky, or southasiastudies192023-09-25T19:43:28.353Z
JK ShowFeed mit Posts und Replys, die die üblichen Joko und Klaas Show-Hashtags enthalten192023-10-15T10:07:38.359Z
Förderschule/Sonderpädaalles rund um Förderschule192023-09-23T20:12:40.159Z
AT ProtocolPosts related to the protocol. Powered by The AT Protocol SDK for Python192023-07-20T08:17:40.497Z
OceanSkeets with ocean content: pictures, images, art, scientific information, etc.
Includes ALT text.
Hashtags & keywords #ocean, #meer, #sea, #meermittwoch, #meerliebe, #oceanart, #coastal, #seascape, #beachhouseart, #sailboat, #beachart, #strandkorb, #beach, #seacoast, #sharktober, #treibgut
SozenbandeEin Feed der Sozenbande - kein Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit sry. Melde dich für die Aufnahne.
Erstellt und gepflegt by
in my CKsphotos matching on

calvins|calvin klein|calvinklein|calvinkleinbabe
Decision Making192023-09-22T08:43:41.323Z
QIAPITOfficial feed for QIAPIT by @QIAwards.
bluesky GER allrandom beliebt letzte 12h random sortiert
[sehr niedrige repost/like-Hürde]
FujiFeedThis is a Fujifilm related photography feed. It mainly includes posts containing the words "Fujifilm", "Fuji X", "Fujinon" or "Fujix" (case insensitive).192023-08-12T16:14:52.532Z
FishSkyThe bluesky community for the fish and fisheries sciences & related biological, social science, and trans-disciplinary scholarship
Feed hashtag: #FishSky
CriminologyA feed for criminology and penology - for academics and people interested in this sort of scholarship. Tag posts with "criminology" or "penology". Ask and he will try to add you! #criminology #crimsky192023-09-24T18:01:46.522Z
PaleontologyTracking "paleontology", "paleozoic", "mesozoic"
WebcomicsWebcomics feed!

You can also use the following two emojis (together) to appear on the feed: 🕸️💥
Everything BIG 💦🔞Like to see very BIG things~?! 👀💦
Like and pin this feed ✨

⬇ Use these tags to be showen in feed ⬇
#Growth #Macro #MacroFurry #SizeDiff
#Hyper #HyperGrowth #Inflation #MacroMonday
🚌Limbus+ Posts종종 서버가 불안정합니다.
림버스 피드 안내문:
#KidLitArtRecent posts on Bluesky with #KidLitArt hashtag. Related feeds to check out:
Also see @KellieNicely's opt-in KidLitArt feed:
@GinaPerry's #KidLitArtpostcard feed, @CharleneChua's #KidLitArt feed.
Schweiz NewsSchweizer Journalist*innen und Medien192023-10-05T06:38:10.893Z
☠️Kissinger☠️every post/reply with the word "kissinger" and some reference to death or dying192023-10-09T23:28:15.596Z
🔞Furries of Color🔞BIPOC furs feed for 18+ content! 🔞Nude, Lewds, Art etc!🔞
Tags: #FOCnsfw #FOC18+#BIPOCnsfw #pocpup
Trans UKA feed of UK trans people on Bluesky, tag to get your account added or have individual posts appear on the feed by using the hashtag #transUK192023-08-24T17:42:07.204Z
The Wine feed🍷All about Wine 🍷192023-10-24T07:47:04.786Z
ChinaChina related news and chat, broadly defined, mostly English language. includes Hong Kong, Taiwan, and diaspora stuff. don't @ me.192023-09-07T02:35:22.465Z
#PowerBIA feed to find all #PowerBI members and posts! //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com192023-08-19T09:48:41.361Z
#ExWaldi#ExWaldi Feed.
Ehemalige Waldorfschüle*innen betrachten kritisch das antroposophische Weltbild.
trannyapolis and st.dolllocal dolls and friends192023-08-06T16:22:41.655Z
From the Top Rope!Tracking "from the top rope"
AuDHDAggregates posts related to AuDHD, autism, and ADHD. I've tried to make it SFW.192023-07-24T04:26:41.266Z
Letterboxd 🟠🟢🔵A feed for all Letterboxd reviews or usernames. Can be used in conjunction with the "🎥" feed.192023-07-14T21:19:29.103Z
CWC23This is a feed for the 2023 ODI cricket world cup192023-09-20T13:50:28.825Z
Plant Science JobsFeed to compile Plant Science Job Adverts. Plant Jobs Agriculture Jobs Plant Biology Jobs. Postdoc jobs PhD positions... Tags: #PlantScienceJobs|#PlantSciJobs|#AcademicPlantJobs|#AgJobs|#AgricultureJobs|#AcademicAg|#AcademicAgJobs192023-10-19T15:49:39.727Z
toki pona lon sewi lasoPosts in toki pona!192023-07-27T01:43:31.595Z
Ukraine🇺🇦a custom feed tuned to follow the latest development in Ukraine192023-08-13T17:07:04.484Z
Art and DesignArtists, Crafts, and Design the world should see.

artisan | painting | sketch | graphic | illustrator
designer | creative arts | pottery | drawing
jewelry | original content | sculpture | beauty
Alt TextPosts with images with alt text. (excluding replies and quotes)192023-07-04T01:42:09.883Z
JRPGsA simple feed that looks for any mention of "JRPG" plus a few other game-specific keywords.192023-07-08T05:44:56.792Z
CaturdayAll posts with #caturday hashtag in text or alt-text192023-09-23T19:56:18.823Z
فارسینمایش پست‌های کاربران بلواسکای فارسی

• برای نمایش پست‌های خود در این فید، باید post language خود را بر روی Persian قرار دهید.

• جهت حمایت از فید فارسی آنرا لایک کنید ♥️

A feed of all posts from authors in the Persian language cluster / Farsi / parsi /پارسی / FA /پرشین / ایران / Iran /
Video Game JournalismA feed of and for video game journalists. Work in progress192023-07-28T04:39:52.976Z
dotnet todaydotnet posts from the last week192023-09-11T08:36:47.098Z
#GoDucksFeed of posts containing #GoDucks, Oregon Ducks, and other keywords. Now includes the emoji combo 🦆🏈.192023-10-16T20:53:43.791Z
abortion / repro rightsthis feed highlights content regarding abortion / reproductive rights192023-08-08T00:37:38.151Z
Veganer AktivismusWillkommen im VeganerAktivismus Feed! 🌱

Entdecke hier inspirierende Geschichten, Tipps für vegane Lebensweise und Aktionen für Tier- und Umweltschutz.

Sei Teil der Bewegung für eine nachhaltige Zukunft! 💚

Schlüsselwörter: VeganAktivismus, VeganerAktivismus, VeganActivism
MemeMijeden Mittwoch MemeMania,
Memes bis der Arzt kommt

alles mit: Meme Mittwoch, Mememittwoch, Meme-Mittwoch, #mememittwoch
Actualités FRLes dernières actualités françaises généralistes partagées sur Bluesky.182023-08-21T21:42:21.904Z
NWAV51A feed for NWAV51—New Ways of Analyzing Variation—a sociolinguistics conference at Queens College, October 13–15, 2023 (include term NWAV51 or NWAV)182023-10-13T03:14:59.002Z
Kingdom Hearts FeedA Kingdom Hearts Feed182023-07-25T17:16:32.711Z
ImmersiveA feed for immersive topics, including escape rooms, LARP, Sleep No More, and theme parks182023-07-13T21:52:12.631Z
AusPolJournalists, editors, commentators and columnists who cover Australian politics.182023-07-26T03:35:27.718Z
Jaws' ArtA feed with my work182023-07-31T12:49:01.207Z
DiveSky 🤿🌊Everything related to underwater diving! All scuba and free diving related topics welcome! Reply below to be added as a contributor to this feed. This feed will catch all posts tagged with 🤿(diving mask), 🌊(water wave), #scuba, #freedive, #diving, or #divesky. Happy diving!182023-08-26T23:48:22.925Z
Rev Indpt JournalistsA curated feed following favored independent journalists' top-level posts.
(Open to suggestions for additions to the group.) // Made at
What's AlfTop trending content about the titular character of the TV show ALF.182023-07-02T23:59:30.708Z
LalaskyA feed for Lalafell players, rpers and gposers to find each other. This will pick up any post with #lalafell182023-08-12T18:30:49.401Z
Time for NiceThis feed gives every damn skeet with 68 likes for the last Week. Or it SHOULD. It isn't perfect, but it's here!182023-09-02T15:47:43.211Z
Actualités du QuébecLes actualités des médias du Québec ⚜️ en Français 🇫🇷.
Le Devoir, Radio-Canada, La Presse et Le Journal de Montréal. // Made at
Progressive VictoryPosts from all your friends in Progressive Victory182023-08-14T03:02:23.155Z
Miniatures Just smol things we paint. 🎨🖌️

Picks up posts with #miniatures from the last week in post date order.
Ireland Shows posts that contain the hashtags #ireland #gaeilge - Plus a selection of Irish accounts covering news, environment, art, history, science, our housing crisis, health, UI & much else 🇮🇪 // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com182023-10-10T17:26:58.819Z
SharkipediaDas unglaublich spannende, allumfassende und ständig erweiterte Kompendium der Haie dieser Welt (und anderer Welten).182023-10-03T07:45:05.269Z
Twitch LinksWant to see people who stream on Twitch? Check out this feed!182023-07-03T02:24:51.891Z
MÖRKTOBERFeed of all mentions of MÖRKTOBER. Each day in October, make something for MÖRK BORG inspired by the prompt list and share it. Tag it #MÖRKTOBER.182023-09-01T14:47:27.527Z
Потрібна підтримкаГештеґ #потрібнапідтримка182023-08-11T19:22:09.540Z
NASCARBluesky hub for NASCAR182023-07-03T01:22:36.423Z
Lucifer Netflix 📺😈What is it you truly desire? A Bsky feed for our crime-solving Devil, Lucifer Morningstar, and his Detective.

To add your skeets to this devilish feed use:
"📺😈" (no quotes)
one of these words: lucifan, deckerstar, lucifermorningstar, lucifernetflix, tomellis, laurengerman
Drag RaceA feed of all things Drag Race. Start your engines... and may the best drag queen win! #DragRace 🏁👠182023-07-05T22:54:38.941Z
History of AfricaA curated feed to discuss any issues/research/teaching pertaining to the history of Africa. Please ask me ( to be added to the feed list. Then you can post to the feed by using the keyword "afrihistosky" (not case sensitive).182023-10-02T08:40:59.530Z
OpenSciArtThe most complete Bluesky feed for #sciart #scienceartists. 🐬 We embrace all artists. All are welcome! Just tag your work with #sciart or similar tags. V2 online! Blocks all sales.
#pyöräilytaivas 🚲Pyöräilyn oma taivasfeedi. Tarttuu postauksiin, joista löytyy #pyöräilytwitter, #pyöräilytaivas tai #pyöräily tagi tai *suomenkielisiin* postauksiin, joissa esiintyy 🚲-emojii!

Kehitysehdotuksia? Laita viestä!
🇺🇦 Топ-100 за місяцьТоп-100 постів за минулий місяць. Оновлення щоночі.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Cafe Dot FeedDisplays all posts containing #cafedot182023-09-26T23:51:10.758Z
Writerly &Authorly PostsA bustling feed of writerly and authorly posts and reposts (no replies for accesibility) containing 'writers' and or 'athors' and or any form of the word 'writing' (WritingCommunity/ AmWriting etc -not case sensitive).182023-10-07T12:18:26.208Z
JazzAaro DrawsJazzAaro's art gallery182023-10-06T10:44:13.849Z
美術部-art club-美術部-art club-のフィードです。
[美術部] [美術][artclub]
🥚Japanese Eggs🥚a feed of delicious Japanese food featuring eggs182023-10-19T08:13:53.802Z
Marina Dove Gallery182023-07-31T16:57:31.175Z
#sandwichcircleliterally any post that mentions a sandwich

#sandwichcircle is back baby!!
music hashtagsFeed sammelt
Nonprofit StudiesA feed for nonprofit studies research and discussion. For academics and people who want to follow scholarship, not general discussion/rants/etc. Ask to be added. Tag posts with "nonprofitsky" or 🤝182023-09-21T01:11:24.078Z
SozibubbleDieser Feed sammelte alle Skeets der letzten 7 Tage die das Wort oder den Hashtag Sozibubble enthalten.

Antworten sind der Übersichtlichkeit halber nicht enthalten.
My arta feed of just my art posts or for prints & donations
11'sPosts with 11 likes that you can send to Whats Hot Classic182023-07-03T04:18:26.351Z
Yuzuru HanyuA feed to collect posts mentioning Yuzuru Hanyu and Fanyus. Looks through posts and IMG alt text.

It does not look for terms related to figure skating or other skaters. It also won't catch 'Yuzu'.
What's RepostedFrequently reposted posts from the whole network182023-08-30T15:13:12.264Z
Fantasy ArtAnything tagged #fantasyart will show up here in order of creation date.182023-07-25T20:38:22.747Z
Motorsports 🛞A curated feed of motorsports posts on Bluesky that include the 🛞,🏁, or 🏎️ emojis.182023-10-03T22:34:51.678Z
Türkçe AnasayfaTurkish Timeline182023-07-06T13:19:45.965Z
Edmonton OilersEdmonton Oilers feed including Edmonton Oilers, The Oilers, #LetsGoOilers, the full names of all current players/coaches/retired numbers, the 🛢️🏒 emojis, and more. If posts that should be here aren't or are here but shouldn't be let me know @jdepstein.bsky.social182023-09-21T15:53:43.766Z
Movies 🎬Posts about movies, recommendations, and quotes. You need to use 🎬 emoji to be featured in the feed! Flag for questions.182023-07-03T01:04:25.836Z
Kinky Blue SkyThis one contains any posts with one or more of the following Hashtags mentioned in this post:
STLA feed for St. Louis skeets & reskeets. Keywords this feed picks up on include: St. Louis, Weather, Sports. Tag with other topics you'd like to see in the feed!182023-08-05T15:54:32.045Z
Caniacs of BlueskyCarolina Hurricanes fans (all posts, no replies).

To be addeded/removed or to suggest changes, contact or email [email protected]
WGA/SAG StrikeThis feed filters for WGA & SAGAFTRA strike related posts. Use the same hashtags as elsewhere to guarantee your posts show up...

WGAStrong, SAGAFTRAStrong, WGAStrike, SAGAFTRAStrike
Animal & Wildlife Art 🐅Animal Art & Wildlife Art & Artists
(Not specifically furry/anthropomorphic)

Feed grabs from an abuncance of tags & words in posts & alt text. To make sure your art is shared here add #animalart to your post.

Please tap the heart ❤️ when following to boost this feed so more can find it!
#InformatikEDUFür einen Gedanken-, Meinungs- und Materialaustausch. Ganz im Sinne unseres ehemaligen EduTwitter ...182023-09-15T08:26:13.024Z
#EduSHder Feed sammelt alles zum Thema Bildung und Schule in Schleswig-Holstein (#EduSH)182023-10-14T11:00:35.041Z
Fashion History 🪡Sourcing fashion and textile history. Pulls in recent posts with the word "ThreadTalk" or hashtags/phrases #ladysmag #FashionHistory #VintageFashion #DressHistory, etc
Please contact about adding more!
Animexx Community FeedUnsere Community – alles, was mit Anime, Manga, Cosplay, japanischer Kultur, Fanart, Fanfiction und allem drum herum zu tun hat!

Beispiele: #animexx #connichi #animuc

Vorschläge für Suchwörter oder interessante Accounts werden entgegen genommen ;)
🇸🇪 Skeets in Swedishthis feed tries to identify skeets written in Swedish and collect them in a single feed182023-08-01T11:14:36.050Z
Vote BluePosts with #Resist, #Resisters or #VoteBlue appear in this feed182023-09-26T13:22:13.520Z
Littérature jeunessePour lire sur la littérature jeunesse, découvrir de nouveaux titres...182023-09-23T14:54:53.840Z
PolSky · #polskyUS Politics News, Discussions, and More.

Use #polsky to be featured in feed
Century Club 💯🏆most recent skeets to hit 100 likes182023-07-06T19:01:45.184Z
Blender 3DAny post that mentions Blender, the 3D software. Includes any mention of terms such as blender3d, b3d, geometry nodes, etc.

Avoids anything related to blender as a kitchen item, but some slip through.
#укркосплейфід де зібрані усі пости з ґештегом #укркосплей

feed with post from Ukranian coplayers
art accountsart accounts that I've found over here. if you have an account suggestion, please tell me so I can add to the list!182023-07-05T01:11:35.457Z
TASKMASTERPosts about the BEST Marvel Comics character of them all: TASKMASTER 💀🤍💙🧡

( to have your post included)
水族館日本の水族館。(Japanese Aquarium)182023-10-24T07:10:35.875Z
#GMS-FeedFeed zur Gemeinschaftsschule

Sammelt Posts mit
tummy tuesday a feed for tummy tuesday182023-08-22T15:44:43.189Z
golangfeed about Go language182023-07-23T09:19:13.236Z
WIP Prompts ✍Tracking any # that encourages writer engagement and talking about their WIPs.

Tracking: WIPSnips WIPWednesday LateNightWrite FinishUrBookFall
BlackSkyFR SuperFeed 🛖🇫🇷Bienvenue sur BlackSkyFR, le feed des noirs de France et du monde francophone!

BlackSkyFR SuperFeed regroupe les 2 feeds de la communauté : Les palabres (les sujets qui intéressent la communauté) & le village (les profils des "villageois").

Like et partage les 3 feeds, et participe! 🖤
#BlueLeitoresPTBem-vindos à comunidade de leitores portugueses da BlueSky. Para partilharem a vossa leitura basta acrescentar #BlueLeitoresPT no vosso post. Toda a comunidade lusófona é bem-vinda.182023-09-15T18:45:29.490Z
Old School Runescape#osrs guarantees your post on the feed, amongst other osrs related keywords.182023-09-06T18:24:11.220Z
GPOYWgratuitous picture of yourself Wednesday

Made popular on Tumblr.
Looking for a new life on BlueSky
JJBA Feed 17 days worth of JJBA / Jojo's Bizarre Adventure posts.

SFW and NSFW. no exclusions or muted words.

*can contain error posts.
**New feed to allow doomscrolling in progress.
Disasters: FloodingThis disaster communications feed captures all Bluesky posts related to flooding.182023-07-11T11:45:32.464Z
(f)NIRS Research ✴️🧠NIRS, fNIRS & fNIRS hyperscanning posts on BlueSky! Add #NIRS, #fNIRS, #fNIRShyper or ✴️🧠to your post for it to appear in this feed.172023-10-29T15:01:06.940Z
All Dune, All DayA place for all my selfies, lewds, and memes. In randomized order, because why not.172023-07-17T10:37:36.200Z
Canadian Kidlit CreatorsCanadian kidlit authors and illustrators. To be added to this list, pls reply to this post:

More resources:
BoardgameAll about Boardgames172023-09-24T22:14:47.793Z
Agri-Env EconA list on posts related to environmental and agricultural economics. Posts on environmental psychology are welcome, as well

Tag = #envecon | #agriecon or #agecon | #envpsy
Oil Painting 🎨A feed full of lovely oil paintings to inspire you! 🎨 No AI or digital. Got some oil painting to share? To get your post on this feed, please use #oilpainting or oil painting / oil on ...172023-10-27T10:50:57.496Z
1.FC Kaiserslauternder Betze Feed
hier sind alle Posts drin wo der #betze drin vorkommt
What's Hot Top trending content from the whole network172023-07-28T20:58:03.375Z
Resident EvilEverything Resident Evil on Bluesky.

May contain 18+ content. Discretion is advised.
Krystal's Albums OTDThis is a feed of all of my Album Of The Day posts!172023-07-17T17:47:34.852Z
Swordtember!All mentions of "swordtember" with or without the hashtag, in chronological order.172023-09-01T18:12:59.188Z
Plant ImmunityFeed to collect all plant pathology/immunity posts. Tags: #PlantPathology|#PlantDisease|#PlantImmunity|#PlantEvoMPMI|#MPMI|#PlantPathogen|#Phytophthora|#Fusarium|#Magnaporthe|#xanthomonas|#RustFungi|#planthealth|#Botrytis|#PlantParasite|#PlantParasitism|#Striga|#Cuscuta|#Orobanche172023-09-22T12:30:06.987Z
💦 CumI'm gonna-172023-07-03T01:12:28.167Z
klasseKunstHashtag #klasseKunst
includes ALT
Too Much Bama In 'EmMostly University of Alabama football, with random Bama talk thrown in.

Use Bama, #bama, or 🐘🏈 in post to be included

RTR y'all.
A.I.Tracking "A.I.", "artificial intelligence", "machine learning"
Cielibro/LiteskyPosts en castellano sobre literatura que contengan las palabras #cielibros o #litesky172023-09-25T22:14:30.058Z
차(茶)차(茶) 피드입니다.
Twitch streaming FRUn flux des publications françaises qui incluent un lien récent vers un stream sur Twitch pour découvrir de nouveaux streamers et streameuses172023-08-19T11:11:26.346Z
baby modefor the littles, middles, and babies!

terms for inclusion: ddlg, abdl, cgl, mdlb, mdlg, ddlb, babyfur, 🧸🍼
GronkhTVJust a simple list for posts with #GronkhTV so you can have a feed for the German creator and entertainer Gronkh.172023-09-24T16:43:15.025Z
Cognitiona feed for cognition and these hashtags

Cheminots & Trains 🇫🇷🇧🇪🇨🇦🇨🇭🚂Bienvenue sur le Cheminofeed, un Custom Feed dédié au ferroviaire francophone.
- Il fonctionne par mot-clé basé sur le champ lexical du chemin de fer ainsi que des termes cheminots français dans les posts et ALT.
- SNCF, SNCB, CFL, CFF et tout autre chemin de fer francophone.
- MaJ régulière !
StarfieldPosts about Starfield. Starfieldに関するポストです。
Photo Les Yeux FermésFeed du concours #photolesyeuxfermes172023-10-18T17:24:13.656Z
SJSharksA feed for San Jose Sharks hockey talk172023-07-26T16:39:00.555Z
#ErinnerungskulturDer Feed sammelt Beiträge zum Thema #Erinnerungskultur und #Geschichtskultur, um eine zeitgemäße Form des Erinnerns zur Stärkung der Demokratie zu unterstützen.172023-10-14T11:07:49.988Z
Xenobluesky ChroniclesInterlink with this feed to see the hottest sparkin' Xenoblade posts! May include spoilers for Xeno games.
Use "Xenoblade" or "Xenoseries" in your post to be included.
BooktoberHere you'll find all posts containing the word "Booktober".

Hier findet ihr alle Posts, die das Wort "Booktober" enthalten.
KidLit/YA PodcastersPodcasters, YouTubers etc who talk about kidlit & YA books. To be added to this feed, see

Also see
이래 봬도 애주가입니다술을 마신 날이라면 기록해봅시다!172023-07-11T10:43:03.134Z
Classic RockClassic rock bands, musicians, tracks, albums, history etc.172023-10-13T21:03:22.503Z
Critical Role SpoilersA feed of posts talking about Critical Role spoilers!
Something not working? Reach out to
To use, add "critical role spoiler" or #critrolespoiler to your posts.
embroidery& cross stitchimages with embroidery or cross stitch in the caption172023-08-07T23:03:01.510Z
#TeachEconpost with
WormFeedFeed of posts with #Celegans, "C. elegans" or "Caenorhabditis"172023-09-24T19:21:15.529Z
CraftSky📸CraftSky feed but only posts with pictures.172023-07-06T23:28:06.063Z
Figure SkatingFor all discussion related to the sport of figure skating.

Simply use the ⛸️ emoji in your post and it will show up in this feed.
What's LukewarmNot too hot, not too cold. Just right (and SFW). By an author you probably don't follow.172023-07-04T17:59:14.287Z
GenArtA feed curating all posts that contain 'genart' or a derivative of it.172023-07-04T14:10:33.306Z
Knitting with me뜨개🐑🧶👕172023-10-27T05:31:49.703Z
Dimileth 5everA Dimileth-only feed (includes all variations and dynamics of Dimileth)!

May contain NSFW content.
WV PostersWest Virginia locals and expats! Opt-in feed, tag to be added to the list172023-08-07T03:14:24.647Z
WalesContent posted about Wales, UK.172023-07-03T00:16:43.820Z
#teammothTracking "#teammoth", "team moth"
YotePostsA feed based on all coyote mentions in posts and alt text. My contain NSFW.172023-08-27T13:36:08.750Z
ProteomicSky-HotCollecting the mass spec-based proteomics related hashtags #proteomics #MassSpec #TeamMassSpec, "proteomics", and even 💪⚖️.

Feed algo is last 3 days sorted by likes.
Israel-Palestine RelatedA feed for bringing attention on Israel-Palestine conflict. (Work In Progress)172023-10-20T05:12:12.630Z
Reproductive HealthTracking "reprosky"
#bibliosky og #arkivskyBibliofeed og Arkivfeed for og om biblioteker, arkiv, bibliotekarer og arkivarer. Og andre nørds som elsker bibliotek og arkiv.

Bruk #bibliosky og #arkivsky for å havne i feeden.
Australian MediaFeed of journalists and others working in and around the Australian media. Message to get added!172023-09-22T06:26:50.436Z
HELLUVA BOSSCustom feed for HelluvaBoss fans! Stuff included are Helluva Boss, Blitzo, Fizzarolli, Robo Fizz/RoboFizz, HelluvaBossOC, ImpSona, Beelzebub, Chazwick Thurman, Stolitz and Stolas172023-08-04T08:50:08.825Z
The South SideThis is a feed of all the South Side vtubers/creators!172023-10-02T05:47:29.654Z
ARMORED CORE\bAC6\b|\bARMORED CORE\b|アーマード・+コア172023-08-30T04:17:33.189Z
YEG EdmontonTracking "YEG", "YEGwx", "YEGcc"
WxSkyReliable experts in meteorology, climate, risk management, and disaster response and recovery, primarily focused on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts (hurricanes).172023-09-01T23:55:52.530Z
ValveplugNSFW Transformers art. Use tag #valveplug172023-09-26T01:57:45.183Z
GamingJoin the vibrant gaming community on Bluesky. Share your thoughts, insights, and experiences with fellow gamers as you explore the captivating world of gaming. From nostalgic retro titles to cutting-edge releases.172023-08-08T22:58:06.578Z
Guild ElevenGuild Eleven is a small group of creative friends! Find their posts here.172023-10-10T01:36:56.395Z
GBStudioGBStudio community - pixelart, indiedev and gameboy!

TIP: Go to Settings --> Content Languages and uncheck all for more posts!
manga animetest feed:

mit dem Rad zur Arbeit
The Yakubian Yearsa feed that keeps track of posts related to the podcast "the yakubian years"172023-10-29T21:17:48.931Z
Behinderung & AbleismusHallo liebe Crip Bubble!

Dieser Feed beinhaltet alles,
was zum Thema Behinderung, Ableismus, chronische Erkrankungen & Intersektionalität gehört & in der deutschen Community dazu zu finden ist.

So wird Vernetzung einfacher!

Der Algorithmus beinhaltet nahezu alle Wortsammlungen zum Thema.

Mike's ArtsAssorment of art posts of mine, are not in chronological order due to most being reposts.172023-10-29T19:56:55.867Z
PinfsKochstudioHier findest du tolle Rezepte, Tipps und Tricks aus der Küche. Kochen für den kleinen Geldbeutel.172023-10-11T17:43:07.367Z
ARTkapatsyunya малюночки комаріка172023-08-09T19:37:57.700Z
Travel LoversCalling all travel lovers of Bluesky! Use #travel, #travellovers or #lovetravel to share your tips, photos, videos, blogs, vlogs, inspirations and memories of your travels around the world and connect with other travelers!172023-08-20T14:02:16.673Z
Collage Art & Artists ✂️an attempt to get as close to a pure feed of collage art & artists as possible using increasingly convoluted regex. anti-AI/NFT. improvement suggestions welcome! (updated 10/13)172023-10-13T19:58:55.536Z
Libri 🇮🇹Un feed per libri e letteratura in lingua italiana

Tag: #libri #leggere
Jeux-vidéoFeed francophone consacré au jeu video.

➡️ Utilisez 🎮 ou #jv pour être sûr·e que vos posts soient repris ici.
➡️ Le feed réagit également à un certain nombre de mots-clé.
➡️ Dernière mise à jour : 25/09/2023
🇺🇦🐱Українські кицьки і котики. Іноді щось ще.
Додайте до фотографії 🐱, щоб потрапити в фід

Ukrainian cats ❤️
Supernatural FanartA feed for Supernatural gen and destiel fanart from the last 7 days. Tracks #spnfanart, #spnart, #destielfanart, #destielart, #deanwinchesterart, #castielart (excludes everything tagged/mentioned as wincest).172023-10-26T16:37:17.078Z
Tortie & Calico CatsJust tortoiseshell and calico cat photos, I hope. Will try to moderate it when I can. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com172023-08-23T12:30:57.285Z
Non-D&D TTRPGsNon-D&D TTRPGs, including:

- Blades in the Dark
- Call of Cthulhu
- Candela Obscura
- Dungeon Crawl Classics
- Dungeon World
- Knave
- Pathfinder
- Powered by the Apocalypse
- Old School Renaissance
- Shadowdark
- Starfinder
- Traveller
- Vampire: the Masquerade

Among others.
Gaming ProfessionalsA feed for professionals in all gaming and esports related fields to come together in this vast Blue Sky! (Under Construction- parden the dust!)172023-07-04T14:29:18.398Z
Digital ArtThis is the feed for everyone who loves digital art.
To appear in the feed just add #digitalart or emoji 💻🎨
PROMOTEDFeed de fausses pubs
Sur une idée de
WochendaufgabeMoin zum Feed der Wochendaufgabe 🫶🤘
Ihr seid willkommen!
Toronto Blue JaysJays feed including all mentions of the team name, NextLevel, names of all players on the 40-man/level of excellence/manager/GM/President and more172023-10-04T14:33:54.447Z
WishlistsFeed of all wishlists posted in the last 7 days172023-10-05T20:14:56.226Z
Kink Corner 🖤🔞🤍 Latex 🤍 Rubber 🤍 Goo 🤍 Nulges 🤍 Pooltoys 🤍 Tentacles

⬇ Use these tags to be showen in feed ⬇
#LatexTF #LatexFur #RubberFur #GooTF #Goopy #Gooey #Nulge #Pooltoy #Tentacles #Symbiote
Trending Deutsch172023-10-22T09:22:50.790Z
✨️Undertale Content✨️Just a place to find all general Undertale/Deltarune content! Be it canon or AU162023-07-30T14:37:44.408Z
acab includesevery "acab includes..." joke162023-07-06T03:40:45.417Z
Steddie FansA feed for those who want to be in touch with fans of the Steddie ship (Steve Harrington/Eddie Munson from Stranger Things). To be added or deleted from the feed contact //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-08-30T12:49:00.782Z
Journalists of BlueskyA feed of journalists active on Bluesky.

If you'd like to be added / know someone who should be, tag and let me know. :)
DaiSugaCustom feed for the DaiSuga fandom! // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-10-21T15:00:21.306Z
Rain WorldPosts related to Videocult's Rain World!

To be included in the feed, just be sure to put [Rain World],[RainWorld], or [RainWorldFanart] in either the main post or the alt text!
TTRPG Game DesignTTRPG Game Design feed for RPG designers and people interested in roleplaying game theory.162023-10-29T13:13:45.534Z
ChessCatalogues posts mentioning Chess— it’s all here! Pin, Like & Share. Also, find the bsky chess community at
jalpari's danmei feedcustomized for the danmei hell holes i am currently in - mdzs, tgcf, svsss, erha, qian qiu.

might add more as i fall in deeper into the danmei pit!

this also includes the posts from danmei event accounts i've found here.
Moderne ArbeitsweltenPosts über Agilität, Methoden, Prozesse und Organisationsentwicklung, die New Work Buzzwords wie agile, scrum, lean, kanban, okr, systemtheorie, usw. oder den Hashtag #modernearbeitswelten enthalten.162023-10-27T16:53:01.550Z

Matches many things. Include 🏴‍☠️ to ensure your post shows here.
Grace's Rec Room 🎶Grace's music recommendations. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-09-28T08:53:12.195Z
Big Beer FridayLauren's Big Beer Friday162023-09-29T11:30:12.992Z
Music ChallengeRegroupe tous les "Music Challenge"162023-10-28T15:37:48.719Z
bibliothekswesenIn diesem Feed werden automatisiert deutschsprachige Postings angezeigt von Menschen, die am Thema Bibliotheken interessiert sind. Gerne melden, wer in die Liste aufgenommen werden möchte. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-10-04T16:41:56.360Z
Writers of EroticaTracking "✍️🔥"
Gamedev ÑPosts en español de gamedev, eventos nacionales y motores de videojuegos // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-10-23T13:20:13.454Z
ModernismAn open curated timeline, harvesting keywords relating to modernism in all its aesthetic forms. Tag #moderniststudies in your posts if you want them to appear in the feed.162023-10-27T09:40:12.502Z
فارسی فید ١این فید همه پستهای فارسی بر اساس اینتراکشن و تازگی نشون میده.
اگه پستهاتون نشون داده نمیشه و یا دوست ندارید اینجا نشون داد باشه پیام بدید ( اکانت بالا) تا حلش کنم.
اگه خوشتون اومد معرفی به دوستان و لایک بزرگترین حمایته. موفق و خوشحال باشید. 💙💙💙
Kacchako ContentA feed to hopefully catch all the kacchako content!
Please make sure to tag your works with #kacchako
Seventeenth CenturyA tag for all things related to seventeenth century history (1600-1699). // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-10-09T18:16:59.149Z
→ravelry🧶This feed picks up posts that contain links to ravelry162023-09-26T22:18:47.964Z
ただいまテスト運用中、何かお気づきの点がございましたら にメンションを飛ばしてください。よろしくお願いします。
#NeverAgainIsNowNS-Gedenkstätten, -Institutionen // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-10-28T08:38:12.451Z
#MedLibsThis feed shows posts with the hashtags/labels #medlibs or #medlib, for the medical/health sciences library community.162023-09-20T14:07:39.462Z
IBSevery mention of IBS162023-07-08T01:20:49.040Z
TIRINHAS DO SILVAZUAOvamo rir162023-07-06T00:39:14.763Z
Transformersanything and everything Transformers162023-07-03T00:12:50.456Z
Selkie Green MediaAll my media in one place! 🌿🐚 Feast your eyes.162023-08-04T13:48:48.479Z
Mollie's Mediaall of mollie's media feed :)162023-08-02T10:35:40.055Z
Lawlegal and law related feed162023-07-03T00:44:12.558Z
Brasil 24hPosts mais curtidos em português das últimas 24h162023-09-04T11:52:04.019Z
Gender Queer LitA freed for non-binary and gender queer people to post about their work or works by non-binary authors. Anyone interested in these works feel free to join. Just Use Gender Queer Lit or Nonbinary Lit in your post.162023-08-04T19:54:52.679Z
Neurodiversité/AutismeFeed mettant en avant le contenu autour du thème de l'autisme et de la neurodiversité avec du contenu en français uniquement162023-09-24T10:04:43.157Z
Stray Opal Noods'n'LewdsThis is a focused feed of just my nudes and lewds, some misc pics and memes as well. Enjoy lovelies! :D162023-09-22T18:22:22.194Z
PetPicsA feed of photos of your pets! Use #PetPics (not case sensitive) to be picked up by the feed!162023-09-08T11:46:15.562Z
✨ Golden Girls ✨golden hour, sunbeams, transparency

use ✨☁️, #gg or 💫⌛️ to appear
NovelaNegra📚🖤La"Novela Negra" es un subgénero de la narrativa policial. Se trata de un relato que toma las partes más técnicas de las novelas policiacas.Esto son los crímenes y la búsqueda por la verdad.📚🖤 #LÉAN🙂162023-10-06T23:47:18.910Z
Music Challenges Tracking "#musicchallenge", "Music Challenges", "Music Challenge"
san franciscolocal city feed for san francisco — includes posts that mention sf, sf key words, or the 🌉 🌁emojis162023-07-02T23:59:30.778Z
What's Hot FRVersion francophone du feed "What's Hot Classic".

➡️ Dernier update : 25/09/2023
Colorado AvalancheFeed of all posts including Colorado Avalanche, The Avalanche, The Avs, GoAvsGo, the full names of the coach/gm/all current players on the major league roster/retired numbers - attempting to limit AVs and musician Jack Johnson inclusions but no guarantees162023-10-11T15:55:59.438Z
Médias Officiels 🇫🇷Feed des comptes de médias officiels sur Bluesky
(sans les replies)
The CockminesAll the images I reskeet.
Now on shuffle.
PoetryThis is a feed where I can find poets and poems.162023-07-10T13:11:04.125Z
The ArchersFeed to show posts about BBC Radio 4's "The Archers". This shows posts containing "TheArchers" or "#TheArchers" in the last 7 days. I haven't included "The Archers" as that brought in too much irrelevant stuff. First attempt - let me know of any issues!162023-09-10T19:09:59.667Z
DegrowthFeed that collects posts (but not replies) related to degrowth and post-growth. Simply use the terms (with or without #) and posts will appear in the feed.162023-10-04T08:49:48.930Z
Soccer and LiverpoolLiverpool162023-09-21T19:16:05.949Z
Hi, Bob!You're stepping on the joke! You're stepping on the joke. Stop.

The official For All Mankind (2019-, Apple TV) series feed.
GénéalogieFeed de Généalogie à destination des francophones qui recherchent des ancêtres partout dans le monde.162023-10-29T18:30:16.385Z
Fantasy CartographersTracking "fantasymaps", "ttrpgmaps", "cartography"
Maud'FeedGET ABSOLUTELY DUNE PILLED162023-07-03T02:04:25.903Z
Painting WarhammerFolks painting Warhammer miniatures!162023-08-03T09:38:36.940Z
Tightpussy Mentionsevery time someone says my legal last name within the last 7 days, it will show up here. must not have a space between words. why you ask? egotistical reasons. alt text included.162023-09-12T04:31:49.454Z
Chainsaw ManTracking "Chainsaw man", "Asa", "Denji"
Hytale DevsSee what the devs are up to!162023-10-18T21:04:42.556Z
🇺🇦ІнстаФідФід з найбільш залайканими фотографіями, скріншотами, артами, мемами і іншими картинками за 3 дні.
Реагує на українську мову (у вас в налаштуваннях)
Ukrainian pictures
Animal CaucusA feed for posts about the animal caucus group of political animals162023-07-27T12:29:29.081Z
#LetsGoCanesNews and posts about the NHL's Carolina Hurricanes. Trying to pull Canes-related information and keywords out of the Bluesky timeline.

Use #LetsGoCanes or #CauseChaos to be included automatically!
DigimonA feed for all things #Digimon related!162023-10-03T15:17:14.233Z
HaikavethamThis feed centers around relationship between Alhaitham and Kaveh from Genshin impact. It contains latest post (at most 15 days) use words Kavetham,Haikaveh or Haikavetham (+character tags) in their description or tags. If there is any problem with the feed, please contact the feed creator.162023-09-24T17:15:58.451Z
IDOLiSH7Custom feed for IDOLiSH7 (franchise, not just the group). Post with tags #idolish7 #i7 #ainana #アイドリッシュセブン #アイナナ #trigger #revale #zool and they’ll appear here! mod @ryuusea // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com162023-10-21T20:58:16.238Z
matchablossom 🍵🌸A feed for the Joe/Cherry from SK8 the Infinity! Tracking posts from the last 7 days that include matchabloss, #matchablossom, joecherry, and the emoji combo 🍵🌸

Check your content/language settings so you don't miss posts. Replies are filtered.
The Lunar CourtA feed consisting of posts belonging to the Lunar Court, a group founded by Mavis DeLuna.

Feed contains ONLY posts, not replies or reposts. Use this to support members of the Court and look out for stream notifs, art, etc!

Twitch Team:
OSINT for Ukraine (WIP)Feed about the war in Ukraine & OSINT related posts162023-08-25T09:50:03.625Z
Love knitting編み物に関するFeedです。みんな編もうよ!162023-08-21T01:21:48.351Z
Black VTubersA feed for finding fellow Black VTubers on Bluesky. Use the hashtags #BlackVTuber & #BlackVTubers to be featured in it.162023-10-27T01:22:03.219Z
PubNewsA feed for book publishing news (traditional and indie). Tags: #pubnews #publishingnews #indiepubnews #tradpubnews #bookpublishing162023-08-07T23:45:22.347Z
БлундерШукайте собі нормальних пацанів і дівчат у Блускай, а не бомжів у Тіндері.

Фід підтягує усі пости, які містять словосполучення "шукаю хлопця/дівчину/жінку/роднуліка" і тд. Або за гештегами #блундер, #знайомства
mxtx works+tracking "mxtx", "svsss", "mdzs", and "tgcf" + full titles162023-08-12T06:41:30.978Z
Critical RoleCritical Role feed162023-07-03T01:59:25.816Z
franzanth art feed162023-07-26T07:20:53.732Z
cine fantásticoFeed de publicaciones en castellano sobre cine fantástico162023-08-23T23:10:52.433Z
表示条件 OR スキンケア部 OR スキンケアかつ、混合肌・脂性肌・乾燥肌のいずれ
KinksTracking "BDSM", "Shibari", "Submission"
#CovidAll things Covid

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay
Paelo art & posts A feed that catch all posts with #paleoart and #paleo162023-07-27T14:26:01.417Z
American WestA feed for posts about the North American West. You can use the hashtag #AmWest or #NorAmWest (not case-sensitive) for posts to appear here. You can also currently use the WHA conference hashtag (#WHA2023).162023-10-23T17:53:17.194Z
Black in STEMWelcome to Black in STEM!

This feed curates posts from BlackinX accounts and posts with the following tags: BlackSTEM, BlackInX, BlackInSTEM, BlackAndSTEM, ForTheCulture, ABRCMS, BlackBirder, and more BlackinXs! Plus emojis 👨🏿‍🔬, 👩🏿‍🔬, and 🧑🏿‍🔬.

For accessbility use CamelCase and add alt text!
Sheith -Feed for tracking Sheith community content from Voltron.

Picks up any post containing the word "sheith" but not "klance", "shurtis", "adashi", "curtashi", "anti" and removes content from users on the Sheith Feed Mute List. Please contact ElfGrove with problems or needed adjustments.
Chelsea FCThe definitive Chelsea FC feed. Posts containing the team/player names or #CFC, #CFCW, #KTBFFH appear in the feed.152023-09-25T11:12:59.550Z
Pro CyclingA network wide feed of posts that are discussing pro cycling events, teams and athletes.152023-10-25T21:14:43.625Z
#wisskommDieser Feed sammelt deutschsprachige Posts, die #Wisskomm (#wissenschaftskommunikation, #scicomm, #sciencecommunication) beinhalten152023-09-04T12:02:22.401Z
Buchbeginn Buchbeginn152023-09-27T16:06:12.579Z
MarxismA feed of people talking about Marx and Marx-related thinkers. Not a complete list by any means. Feel free to suggest terms. use #marxism or ☭ to have your post added to the feed.152023-07-17T00:26:47.225Z
#NumbersDay Feed for tweets discussing real time economic developments, such as analysis of #JobsReport, #CPI, #GDP, #PPI, #ECI, #FOMC, and other reports.152023-10-26T11:53:10.089Z
Ющенко тредиЮЩЕНКО - ТАК!152023-07-26T18:26:18.592Z
Fantasy AuthorsWhere Fantasy authors unite152023-08-10T23:23:36.488Z
Petit Bonheur Du JourC'est ici qu'on retrouve vos petits bonheurs du jour, au jour le jour <3152023-08-22T23:22:44.985Z
Schle-Kul-Lez-Faz#SchleFaZ - #KulFaZ - #LezFaz
Das "faz"-ige Komplett-Paket für alles, rund um scheißige, aber auch kultige Filme mit Oliver Kalkofe und Peter Rütten.
Freitags bei Tele5!
Nutzt die Hashtags #SchleFaZ, #KulFaZ oder #LezFaz! Vorhaltezeit: 24 Stunden.
🗒 JournalistsAll posts by verifiable journalists. Maintained by
BKDKBK no leakssearches for bkdkbk related posts, tries to filter out the non mha and non bkdkbk posts. filters out mhaspoilers, mhaleaks, spoiler(s), leak(s), and mha401-mha405 (i'll keep this range updated as chapters progress)152023-10-20T16:31:29.577Z
Retro TechA Feed for all different kinds of retro technology (don't ask what's retro and what's not. if you think it is, it is)

tag your posts "💾retro" to be included
OverheardA feed of posts that people have replied to, or quoted with 'overheard' as the only text (e.g. includes 'Overheard!' but not 'overheard this'). Inspired by's feed.152023-09-04T00:42:13.377Z
NnamierArt - Art FeedNnamierArt - Art only feed!152023-08-01T23:42:41.856Z
Horror PodcastsAs far as I know this is the ONLY feed for Horror Podcasts and Horror Audiodrama.

It leans heavily on Magnus Archives, Old Gods, and Nightvale. If there is a podcast you think is underrepresented then let me know and I'll see what I can do.
EnseignerEtApprendreCe feed a pour vocation de devenir un lieu d'échanges et de partages pour la communauté éducative francophone.152023-10-27T20:15:22.795Z
Inbhir na Gàidhlig❤️ Gàidhlig na h-Alba 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 A' Ghàidhlig 🌊 cànan 🦟 Scottish Gaelic ⛰️ Scots Gaelic ❤️152023-10-29T12:37:31.664Z
Birthdayspeople with a birthday today, probably

my birthday|birthday is today|birthday today
Attack on TitanHi there! Welcome to the Attack on Titan feed. Tag your post with #attackontitan, #aot, #shingekinokyojin or #snk to feed it here. Don't forget to adjust your Content Language Settings to see all the gorgeous posts in this feed ;)152023-10-27T09:40:45.307Z
Vore ArtA feed for vore. Posts with an image and any of the following will be included!
#vore #oralvore #cockvore #unbirth #analvore #softvore #hardvore #endo
Top 20 - Past 24 hoursTop 20 posts in the past 24 hours

Use #nofeed in your post if you want it to be excluded
Taco Bellmentions of taco bell and taco bell related things152023-07-17T02:06:16.040Z
Splatoon Art and DrawingA feed that focuses solely on splatoon art. Please use the tag #SplatoonArt to land in this feed's basket!

Please pin and like this feed to put it on your nav bar and to help support the Splatoon artist community! Thanks!
ポケモンスリープ / Pokémon Sleep「ポケモンリサーチ」「ポケスリ」「ネロリ」「Pokémon Sleep」「Pokemon Sleep」が含まれたポストを表示します。152023-07-24T02:37:25.053Z
#SQLHelpTo get/give help with a short, to-the-point questions on SQL Server152023-08-18T23:57:47.067Z
Queer CodedA Feed full of LGBTQIA+ Identifying Developers. use #queercoded for a post to be added!152023-07-07T00:42:10.867Z
ALT4You--ALT Text AddedALT4You shows replies or reposts (with alt text added) describing an image that has been posted without alt text.

Include "nofeed" if you do NOT want a post containing the ALT4You tag to appear.

[built with]
KlimarettungFinde Beiträge zum Thema Klima mit diesen Begriffen:
klima, co2, atomkraft, kernkraft, kohlek, solar, windkraft, erneuerbar, PV-anlage, photovoltaik, heizung, wärmep, eeg, fossile
Bioware GamesBioware Games Posts152023-09-30T07:33:26.230Z
#MusikEDUDer Feed für alles rund um das Thema Musikunterricht
#MusikEDU #edumusik #musikunterricht #tkkgmusik
Rael's Art FeedAll my art in one place :D152023-07-26T15:06:16.396Z
NorskyEn feed for diskusjon og kommentarer om norsk politikk152023-10-13T05:29:01.034Z
The Real AuGHOST Feed👻#AuGHOST is the all-skills, all-inclusive, every-day-in-August, no-pressure art-event created by @Sommerjam and @dpietrandrea. No AI art please. Simply tag your art #AuGHOST to be included!152023-08-02T11:55:08.075Z
SV98Lilien Content!
Beiträge mit Hashtags und Schlagwörter zum SV Darmstadt 98 in einem Feed zusammengefasst.
#lilien #svd #sv98 #d98 und mehr ....
(inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
FragranceSkyA feed for those who are obsessed with fragances/perfume/cologne. Use ' fragrancesky ' in your post to be included. Currently a WIP.152023-09-17T12:42:19.252Z
Landelijk nieuwsAl het landelijke nieuws uit NL152023-10-26T17:55:56.571Z
🇺🇦🗣️Найбільш обговорювані пости за тиждень.152023-09-19T18:33:58.815Z
All StarI need to get myself away from this place152023-08-04T02:45:38.398Z
Literatura en castellanoFeed de posts en castellano sobre literatura.
Los posts con estas palabras #libro #literatura #novela #relato aparecen aquí
Vol.ArmyПости від профілів з хендлом на домені

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
#geschichtsunterrichtInteressantes für den Geschichtsunterricht.152023-09-15T01:11:03.659Z
RU und CoRund um Religionsunterricht

Folgt den Begriffen: #relichat|#digitalrunde|#relilab|#eduReligion|#religionedu|#religionsunterricht|#islamischerRU
YOSFeedyospos bithc152023-07-25T03:26:07.898Z
فارسی فید ٢این فید همه پستهای فارسی بر اساس تازگی نشون میده.
اگه پستهاتون نشون داده نمیشه و یا دوست ندارید اینجا نشون داد باشه پیام بدید ( اکانت بالا) تا حلش کنم.
اگه خوشتون اومد معرفی به دوستان و لایک بزرگترین حمایته. موفق و خوشحال باشید. 💙💙
VEGAN FOODAdd #veganfood or #plantbased to your post & at least 1 picture to appear. If you repost someone else's post & it doesn't have the tags, add one of them them in your repost.152023-10-03T00:33:07.993Z
Dragon AgeA feed of posts mentioning Dragon Age.152023-08-27T20:37:11.022Z
Furry NSFWPosts with #furry and #nsfw152023-08-11T10:42:48.235Z
Jacksonville Jaguars152023-07-25T16:47:38.557Z
HelpskyFeed for mutual aid and helping others on the site!152023-07-28T19:56:12.766Z
Parenting LOLsPosts from some of the funny parents of Bluesky152023-08-23T16:39:00.836Z
Punk Hardcore SkaAll about Punk, Hardcore, Emocore, Skaand , Rock 'n Roll and many other styles Feed152023-08-01T16:57:17.824Z
Jockstraps of Bsky152023-08-08T15:58:09.629Z
münster allgmMünster feed zeigt posts mit münster - mit und ohne #. Auch posts mit muenster.152023-10-07T16:57:03.564Z
Pediatric PsychologyAll things pediatric psychology related!

#thisispedspsych #pedspsych #pediatricpsychology #pedpsych #thisispedpsych
The Sandwich ClubFeed of and for people who used to be on the squ-site with the sandwich themed logo. If you want to be added or removed from this list ping me (check if you're there on the list on my profile)152023-10-05T08:44:29.391Z
Long Covid👋Hi and welcome to the Long Covid Feed.
This is a place that can help you see posts about Long Covid. It's aim is to build our community!

This feed picks up the term Long Covid in posts (not case sensitive)
antifa or anarchlast 7 days' entire network original posts containing "antifa" or "anarch", no reposts.

SkyAvocat 🇫🇷Feed des SkyAvocats ou Avocats skywalkers français152023-09-26T13:20:25.533Z
Major League BaseballA feed dedicated to the MLB and all of its teams. Still a work in progress - Use MLB, any team name inlcuding location (Pittsburgh Pirates), or ⚾️ to be placed in this feed.152023-07-03T00:25:05.783Z
🇺🇦 #filmПости з тегами #film, #movie, #фільм, #укрфільм від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Monster & Alien RomanceA feed for Monster & Alien Romance! Use #monsterromance or #alienromance to appear. This is a space for authors, readers, and artists! This is not a space for creators who utilize AI.152023-09-30T19:04:47.130Z
dotnet universeYour one-stop shop feed for all things dotnet development for dotnet enthusiasts.152023-09-12T18:38:50.072Z
just like me fr152023-07-17T20:29:16.843Z
Querdenker-DetektorDieser Feed versucht Posts von Querdenkern zu identifizieren, dieser Feed wird bei bedarf weiter entwickelt und angepasst.

Bitte beachten das hier auch falsch positive Posts bei sein können!
fridaydisco ruinendisco#ruinendisco or #fridaydisco
(entire network, last 4 weeks + some hours)
Magic: The Genderingfeed for all the magic genders of the day152023-09-10T15:03:09.388Z
Babylon 5A feed for the inimtable sci fi show Babylon 5152023-08-15T11:55:42.442Z
NOTICIASNoticias en Ñ152023-09-14T08:59:25.141Z
"this would fix me""this would fix me"

a feed for all "this would fix me" posts across the entire network
Bluesky CubaEn este feed estarán todos los usuarios cubanos que vengan emigrando a Bluesky, además de publicaciones relacionadas con Cuba.152023-10-21T20:45:41.610Z
Urbex FRFeed des publications Urbex francophones.

Explorations urbaines

(illustration Tim/Glauqueland)
#DansUnTitreTous les skeets qui contiennent dansuntitre (tout collé avec du texte avant ou après) dans le texte ou dans le alt de l'image.152023-10-28T16:33:12.397Z
TinyJoysTiny Joys brings small moments of joy to brighten your day. Use #TinyJoys // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com152023-10-17T14:02:02.795Z
🧄Ruokataivas🧄Ruokataivaaseen saat ruoka-asiasi näkyviin kirjoittamalla ruokataivas, tai lisäämällä postaukseen 🧄-hymiön.152023-10-28T13:00:12.408Z
Dinosaur Art of BlueskyDinosaurs of Bluesky-
A feed covering all posts with an image and the word dinosaur and art
#driveinmob Taste the Feed of #Driveinmob152023-08-21T01:13:17.016Z
TeamFishCurated feed of ichthyologists and other friends of #TeamFish. Currently monitors: #TeamFish, #FishSci, #Fish, #Ichthyology, and others. Flag to be added142023-09-26T02:48:59.094Z
🇹🇭Thai FeedsFeed of all post in Thai language. แสดงฟีดที่มีภาษาไทย142023-07-05T13:53:58.645Z
#itslearningFeed zum LMS "it'slearning" - sammelt die Begriffe itslearning, it'slearning, #itsl, fritsl, fritsle.142023-09-23T12:02:06.751Z
ARTE🎨 Todo el #Arte en este Feed🎨🖼142023-10-24T16:40:03.330Z
WolG'raha FeedA feed focused on shipping with G'raha Tia! Search should pick up mentions of G'raha Tia (spelt with and without the apostraphe) Crystal Exarch, WolExarch and WolGraha142023-07-28T05:42:10.582Z
Adoptable Character ArtFeed for finding adopts aka adoptable character designs by artists!142023-07-27T22:27:52.887Z
Team Fortress 2The TF2 feed that actively looks for

#tf2 #teamfortress2 #screamfortress #tf2scout #tf2pyro #tf2soldier #tf2engineer #tf2heavy #tf2demoman #tf2medic #tf2sniper #tf2spy #tf2fanart #tf2oc
SonicNewsA feed for Sonic Stadium and its news announcements. #SonicNews tagged posts will appear here.142023-07-26T22:58:58.521Z
mari's nsfw artall of marisketch's nsfw art, with a focus on oc's ryou and sabine142023-07-26T03:33:37.964Z
NU: CarnivalHello, Nu: C friends! To appear in this feed, tag your posts #NuKani, #nucarnival, #新世界狂歡 or #NUカーニバル

Check content & language settings to be sure you don't miss posts! Replies are filtered.
Artisanat d'artMettez ici vos œuvres, créations, conseils, demandes en rapport avec le monde de l'artisanat d'art. #artisanat142023-08-27T12:12:02.307Z
UK politics, trade, newsCommentators posting on politics, trade, and news – with a UK focus. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com142023-10-29T15:19:23.586Z
Delightful Delilah 🖤🤘🏻Your one stop for all Delilah media! At least what is published here, for the ✨really good✨ stuff head to the spicy sites!142023-08-04T23:11:31.946Z
Watch on Twitch (ENG)Feed of Twitch links in the last 12 hours142023-07-25T10:19:12.105Z
🇺🇦Артпосібник 📒Фід з посібніками і туторіалами від митців. Тегайте #артпосібник #посібник142023-08-18T11:59:22.290Z
Sylvanian Families🐰シルバニアのPostフィードです🐰142023-07-24T03:41:54.458Z
EU Law AcademicsThis feed brings together academics working on EU law142023-10-13T19:20:52.177Z
#hornypics with "#horny" in caption/alt text from the last 7 days142023-10-05T20:42:14.668Z
PugskyAnytime someone mentions pugs in their post or alt text142023-07-22T19:45:23.101Z
차와 다식차와 다식에 관련된 정보142023-09-10T12:46:59.365Z
Vegetarian/Vegan RecipesLinks to vegetarian and vegan recipes.142023-09-12T11:30:04.270Z
Bonnein Feed für Bonn:
Alle Posts die das Wort "Bonn" enthalten
피드 포스트 피드피드 링크가 들어간 한국어 포스트를 모은 피드입니다. 누군가가 새로 만드신 피드도, 다른 분께 추천하시는 피드도 볼 수 있어요!142023-07-20T08:39:35.314Z
PrejudiceResearchFeed for research on prejudice, intergroup contact or relations142023-10-11T19:14:54.558Z
Santé mentale & TND (FR)Basé sur des mots-clé, ce feed veut rendre visibles les posts parlant de troubles du neurodéveloppement en français.142023-10-27T07:18:33.071Z
WerewolvesThe official Werewolf feed of BluSky, by The Werewolf Council.142023-07-27T17:01:28.457Z
BomSkyA Custom feed for users from Maharashtra. Post AddBomSky if you would like to be added to the list, or tag
Onlyredheads#onlyredheads #redhead natural and dyed red hair, ginger hair142023-07-19T03:36:23.341Z
Auer Susan's Space FeedA (manually curated) feed about all things space & spaceflight // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com142023-10-24T11:57:33.772Z
Many People AskingThe feed where there is much saying and asking.

"Many People are Asking" and "Many People are Saying" are the triggers to show up.
Pixel ArtA feed dedicated to pixel art.142023-07-30T20:40:59.413Z
Waterfowl EcologyWelcome! Join this feed using #waterfowl or #waterfowleco after you tag me so I can add you to a list. Please feel free to post photos and research surrounding waterfowl!142023-10-19T17:20:22.879Z
CricketCustom feed related to the sport cricket. posts will appear if 🏏or #cricket is used142023-09-20T14:26:44.763Z
🇨🇦 CDN Journalism142023-08-23T15:00:39.069Z
Commissions open!Artists and other accounts announcing that their commissions are open!

Does not filter out NSFW (check your "Moderation" settings).

Icon created by Flat Icons.
Olimar's Log🌱A feed for everything Pikmin related! For now, posts or alt text must include the words pikmin, olimar, or louie142023-08-14T18:38:23.491Z
Wang Yibo Wednesday A feed for Wang Yibo Wednesday. Posts using either #WangYiboWednesday or #WYBWednesday will be picked up. Upper, lower or camel case doesn't matter, but camel case is more accessible in general!142023-09-20T19:02:07.569Z
X-FilesBluesky's go to resource for all things X-Files. The Truth is Out There142023-08-31T17:12:03.336Z
Literary Agents 🖋A feed showing the accounts of literary agents and agencies on Bluesky, to help authors find them 📚

To be added to/removed from this list, please @ me!
#WNBAThis is a simple feed for WNBA posts.

WNBA (all caps)
tweepspeople from funny twitter, very incomplete and in progress142023-09-07T14:40:45.013Z
Globukalypse#Globukalypse News142023-08-30T19:49:40.938Z
Art-BotsArt Bots from all over the world142023-10-03T08:46:57.822Z
Media italianiNotizie da alcuni giornali e agenzie italiane.
(Grazie a e
Just Shark MattersDavid Shiffman, but only skeets where he talks about sharks.142023-07-11T15:34:44.786Z
ZinesA feed that gathers posts about zines!142023-09-28T05:19:56.835Z
Tcest ❤️💜💙🧡🐢We be we baby💞
Every Tcest ship involving the turtle bros. Will add tags if I miss any.

Obviously this is going to be a NSFW feed, venture at your own discretion. Everything here is FICTION, and is not condoned in real life. (Obviously.)
Asian StudiesA curated feed featuring scholars from all disciplines and regions generally associated with "Asian Studies."

Capturing all posts with "Asian Studies." Uses of "#AsianStudies" are pulled from a curated list of academics in the broader field -- ping to be added.
#독서독서 관련 피드입니다.
#인용 #독서 #밑줄 #책
Jaws' SketchesA collection of my sketches/wips142023-07-31T12:58:55.275Z
ArminiaIn diesem Drittliga-Feed werden (hoffentlich) alle Posts rund um den DSC Arminia Bielefeld gelistet. Fragen und Anregungen an Besi ( // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com142023-10-11T09:56:35.561Z
PDX PostsPortland Oregon posts including issues and city politics. Search term suggestions welcome: @rockom.bsky.social142023-08-29T19:56:04.204Z
#ficwipThis feed picks up all of ficwip's regular hashtags: #ficwip, #wordgamewednesday, #ficwip5k, #ficwip1000, and #3sentencefic

Replies & commercial content filtered
Dimtarius art feedArtworks by Dimtarius142023-07-24T12:26:54.349Z
Vegane ProdukteWillkommen im "Vegane Produkte" Feed! 🌱

Hier findest du die neuesten veganen Produkte, von Lebensmitteln bis zu Mode und Kosmetik. Entdecke innovative Alternativen für einen ethischen Lebensstil.💚

Keywords: VeganeProdukte, VeganProdukt, NeuUndVegan, VeganeAngebote, VeganesProdukt.
Design SystemsA feed of all design system skeets within bluesky142023-07-24T12:13:32.719Z
Scenes from HellA feed of all Hellthread posts with images142023-08-07T02:54:00.055Z
The CheckThisOut B w/ UFazz saying what day it is and/or Katie sharing a clock142023-08-25T17:26:31.232Z
Seattle KrakenA feed dedicated to posts about the Seattle Kraken Hockey Club #SeaKraken142023-09-18T00:42:05.014Z
ManhattanLocal feed for Manhattan, NYC142023-10-18T03:58:26.693Z
What's DadA feed of people with 'father' and 'dad' in bio. (As requested by/credit to
Hilfe-Center Team B.o.T👉Tipps und Tricks, die Dir Deinen Aufenthalt bei BlueSky angenehmer machen können.
NEU:👉Integration des Feeds #Bilderstrecke (Feed erstellen)
Fragen bitte jeweils unter den Beiträgen,
oder: Frage an
San FranciscoA feed intended to capture mentions of San Francisco and Sutro Tower.142023-08-23T14:11:21.852Z
#ProtectTheKids#BildungAberSicher, #CovidIsNotOver, #ProtectTheKids, #TeamVorsicht, #U12Schutz usw.142023-10-20T18:08:32.918Z
San Francisco GiantsPost to this feed using keywords sfgiants, sfg, SF Giants, or San Francisco Giants142023-08-05T01:08:20.835Z
Soccer A feed to follow soccer journalists142023-10-10T21:14:47.573Z
SoCal GaysThis feed will show all posts from users added to the feed. It does not show replies, only the intial post. If you'd like to be added to the feed, see the pinned post for details.

There are no specific keywords for posts to appear in this feed. It's all posts from guys that request to be added.
Chubs & ChasersFor the Sky's Chubs and Chasers142023-07-07T18:13:16.273Z
Dragons of BlueskyDragons of Bluesky- A feed for all images containing the word dragon on bluesky.142023-07-31T21:54:05.357Z
カワウソ・ラッコ Otter in JPカワウソとラッコに関する画像付き投稿をまとめたフィードです142023-07-29T02:54:35.218Z
PhotographyA feed dedicated to photography!

Use photography and/or #photography in your skeet for it to appear in this feed.
Sounders FCSounders FC skeets142023-09-11T19:21:32.122Z
FAVSTAR+50Aparecen los post con más de 50 likes.142023-09-24T11:02:08.034Z
@lingua も抽出します。
BasketballThis combines my Basketball mute list [1] and the #nba feed [2].

Bird ButtsTracking "Birdbutt", "Bird butt"
SplatterdayTracking "Splatterday2K", "Splatterday", "Pujemin"
Stade Rennais FCFeed non officiel pour les supporters du Stade Rennais Football Club. Pour toute demande, voir avec .142023-10-22T08:20:34.024Z
#WirSindBunt - LGBTQIA*Zeigt LGBTQIA*-Posts mit den Worten:
wirsindbunt, buntstattbraun, transsexu, queer, transright, transisbeautiful, schwul, gay, lesbi, lgbt, binär, binary, fluid, transwomen, transmen, bisexu, intersexu, asexu, transident, selbstbestimmungsgesetz, dragq, dragk, marginalisiert, transition, diversity
Everton Football ClubFeed of Everton FC news and comments.142023-09-22T14:18:00.064Z
eduNDSBildung Niedersachsen
#eduNDS / eduNDS / #NDSedu / NDSedu
(Groß- bzw. Kleinschreibung ist nicht relevant)
🦊 VixAlgorithmic furry feed for posts from women! Details at bsky.probablyaweb.site142023-10-11T11:11:17.822Z
Kirby BlueSky Feed!Feed for all the possible kirby content in bluesky, achieves to grow a community on the platform :) //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com142023-08-10T01:38:15.580Z
PlayStationAre you ready for a conversation about PlayStation games? Join the conversation here. Follow the feed & press 💙142023-10-21T05:51:55.505Z
Cross stitchingA feed collecting anything cross stitch related. Key words to get your work shown here: aida, cross stitch, and/or crossstitch. Key words work in posts, image alt text, and links.
(Embroidery has been moved, ask me where!)

Created by [email protected]
I'm open to more suggested key words!
ABDLlook at all the babies //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com142023-07-31T06:00:44.953Z
German E-CommerceHier ist die deutschsprachige Onlinemarketing- und E-Commerce-Bubble!

Zusammengestellt nach mehreren Kriterien und einer kuratierten User-Liste.
Jemand fehlt? Du? Bitte Bescheid geben.

Hast Du Invite-Codes? Gerne spreche ich weitere an, ob sie herkommen wollen. (Kontaktwege in meiner Bio)
VetMedSkyA feed for folks working in the field of Veterinary Medicine.
Tags "Veterinary Medicine", "VetMed", "Veterinarian", and "VetTwitter". Adding more tags as needed.
SandwichesEvery mention of "sandwich" (or 🥪) on BlueSky142023-07-06T13:05:05.967Z
Metal Gear Nation142023-09-19T04:50:01.403Z
One-Liners"one-liners" only, with like-hotness ranking. (via skyfeed)142023-10-26T14:26:09.023Z
CreativeSkyA feed featuring work by creatives on Bluesky (mostly illustrators and painters, plus some 3D artists and writers). NO AI.142023-07-03T23:18:49.187Z
Firehose TestAll the posts, as they happen. This is basically a load test of my server, I might not be able to keep this up for long.142023-07-04T01:42:09.883Z
RepostsYour Reposts. See more at
CoffeeSkyThose working in and adjacent to the specialty coffee industry. A rebuild of #coffeetwitter but in feed form. Registered contributors can post to the feed using #CoffeeSky or ☕️.142023-10-11T22:12:12.668Z
DrakeNieRA feed for all things Drakengard /Nier / Yoko Taro -verse

Speak not the Watchers,
Draw not the Watchers,
Write not the Watchers,
Sculpt not the Watchers,
Sing not the Watchers,
Call not the Watchers' name.
Books, Articles, CFPsLit/Cultural Studies posts with "book" "article" "cfp" or "announce." Sign up for the Lit/Cultural Studies list to show up here (just ask).142023-08-02T15:30:30.439Z
Nature Photography 📷Nature photography collected from the Birds, Mammals, Reptiles & Amphibians, Fungi Friends, Marine Life, and Naturalists feeds.142023-10-23T00:02:21.022Z
LoR mentionedFeed for the game Legends of Runeterra. Currently tracking "Runeterra", "runeterra", "LoR", "LOR" and "Path of Champion" (case sensitive)142023-10-03T04:28:21.600Z
#한인회필사당필사당 피드입니다.142023-08-04T15:30:27.901Z
The Sims 4All Post about The Sims!142023-10-17T14:40:01.788Z
MusicA feed of all posts containing music related things on BlueSky, will eventually be curated and use the #Music tag, but for now this is good enough!142023-07-29T20:38:43.016Z
Katie McGrath FeedFeed of Katie McGrath fans and related Supercorp posters142023-10-06T00:12:44.820Z
Commissions Open!Find artists with slots available on the skyline!

Looks for "Comms" OR "commission", then "open" OR "slot" OR "available." Excludes duplicates and posts without images.
GeoEduMaterial, Links, Tools, Ideen und generell Austausch zum Geographieunterricht.

PathSkyA feed for anything Pathology/science related
Add #Pathsky to skeets to have them show up on the feed (hashtag not required). Please add to your feeds and like♥️ to help this feed grow!
bluesky News EnglishNews/English version132023-10-25T21:07:54.306Z
New Research| science | research | academia | higher education |

(If you "Add to My Feeds," please also 💓!)
Boys' Love (BL) FeedCustom feed for Boys' Love/Yaoi genre. Includes bara, shota, danmei and live action. Trending/popular BLs also included.
Post Language must be ENG/JP/KR to appear here. Antis and leetspeak filtered. // Made at
BoekenLees & praat mee met de gezelligste 🇳🇱 boekenfeed van Bluesky. Ben je op zoek naar een boek of zoek je inspiratie? Je komt vast op weg met deze lijst 📚.132023-08-26T13:07:25.519Z
🅱️assbreaksWelcome to the 🅱️assbreaks feed!!

This is a feed of bass cover videos made by your's truly. Enjoy :3
Counter StrikeCounter-strike / CSGO / CS2 related posts132023-10-24T08:03:48.482Z
#RepostoberFollowing's prompt for Art sharing in October.

(Sharing Old Drawing/Art Challenge)
Bipolar, Mental HealthBipolar, Mental Health132023-10-18T02:43:20.525Z
UK BlueSkyThis is a feed displaying posts by BlueSky users that are from the UK. England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Due to the way BlueSky currently works, to be have your posts display in this feed, I need to manually to the UK BlueSky list.
Discover ElysiumA feed designed to match all posts written in the style of dialogue from the game “Disco Elysium” by Studio ZA/UM.132023-07-03T01:56:51.290Z
Gay España ♂️ Gay ♂️ España es un feed de acceso opcional que muestra solamente los posts principales (sin respuestas ni reposts) de todos sus miembros. Inspirado y basado en el Himbofeed creado originalmente por
ChastityA feed for anything and everything chastity related! For those who appreciate a little delayed gratification...132023-07-07T03:34:52.171Z
Drug Bust Photo-OpsThe Wonderful World of Brazilian Drug Bust Photo-Ops132023-09-28T19:00:13.490Z
PittsburghSkeetsQuick start of a feed for all things Pittsburgh132023-07-14T01:55:39.463Z
spirk 🖖Hello, fellow Kirk/Spock shippers! An all-purpose feed for Kirk and Spock from Star Trek, including AOS, TOS, and SNW.

Mention "spirk" or "Kirk/Spock" in your posts and they'll show up in this feed. Replies are filtered.
The ArchersTracking "thearchers", "#thearchers"
UndergroundSkyA feed for people working in the space where security, economics and technology collide.132023-10-12T15:05:05.428Z
anticapital (was hot dogpreviously hot dog feed, now anticapitalist feed132023-07-09T06:33:16.834Z
Tummy TuesdayTummy Tuesday!!!

just use tummy and tuesday in your post text or alt-text with an image and get featured to the world!
#nofeed keep it out
🇫🇷 Anime & Manga 📰Messages autour des mangas et des animés en français. Le flux est établi à partir de mot clef, mais également de compte trié sur le volet. L’affichage se fait en direct, du plus récent au plus ancien sur 7 jours maxi.132023-10-28T15:50:25.863Z
Sims4 🇺🇦 Український фід Sims4

! Використовуйте хештег "#сімс4", "сімс 4" або "#thesims4українською" задля відображення ваших постів в цьому фіді!
🌱 Veganbubble+Ein deutschsprachiger Feed aus Posts und Antworen mit dem Stichwort "vegan" ("govegan", "vegane" etc. funktioniert auch) von User:innen aus der Liste "Veganbubble".
Um auf die Liste "Veganbubble" aufgenommen oder entfernt zu werden, meldet euch bei
BlueLZ-TreffenHier können sich Menschen aus dem BlueLZ zu Treffen verabreden. Der Feed repostet

BlueLZTreffen bluelztreffen #BlueLZTreffen #BlueLZTreffen #twlztreffen

Wir planen ein Treffen vom 10. bis 12. Mai 2024 in Kassel.
🖤 Інктобер 2023#інктобер2023
Фід інктоберу для української спільноти
#HamOnt Hijinks1. Any post containing the string #HamOnt, that;
2. Has at least one like
SportsBox Scores, Sports News, Blogs, and Podcasts
Direct Commentary From Sports Journalists

If you're a professional sports pundit and you want to be added to the feed, message
YliopistojuttujaYliopistouutisia, keskustelua akateemisesta elämästä, opiskelusta ja tutkimuksesta132023-10-21T16:39:17.316Z
Alzheimer's and dementiaPosts on Alzheimer's & dementia. Research and awareness on brain aging, cognitive decline, and more. #alzsky

Tags = #dementia #alzheimer #alzheimers #alz #EndAlz #alzsky //Made at
Memes ÑMemes de Ñ
Usa palabras y # con la palabra memes, humor
🥾⛰HIKINGSKY - Posts and reposts with Hiking, Hike, Backpacking, and 🥾⛰ (boot and mountain next to each other), last 7 days. Some exclusions apply, void where prohibited. Remember to leave no trace!132023-08-24T11:41:06.764Z
Silly EarringsFeed for appreciators of silly, unusual, and novelty statement earrings.132023-07-13T00:22:38.233Z
Wheel of Time No SpoilerThis feed is now defunct.
Wheel of Time feed, filtering out posts with any hashtag containing the word spoiler. If you don't mind spoilers, check out this feed:
WildOzAustralian flora and fauna, picks up tags #wildoz #ozbirds #ozpollinators #ozinverts132023-10-19T09:59:07.971Z
Anti Human TraffickingAnti-trafficking work with a human rights, public health, harm reduction lens. List of folks with approaches grounded in rights, root causes, & harm reduction. Curated by @christianashnc. List members' posts get added that include HT, traffick*, exploit*, survivor, or victim.132023-08-21T02:31:23.171Z
Friends and CommunityRecent and interesting posts from your follows and community132023-07-03T01:50:12.945Z
WritingPosts with links to writing sites132023-07-03T01:14:15.859Z
Abortion FeedJust a feed that picks up the word "abortion" from anywhere on Bluesky. Built by Andrea Grimes.132023-10-03T14:56:03.400Z
QSMPQSMP-only feed ! Includes QSMP keywords and Q!something ! Without NSFW (normally)132023-08-26T23:25:06.288Z
DynamyF*ck yeah Dynamy!132023-10-16T08:21:27.613Z
FFXIV WriteA feed for FFXIV fanfiction inspired by the yearly ffxivwrite challenge!

Picks up anything containing:
ffxivwrite | ffxivfanfic | ffxivwriting | ffxivfiction
Polar ExplorationFeed for arctic and antarctic exploration and research, both historical and from the present day.132023-10-16T17:18:12.549Z
#FL_Seminar#fachleiter #fachleiter:innen #fl_seminar #studienseminar132023-10-08T16:19:46.910Z
Warhammer CommunityAll posts tagged with WarhammerCommunity in the post.132023-08-19T14:10:04.633Z
Birbseed Feed🪶SFWWelcome to the feathered side of the furry fandom. Open to anyone with bird content (Bird OC optional). SFW Only.

-Get added by following:
-Added users can post using #furry, #furryart, #fursuit WITH one of the following:
#avian, #bird, #gryphon, #avali, feather/bird emoji.
Roxanne FactsA collection of facts about everyone's favorite cartoon dog gf, Roxanne Rover!132023-08-09T21:34:43.009Z
2dReddersART's Art Feed2dReddersART's Art Gallery!132023-07-24T23:07:13.991Z
Cyber Threat HashtagsA collection of hashtags related to Cyber Threat Intelligence v0.0.1

Logo credits:
Tell It To The JudgeAll posts beginning with the words "Your honor"132023-07-03T00:17:54.335Z
Songwriting 🎼✍️A feed to talk about songwriting. a post will appear here if it has the word songwriting or the tag 🎼✍️.132023-07-23T20:25:29.826Z
Jewsky✡️A feed of Jewish users on Bluesky if you want to be added or removed132023-07-11T05:18:33.403Z
Graphic DesignFeed for everything Graphic Design related.132023-08-28T01:02:38.065Z
Secondary MetabolismA feed for natural products/secondary metabolism/specialized metabolism. Generated from any of the above, or "natprod" or "secmet"132023-10-12T22:21:25.098Z
Jede Woche ein FotoTestfeed für das Fotoprojekt von @dasfotoprojekt.bsky.social132023-10-14T14:16:15.968Z
Cats of BSKYCats of BSKY! Follow the feline feed meow for cats, cats, more cats and yet more cats! //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com132023-08-19T18:24:30.806Z
TransFURmation BlueskyAll posts made on Bluesky containing an image, and the words 'furry' and 'transformation'132023-07-26T02:29:17.799Z
3D PrintingPosts Relating to 3D Printing.132023-09-11T15:43:16.767Z
KürbiswocheFeed zu Swenjas Kürbiswoche

Hashtag: #Kürbiswoche
ColumbusAny post with the words Columbus, Cbus, C-bus, Central Ohio, CMH, or #614. Excludes Christopher Columbus, Columbus Day, & Knights of Columbus.132023-08-02T13:19:59.623Z
Breeding Material Kink#breedingkink #breedingmaterial132023-07-12T21:25:26.498Z
✧ MilliWorks ✧132023-09-19T22:34:35.241Z
Nintendo NewsA curated list of Nintendo news and podcasts.

Will update as more sources join Bluesky!
TheologizingCurating posts about the study of the nature of divinity and the construction of belief. Follow this feed to see the god-talk happening on Bluesky. All posts with theology/theologies/#theology will show up in the feed.132023-07-28T17:28:46.290Z
🔞 Adult (Nudity)The "Adult Content" feed (images flagged as adult content by the filters from the last 24 hours), but images only have the "nudity" label.132023-08-16T13:02:47.279Z
Einfach Vegan!In diesem Feed landen alle Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage mit #EinfachVegan. Er ist gedacht für einfache, vegane Rezepte.132023-10-21T10:58:25.842Z
RPG Maker NetworkThe Bluesky RPG Maker network, for works and discussion about RPG Maker, a series of amateur game development tools. Use emoji code 🏰🎮 or the titles of any engine to get listed.132023-08-06T14:04:43.690Z
Sea of Thieves ⛵A feed for all things pirate among the Sea of Thieves! Taking from search terms, it'll display various posts relating to the game, and from the official account.
Come say ahoy!
Jessica Fox NewsJessica's curated feed of news sites, aggregators, reporters and bloggers. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com132023-10-11T11:42:47.152Z
🔞Gay-Centric FFXIV GposeAn 18+ FFXIV feed centered around gay and male-centric gposes and content.

Feed tag to ensure inclusion: GCGpose

Off-subject content may still show up, but we are filtering out what we can of it. Ability to filter content is limited by posters' tag and keyword usage.
FCM1. FC Magdeburg Content!
Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage mit Hashtags und Schlagwörtern zum FCM in einem Feed.
#fcm #einmalimmer
(inkl. Spieltagshashtags der 2. Bundesliga Saison)
HigherEdTracking "higher education", "faculty development", "pedagogy"
Укрфандом діяльністьФід, який має збирати обміни, реквести і всяку колабораційну діяльність укрфандому. Реагує на слова реквест, трейд, зін, біг бенг, челендж, секретний санта, артбук, збірка і т.д.

Пост збирає лише пости з украрт укрфф укррайт тегами чи словами

Можливі випадкові попадання
Bikes HotTop trending content about bikes across the whole network.132023-10-19T01:21:02.528Z
Funny SkeetsMany beautiful and hilarious people to follow

jokes | comedy | laughs | fun | comic | humor
comedy again | best skeets | xxx | joke twitter
ok not really xxx | I was just running out of tags
yeets | puns | gags | memes | entertainment
#SLPeepsA feed for #SLPeeps (Speech & Language Pathology)

#SLPeeps|#SLP |#SLP2b|#Aud |#AudPeeps
PersonalityPsychPersonality psychology feed. Listens to #personalityPsych, #personalityPsychology and #perpsy132023-09-30T14:26:13.634Z
World's finest feedA superbat fandom feed. All things Bruce, Clark and Superbat.

Includes all posts using the terms Superbat, Batsuper, 숲뱃, クラブル in the skeet or the alt text of an image.
Working on how to add Bruce/Clark to it too.

No Top/Bottom filtering.
Veganer FeedEin deutschsprachiger Feed mit Skeets veganen Inhalts132023-08-23T15:23:52.754Z
ToonamiBuilding you a better feed for a better cartoon show. We call it Toonami. For Toonami fans, old and new. An easy way to discuss the block and live-skeet.132023-07-06T18:49:07.203Z
GlaciologyA custom feed to promote all things icy! Just include any of the words 'glaciology' 'sea ice' or 'ice sheet' in your post for it to appear here. (Hashtag forms also work: #glaciology #seaice #icesheet)132023-10-19T22:21:07.816Z
teia communityTeia is
... a collaborative artwork made of artworks, a place for ideas and creative works.
... a non-profit, open-source online platform for trading digital assets as OBJKT NFTs.
Buffalo SabresBuffalo Sabres Hockey Feed. #sabres132023-09-29T00:49:15.785Z
Koorivlf's ArtKoorivlf's NSFW Artwork
Includes: Transformation (TF) / Goo / Hyper / Chastity / Bondage / Macro / And More
Sammy's Art132023-07-25T07:13:49.285Z
#BskyMarketa market place feed for Bsky! Add #BskyMarket to be listed. It should also pull some crowdfunding and shop links like,,, redbubble, big cartel and links.132023-09-14T14:27:48.612Z
🌫️ Silent Hill"In my restless feeds, I skeet that town." This is the feed for anything and everything related to Silent Hill. Use #silenthill to be included.132023-08-05T01:15:10.260Z
History Book ChatThis is a feed to chat about past / current / future history book reads. Simply use the #histbookchat to appear in feed.132023-10-22T14:46:34.159Z
E-Girl Bazaar Find hotties to buy adult content from now!132023-10-16T15:10:55.671Z
AFTGEverything that contains aftg or #aftg
Only goes back about 7 days
HalloweenwocheFeed zu Horsts Halloween und Gruselwoche132023-10-24T14:53:24.089Z
Piss piss thread for piss pigs132023-07-12T15:07:48.027Z
Cosplay MakersTracking "#cosplaymaker"
Pokemon GoPokemon Go comes to Bluesky!
Tag your posts with #Pokemon Go #PokemonGo or #PoGo to have them show up on this feed. // Made at
Météo et Climat 🇫🇷Feed qui regroupeles plus gros comptes sur la météo et le climat

Pour toute demande :
MadSkyCommunity of people with mental illness or distress who self identify as Mad. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com132023-09-20T19:48:29.491Z
📷 Film PhotographyA feed for lovers of film photography.
Many keywords, it will be improved to be more precise and gather as many posts as possible
ChaosThe anti-algorithm: an entirely random collection of posts from people you're following, from the last 12 hours.132023-07-12T19:07:52.507Z
Writing CommunityWhere writers, readers, and industry professionals can come together to connect with other creatives.132023-07-30T14:31:54.589Z
tuppers chrono vrc feedRegex is `\bvr\s?chat\b|\bvrc\b`, sorted by creation date descending, includes replies132023-08-18T22:08:49.729Z
Baldur's Gate 3A feed for Baldur's Gate 3! Excludes posts with a tag (#) containing the word "spoiler". Twitch and kick links are also filtered to prevent spam.132023-08-02T20:24:20.099Z
magic the gatheringposts about magic the gathering TCG!132023-07-08T02:22:15.156Z
Precure ✨Posts containing the words "precure", "pretty cure", or "プリキュア".132023-09-02T18:31:15.301Z
#FearOfMu21cFeed for #FearOfMu21c132023-09-11T12:31:43.965Z
Trans Masc Topic FeedThis feed picks up skeets (not replies) that include the following keywords in body or alt text: trans masc, transmasc, trans masculine, transmasculine, trans man, transman, testosterone, t-shot.132023-08-13T21:56:18.844Z
InfoWar ExpertsFeed of international disinformation and information warfare experts. For anyone interested in election interference, active measures and cognotive warfare. Feed is being updated, hints welcome. Made by Paul C. Strobel.132023-10-05T16:22:16.312Z
AI ArtMidjourney, Stable Diffusion and other AI images.132023-09-21T19:00:40.028Z
UK Universities UnionTag = #UCU132023-09-27T10:36:55.041Z
Covid Long Partage d'informations sur le Covid Long adulte et pédiatrique, à destination des malades, des professionnels de santé, des journalistes, et du grand public / échanges, soutien entre malades et proches aidants132023-09-29T06:18:46.430Z
LIS / GLAM JobsJob postings for all GLAM job levels. Hashtags: #ArchiveJobs, #LISJobs, #MuseumJobs, #LibraryJobs, #GLAMJobs // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com122023-10-20T00:26:37.533Z
Bilderstrecke: Feeds 👉Im Feed "Bilderstrecke: Feeds" findet ihr Bilder von erstellten Feeds mit Funktionserklärungen.
Kurz und knapp❗
Dazu aussagekräftige Alt-Texte für Menschen, die darauf angewiesen sind.
Geil rauchen 🚬this feed contains all skeets that contain the words geil rauchen or similar wordings122023-08-16T10:04:05.159Z
Arsenal+A full skyline from popular Arsenal commentators & reporters, with a few good football journalists as well.122023-07-11T15:45:00.267Z
Kaeya x DilucHi there! Welcome to the Kaeya x Diluc 🔄 feed. Tag your post with #kaeluc or #luckae to feed it here. Don't forget to adjust your Content Language Settings to see all the gorgeous posts in this feed ;)122023-08-04T19:00:35.173Z
GoldskeetsGerman skeets that have more than 100 likes122023-10-16T11:27:27.206Z
SVWWerder Bremen Content!
Alle Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage mit Hashtags und Schlagworten rund um den SV Werder Bremen in einem Feed!
#werder #svw #werdergeil
(inkl. Spieltagshashtags der Bundesliga Saison)
SkySkyA feed to collect pictures of our beautiful sky, because where better to celebrate it than here on Bluesky?
Add a post to the feed with the tag #skysky or mention sunset or sunrise
it's simonnnn!!!122023-10-13T06:10:23.100Z
VGM People Repository of composers, arrangers, cover artists, labels and content creators covering the VGM beat. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com122023-10-15T05:15:54.613Z
PolitiekPolitieke berichten op Bluesky122023-08-21T11:31:29.735Z
Blacksky: UncutSuggestive images from the Blacksky feed.122023-09-18T03:33:52.315Z
BlocktoberA chronological feed for #Blocktober, when level designers share blockouts from levels that they have worked on. The feed goes back seven days.

Posts are included if they include the world "blocktober" but excluded if they use the word "minecraft", bceause of a seperate, identically named event.
Kaya's Solarpunk FeedA feed I've created where I post stuff about climate hope to fight against climate doomerism.

This feed includes art, infographics, videos, blog posts and also updates on the re-wilding project I'm involved in.
Anime & Manga (Hot)Feed of Anime and Manga fandom Keywords mostly in English.
Sorted using Hacker News Algorithm by engagement. // Made at
NIGGAFEEDblacksky on crack (REAL NIGGAS ONLY)122023-07-03T22:04:35.388Z
KaffeebandeSammelt alle Skeets der letzten 7 Tage die das Wort oder den Hashtag Kaffeebande enthalten.

Antworten sind der Übersichtlichkeit ausgeblendet.
PixelArtMost recent Pixel Art posted on BlueSky122023-07-04T17:13:14.457Z
Bluesgay Bluesky feed for the LGBTQ+ community. It aims to provide a platform for voices, stories, and discussions around LGBTQ+ rights, experiences, and culture. From news updates and advocacy efforts to personal narratives and community highlights within the LGBTQ+ community. Use #Bluesgay to get included.122023-10-20T18:11:57.501Z
Lesemittwoch Lesemittwoch122023-09-27T16:04:29.672Z
#MEAwarenessHourME/CFS #MECFS awareness.

Searches for #MEAwarenessHour #MEAwarenessDay #MEAwarenessWeek #MEAwarenessMonth #SevereMEDay #MillionsMissing in posts and replies that are <2 years old.
Applied PsychologyPosts about applied psychology from the past 7 days122023-09-20T03:16:10.539Z
K&S – SiPol bubbleall SiPol-bubble accounts recommended

( based on 5 of their posts: #1,#2,#3,#4,#5 )
Memorial Device & MDANTTracking ""Memorial Device"", ""MDANT"", ""MD ANT""
astrologya feed for all astrology related posts from across bluesky122023-09-22T16:52:50.557Z
obikin & vaderwanA feed for the obikin and vaderwan ship(s).122023-09-13T14:23:08.078Z
МК Bluesky акаунтиFeed со македонски Bluesky акаунти.122023-09-24T22:01:27.277Z
НидерландскиеПосты на русском языке от живущих в Нидерландах122023-10-08T09:19:50.395Z
#jkvsp7 Alle Posts mit Hashtag #jkvsp7 für die Show Joko und Klaas gegen Pro Sieben122023-10-24T18:04:01.069Z
Tomboy BiMonthly#1 Fake Publication this Side of the Internet122023-07-26T13:52:57.321Z
Philadelphia 76ersFeed for the Philadelphia 76ers NBA team. Includes common keywords like player names. Use #76ers or #sixers to make sure your posts get into the feed.122023-10-28T15:41:06.951Z
#eXistThis feed is created for posts about existentialism, existential psychology, absurdism, and related topics.122023-09-08T04:11:19.013Z
#MGBookChatA place to discuss topics and books related to middle-grade literature.122023-09-19T05:07:29.797Z
WWC Copa Feminina 2023(TESTING) a fan feed for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 - only the last 12 hours of posts

um feed de fã da Copa do Mundo FIFA de Futebol Feminino - só as últimas 12 horas de posts
Die drei FragezeichenWir übernehmen jeden Fall122023-10-14T22:09:17.618Z
Naval HistoryTag your posts with #NavalHistory / #NavHist /#NavyHistory or #NavalAviationHistory /#NavAirHist and if posted in the last seven days, they should show up here. Please only tag posts that relate to naval or naval aviation history.122023-10-15T09:22:17.010Z
DevBioHere's a feed for all things Developmental Biology: cool development processes, cell biology, disease models, model organisms, and more!122023-09-20T15:36:44.367Z
Posts for ScientistsA selection of useful posts for scientists new to BlueSky122023-09-25T18:24:36.459Z
Rubber pups Posts with
Granblue FantasyA feed for Granblue Fantasy related content. Right now just searches for Granblue Fantasy in English and Japanese in text and alt text, as well as the hashtag #GBF.122023-08-23T05:54:49.373Z
HellcheerA feed for all Hellcheer (Eddie Munson/Chrissy Cunningham from Stranger Things) fans!

Please use the term Hellcheer to show in feed. 18+ Friendly
DrosoFeedFeed for posts about our beloved fruit flies. Tag #drosophila or #fruitfly to be included. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com122023-09-28T06:12:57.405Z
ME/CFSEin angepasster Feed für alles zum Thema MECFS von der ÖG ME/CFS.
A customized feed for everything related to MECFS from the ÖG ME/CFS.
#FreePalestine 🇵🇸De la mer au Jourdain, Palestine vaincra !

Retrouvez ici tous les posts avec au moins une de ces mentions :
- #FreePalestine 🇵🇸
- #FreePalestine
- Free Palestine
- Palestine vaincra
Trains, trains, trains!🚂A train feed for all your train needs!
looks for any of the following terms in posts or alt text: train|conductor|caboose|🚂|🚆|🚄|🚅|🚉|🚇
Montreal CanadiensMontreal Canadiens posts on Bsky. Should capture most posts and replies along with all that have the usual hashtags: #Habs and #GoHabsGo.122023-10-23T02:05:45.527Z
QUÉ SON FEEDSRecopilatorio de informaciones sobre feeds y herramientas para bluesky.122023-10-09T06:23:13.601Z
Mushrooms 🍄feed full of mushrooms

tag your post with "🍄" in the post or alt text or "mushroom" in the alt text to be included

might be broken testing
LMCFY BKDK comicSfw comic exploring bkdk in the a/b/o dynamics and addressing topics of self loathing and eating disorders. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com122023-10-18T18:59:13.044Z
CliveJill FeedJust a cool feed of cool posts about Clive, Jill, and CliveJill //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com122023-09-04T21:07:41.279Z
hualian"What matters is 'you' and not the state of you."

A feed for Hua Cheng/Xie Lian from TGCF! This feed picks up posts containing "hualian" and #花怜 from the past 7 days.

Check content/language settings be sure you don't miss posts. Replies filtered.

NRLThis is a feed for the National Rugby League. Any posts with 'NRL', 'NRLW and '#NRL' will appear here.122023-07-24T08:03:34.722Z
News MediaA feed to follow posts from some official news media accounts (Washington Post, New York Times, NPR and Bloomberg* for now)

#ByCSAlles um die Bayern Cloud Schule (Bycs) und ihre Inhalte122023-09-10T17:09:00.213Z
UKRBSKY.ONE Test feed122023-07-03T00:44:59.019Z
AustroskyÖsterreichische Bubble auf Bluesky. Formerly known as Austrotwitter.122023-10-05T06:07:33.220Z
Social WorkA feed for social workers and related topics.

Put #SocialWork in your post to get in for sure, also scanning for other terms, tag to add more terms to the filters.
Skulls & Skeletons 💀Skull Feed In Development by
Feed for Skull & Skeleton Art & Pictures. No AI generated imagery please. Bring on the Bones.
NoskiesNewskies with no likes yet122023-07-04T04:42:53.169Z
Medias🇨🇦 FR/ENun custom feed des médias canadiens 🇨🇦
Anglais et Français
Dog & Cat (JP)「犬」と「猫」のポストを集めました122023-08-20T06:47:26.299Z
Souls GamesFromsoftware Games Posts

프롬소프트 게임관련 글모음
FoodosphèreDe la cuisine, de la gourmandise ! Miam122023-10-29T06:23:40.486Z
PUPSPups media feed 🐕
Use the hashtags #pupplay, #humanpup, #puphood or #woofandwagclub to appear
Feed guide JP日本語圏での最新7日分のカスタムフィード紹介ポストを集めました。
🏆 Best of NewskiesThe best first posts from the Newskies feed and others we stumble upon. Use the hashtag: #BestOfNewskies
No self nomination. Be kind. Enjoy.
Medien ÖsterreichNews aus österreichischen Redaktionen122023-10-03T07:30:00.365Z
Daisy Ridley A feed for #daisyridley covering the last seven days. if there is no content this feed may return an error.

For now, includes replies. if it becomes spammy please let me know I'll fix it.
DesmosAny mention of the word desmos122023-07-10T01:18:17.546Z
Belgian BlueSkyThis feed tracks every skeet or post featuring the hashtags #belgian, #belgium, #belgique, #belgië #vlaams et #belgisch.122023-07-28T09:08:22.047Z
Covid FR, Vaccins etcCOVID en FR, actu vaccins, etc122023-10-28T09:19:16.114Z
Gute NachrichtenPosts mit den Hashtags #GuteNachrichten #gutenewsdestages #gutenews #positivenachrichten122023-10-24T07:05:54.033Z
Vtuber ExtendedAn extended Vtuber feed!
Sorted by latest, searches for Vtuber and related tags ex. Vsinger, Vnyan, live2d, etc
Contact for any moderation needs! // Made at
UK BirdingA feed for all things birds and birding and ornithology in the UK and Ireland - link posts using #ukbirding, #IREbirding, #vismig or #nocmig (now also collecting #ornithology)122023-10-08T10:44:15.478Z
Lauren Ipsum comicsLauren Ipsum comic strip feed!122023-07-25T13:12:50.109Z
Spotify SongsLinks folks post to the music122023-07-03T02:03:18.376Z
Liked by Follows (24h)Posts liked in the last 24 hours by people you follow. Likes are worth less the more posts someone liked!122023-10-10T15:32:43.566Z
BillsMafiaThe premier Buffalo Bills feed on the Skyline!

Simply type BillsMafia to be included.
BB Tw**terUsers on that other site who post about Big Brother.122023-07-25T14:15:06.649Z
Bookish CollectiveTracking (incl plurals): 📚, novel, book, goodreads, storygraph, anthology, story, book review, library, librarian, bookish, amreading, reading, booksky122023-10-26T00:39:03.339Z
お寿司🍣=文化=小宇宙寿司🍣(すし、鮨・鮓、英: sushi)とは、一般に米飯🍚などと主に魚介類🐟を組み合わせた和食。特に握り寿司のこと。伝統的にわさびと一緒に食べられる。122023-09-03T08:54:37.014Z
HotPotatoArtAll my art and fan comics!122023-08-14T18:55:20.217Z
LaravelA feed for Laravel Developers.
Hope it can help to find easily Laravel stuff on BlueSky.
humour frenchhumour francophones sur list de comiques réguliers122023-08-30T09:25:47.433Z
Linguistik 💬#BLinguistikKuratierter Feed für (deutschsprachige) Linguistik, zum Austausch, Vernetzung und gegenseitiger Unterstützung. Hinweis auf Publikationen, Fachdiskussionen etc.
Hashtags: #BlueLinguistik und #BLinguistik

außerdem Skeets mit den Schlagwörtern Linguistik, Sprawi, Sprachwissenschaft abgeholt
🧼💚💀Modern Warfare reboot Soap Ghost things ✨
(be careful about nsfw)
Only AstrologersLists chronologically a selection of posts which are hopefully discussing astrology by filtering for the following astrological keywords:

Astrology, Astrologer, Astrologically, Astrological, Horoscope, Zodiac, or the 🌌 emoji
RoyalsKansas City Royals baseball.

Use #kcroyals, kcroyals, kc royals, kansas city royals, or #heyheyheyhey in your post.

Other Royals posts if relevant.
LTHEFeed for Learning & Teaching in Higher Education and Scholarhip following #LTHE and #SoTL122023-08-16T20:25:57.540Z
Penguin PartyAll the penguins of Bluesky122023-08-12T17:18:05.417Z
Dhr💙☁ DrabblesThe drabbles of our little corner 💚
- Tracking terms like dhr, dramione, Hermione, or Draco and the word drabble.
- Replies and posts with the word WIP are not included
Any questions or suggestions, contact me here or DM me on Twitter (@sly_fffangirl)
Grüne MdEPFeed mit Postings von Grünen Mitglieder des Europäischen Parlaments.

Feed with Green members of the European Parliament.

Quellliste / source list:
Concept ArtistsFill your feed with awesome work by awesome people!
This feed searches for "concept art", "concept artist", "environment concept", "prop concept", "character concept", "weapon concept", "vehicle concept"

declare any accused pet INNOCENT to save them from jail time

hat tip to for being the staunch defender of so many innocents
GPOSERSGPOSERS is the place to view and share your your amazing Final Fantasy XIV (and more!) screenshots! Inspire others with your amazing work or like and share a fellow GPOSERS screenshots! // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com122023-10-22T00:28:11.891Z
Etymology (multilingual)Etymology feed

Tag: #etymology
slutxian feedCelebrate and share your horniest wei wuxian takes. All ships, kinks, and dynamics welcome as long as they're wwx-centric. Tracks slutxian.

Since individual posters control their content warnings, this feed is considered a choose not to warn space.
Bildergefischten Dieser Feed sammelt für Euch die Bildergefischten.122023-10-03T05:23:41.774Z
Bergwelt-CommunityDer Feed für alle, die Berge und Wandern lieben!
#Berge #Wandern #Alpen #Alpinismus #Bergsteigen

The feed for everyone who loves mountains and hiking!
#Mountains #Hiking
🖤Kylux🧡Watches for posts tagged #Kylux122023-08-26T03:13:26.154Z
Linux & FOSSPosts related to Linux, open-source, and free software.122023-08-15T20:16:55.422Z
JuliaFor the Julia programming language122023-08-04T19:13:23.036Z
LINKS MUTE LISTSTodo listas de muteo122023-10-26T10:07:14.715Z
Autismus ADHS InklusionAutismus
PowerShell Finding the PowerShell and pwsh122023-08-19T07:04:47.649Z
MetaDAOistsThose into Crypto/web3/Blockchains/DLTs tech and are also Leftist/Marxist/MetaModernist/Regen/Solarpunk122023-07-03T03:12:51.638Z
Heron Image FeedA feed with images of herons (per text found in skeet body or in image alt-text).

Feed avatar image in the public domain courtesy of Dave Pape.
Archaeology/AnthropologyTracking anything to do with archaeology and anthropology. Includes 🏺 and related tags.122023-08-14T19:09:04.908Z
WIBWaktu Indonesia bagian Bluesky.
(Post and replies from Indonesian speakers)
Nyyssi.fiSuomalaisten uutismedioiden RSS-syötteistä koottu feedi.122023-10-18T16:00:41.699Z
SploonskyFor all of your Splatoon and Splatoon-related needs.
[Automatically filters reposts and tagged posts. Made with's Feed Builder.]
elit & intficA feed of electronic literature, digital narrative, and interactive fiction scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts.122023-08-16T13:10:10.019Z
KRBKFeed for all things ship related to KRBK or Kirishima/Bakugou from BNHA! Beware of NSFW~122023-09-24T22:56:23.890Z
Shmup STGShooting Games, STG, shmups, arcade shooters122023-09-22T15:17:30.568Z
The Jimmy flippin' posts122023-08-22T13:55:20.567Z
#NeuHier ✌️ bei Bluesky Dieser Feed zeigt alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen der HashTag #NeuHier genutzt wurde.122023-08-30T15:57:27.395Z
FisheriesA list collating all posts on fisheries. Posts need to contain "Fisheries" "Fishery" or "Bycatch"122023-10-20T17:10:25.921Z
Melbourne QueersA feed for Melbourne Queers to share and connect with each other. to be included in feed. like and share!122023-09-19T06:51:23.753Z
KleinerKunsttauschKleinerKunsttausch. Unter diesem "Hashtag" / Stichwort findest du alle Beiträge, alle Kunstwerke, die in den kleinen Kunsttausch mit einfließen.122023-10-06T07:35:20.238Z
namjoon feedposts mentioning namjoon (that also include images)122023-09-28T18:28:10.201Z
Free Use Kink Fetish#freeuse #freeusekink122023-07-13T00:22:24.473Z
Pokemon ArtA Feed for Pokemon Art122023-07-27T20:56:54.707Z
Bloody Hell KenCustom feed for BBC Radio 4 Uncanny podcast and BBC 2 Uncanny TV show. Picks up #uncanny, #bbcuncanny and Danny Robins. Not case sensitive. WIP as the odd unrelated thing might appear until i can remove them.112023-10-27T21:07:54.757Z
Media FRL'actu des 3 derniers jours avec un feed info safe issu de média fiables (le monde, libé, mediapart...)112023-10-24T13:23:59.057Z
Fire Emblem (New)Feed of Fire Emblem related keywords. Might accidentally get other random posts too. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-07-27T10:47:09.859Z
Alles Politik🏛️Dieser Feed erfasst alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage mit dem Tag #Politik🏛️

Bitte ausschließlich für politische Inhalte nutzen!

Sprachfilter = German
#MicrosoftFabricPosts relating to Microsoft Fabric.112023-08-14T19:20:52.456Z
Informationssicherheit+Trigger: Verschlüsselung|Authentifizierung|Passwort|Firewall|Malware|Phishing|Trojaner|Ransomware|Datenschutz|Cyberangriff|Hacker|Datenleck|Schwachstelle|Backup|Zwei-Faktor-Authentifizierung|Informationssicherheit|IT-Sicherheit|Cybersicherheit112023-10-05T20:17:52.263Z
ChainJokesFeed of popular "chain jokes" that always show up, like "She __ on my __ it I ___ " and "ACAB includes..."

Tag to add more joke formats.
One Piece 🏴‍☠️🪙One Piece fanart, discussions, memes, etc collected via keywords, or add to the feed with 🏴‍☠️🪙112023-07-10T21:45:32.230Z
onkazhaba's artартфід княгині жабині as it is112023-07-24T15:53:09.647Z
Jeremy Renner OfficialThe official app for exclusive Jeremy Renner content on Bluesky112023-07-06T02:07:04.564Z
Foodie feedImages of food, selected by various emoji and filtered by keywords and mutelists in an attempt to keep things SFW112023-10-12T08:43:41.590Z
AvGeek & PaxEx ActivityA collection of content tagged with AvGeek or PaxEx, a/k/a the stuff I'm mostly interested in.112023-10-23T02:15:16.557Z
The ProtogensA feed of just Protogens! Use #protogenfeed for your post to be included, or post "i'm a protogen!" to be added permanently! You may be automatically added if your bio includes "protogen".112023-09-21T22:29:10.837Z
SMT & PersonaA feed of primarily SMT/Persona related posts, although other usages of the word "persona" may pass through.112023-08-29T23:07:55.844Z
SMV's Picture Timemedia feed for stolen milf valor112023-07-26T21:51:30.573Z
HaikuA feed dedicated to haiku!

Use #haiku in your skeet for it to appear in this feed.
All PostsThis Feed contains all posts from the entire Bluesky network.112023-07-25T12:36:29.472Z
SFN2023Everything about 2023 Society for Neuroscience Conference. Behind the scenes, all the preparations, poster presentations, talks, etc.
FFXIV Writers FeedA compendium for Bluesky's Final Fantasy XIV Fic Writers

Use the hashtag #ffxivwriters in your post to be included. Please make sure to specify tw, cw or if nsfw, tysm.

( any feed concerns, please reach out to itsladyj )
Hello, VRCworld!Welcome world builders!

Please share & create your awesome worlds made for VRChat

This feed will searc for the following terms:

VRChat | VRC | UnityDev | BlenderDev | VRCPhoto | VRChatPhotography | VRCWorld | Blender Tips | Unity Tips | #VRCWorldDev | #VRCPhoto | #VRCWorldShowcase
Los AngelesA feed for all things Los Angeles.

Mention Los Angeles, LA, the Valley, or LAsky, or add the tag #losangeles, #thevalley, or #LAsky, and your post will (hopefully) appear here.
WoL Postingcaution: wolposting!

just the moniker i've been using for posting my own personal gposes. anyone's free to use the tag of course! if it's in this feed, i'll probably repost it.
FOAMedA feed that collects #FOAMed and #FOAM.112023-10-29T16:38:58.797Z
SFF Book ReviewsSci-fi and Fantasy book reviews from the past week. To have your review included, use #BookReview and at least one of these terms: Fantasy, SciFi, SFF, and/or Science Fiction.112023-09-27T17:37:37.751Z
Learning SciencesAggregates posts by users on a list of learning sciences people, kept by For now all posts by those users are included. As the list of ppl grows, I might make it so that only posts by those ppl that mention certain keywords get aggregated. Contact me to be added.112023-09-21T22:20:41.589Z
Прокрастиную??Мої малюнки шоб не губити112023-07-25T05:09:29.359Z
Naturaleza 💚Todas las publicaciones sobre Naturaleza, fotografías, medioambiente. 💚🌍
All publications about Nature, photographs, environment. 💚🌍
Described AdultThe "Adult Content" feed (images flagged as adult content by the filters from the last 24 hours), but every image has alt text. Ignores skeets with the text "#private" or "!no-promotion".112023-08-16T13:02:47.897Z
TTRPGskyTTRPGs of all flavors and the nerds who love them112023-08-03T01:33:31.252Z
PolitiikkaPelkkää politiikkaa! Laita viestiin #politiikka, niin pääset varmasti mukaan fiidiin.112023-10-23T19:31:04.932Z
SimsSkyFeed-powered Sims feed; watches for Sims, Simmers, Simssky, Maxis, and Life by You (from Paradox) in all posts. Tuning suggestions welcome.112023-07-09T15:20:32.426Z
MassSpecHelpCollecting posts asking for help for all things mass spec. Use #massSOS or if you forget, it should find any combo of mass spec-y terms + help or SOS or hivemind or consult.

Algo is last 7 days, chrono sort.
Board Game DesignersFeed of board game designers and developers.112023-07-11T15:17:47.355Z
Who's AlicePosts from all the Alices.112023-07-03T04:21:09.843Z
하늘문방구문구 관련 글 피드
#문구 #캡슐뽑기 #하늘문방구
AviationA quick and dirty Aviation, AvGeek, and PaxEx feed. Include any one of those terms in your post for it to be picked up.112023-07-08T02:51:31.541Z
Animanga en españolPosts sobre anime y/o manga en español112023-07-20T03:29:31.228Z
The 5th LineA feed for Columbus Blue Jackets fans. Write CBJ, Blue Jackets, Fifth Line or 5th Line and the post will show in the feed.112023-09-26T18:53:12.679Z
Comics Sky FeedA feed showing posts related to comics112023-07-31T14:47:14.420Z
GingerRose 🌹A feed for #gingerrose, the Rose Tico and Armitage Hux ship from Star Wars.

Covers the last 7 days of content (Skyfeed limitation).
アニメとマンガ 最新アニメやマンガのフィード //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-08-30T11:25:27.277Z
#wirsindmehrDiesr Feed sucht alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage in denen 'wirsindmehr' und/oder 'FCKAFD' vorkommt.112023-08-22T22:06:55.067Z
workingmemoryFeed for anything related to human working memory, broadly construed - tag: #workingmemory112023-09-27T08:37:15.939Z
Art & Hobbies SkyA place to find fanart, Warhammer, Gunpla, and other fun & creative hobbies.112023-07-25T14:48:09.460Z
The Opera Feed!A feed for opera lovers - fans, artists, newcomers, all are welcome and a variety of composers, operas and performers historical and contemporary are included as keywords. Too many regex terms to list here, but posts with the word opera will show up112023-10-27T19:58:47.019Z
Romantasy 📚💛⚔️Feed for romantasy writers! Tracks various related words, including "romantasy" and "fantasy romance writer"112023-08-29T23:09:40.784Z
Orcs of RykarrA feed of Orcs from my profile; I create 3D fan "art" of World of Warcraft OCs. Content is typically 18+, NSFW, and very gay.

Also includes creations by ak0.
PossumsOpossums with the #possum and #opossum112023-08-05T01:12:08.395Z
Class WarA feed of labor related skeets112023-07-05T16:08:21.704Z
삼성라이온즈삼성라이온즈 일희일비112023-08-07T12:31:41.466Z
Writing PromptsTracking "#WritingPrompt", "#mpotd", "#vss365"
#LDSconf FeedA feed for those who live post during the general conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Requires use of #ldsconf tag.112023-09-30T05:35:27.919Z

This feed is dedicated to our favorite boy scout in DC Comics: Superman! I hope everyone has a good time here!
Israel-Palestine WarFeed of trending posts featuring keywords related to the Israel-Palestine War including Israel, Hamas, Palestine, Gaza, etc. Please seek out reliable sources for confirmed news.112023-10-17T21:03:38.678Z
#탐조#탐조 피드입니다
Yiff CaptionsNSFW furry captioned images112023-08-15T11:57:21.064Z
Будьмо!Фід любителів мекнути.
Реагує на українську мову.
Пиво, вино, горілка, коньяк, бренді, текіла і т.і...
🍻 Cheers!
Pantyhose and NylonsPantyhose, nylons, stockings, hosiery112023-07-12T20:52:38.082Z
Short StoriesTracking "#ShortStory", "#ShortFiction"
VinhosPosts dos últimos 7 dias com a hashtag #vinhos112023-07-30T13:31:39.063Z
Detroit Tigers Detroit Tigers baseball feed.

Constant work in progress.

#Tigers or #RepDetroit automatically gets in feed.

Posts included up to 3 days.
Scriptsky+Displays posts that include one of several screenwriting terms and scriptsky…112023-10-13T11:07:54.101Z
League of Legends fanartWelcome to "League of Legends fanart." A feed that hosts the LoL community's fanart on Bluesky.

To add your art to the feed, use the "#Leagueoflegendsfanart" or "#Artoflegends" hashtags in your post. Have fun.
Alder's ArtCollection of my art posts ~112023-07-25T05:45:21.502Z
posters postinga feed full of posters, posting

includes bangers, shitposts, and quality content
Trash TV Feed DEUTSCH 🇩🇪Alles Trashige im TV.

Schlagt mir bitte weitere Hashtags vor, wenn ihr was vermisst.
Monsterfuckers UnitedNSFW! ADULTS ONLY!

Monsterfuckers be HERE! Feed to find monsterfucker art

Captures keywords Monsterfucker, Monsterfuckerart, Monsterfucking, Monsternsfw, Monstercock, Monsterpussy
Aussie RulesAFL and AFL Women's Feed.

Posts with either #afl or #aflw will appear in the feed.
nurderHSV#nurderHSV or #hsv mentions in last 7 days112023-10-26T19:19:01.448Z
На русскомЛента для русскоязычного комьюнити. Хронологическая.112023-10-11T21:18:07.758Z
Amateur / Ham RadioAmateur radio / ham radio related posts

Feel free to send me suggestions, heads up on false positives, etc.
AmateurRadio #AmateurRadio HamRadio #HamRadio
Chicago CubsA feed for Chicago Cubs chat.
Mentioning cubs or players' names will mean you appear here. Alternatively use #chicubs or #cubs.
RoomsnakesCollection of my comic pages and promotional pictures!112023-07-31T09:11:40.331Z
ReyloweenReyloween feed use tags #reyloween and #reyloween23 to fill112023-09-14T15:14:59.263Z
LitRPG & ProgressionCreated by Erin Ampersand for progression and litRPG fans.

Include litRPG, progression fantasy, progfantasy, or gamelit in your post to have it included.
vss365Pulls in all posts with vss365 in text. Replies and reposts are excluded.112023-10-20T01:29:24.684Z
Shenanigansany mention of the word shenanigans112023-07-06T22:03:33.661Z
taehyung feedposts that mention taehyung (and also include images)112023-09-28T18:26:42.710Z
SpaceTracking "astronomy", "cosmology", "astrophysics"
TestSkyA feed of Software Testers on BlueSky //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-09-20T12:59:16.719Z
CaturdayTracking "Caturday", "#Caturday"
World LiteratureCreating a custom feed for world literature; this looks for posts that mention "Translated by", #WITMonth, International Booker and a few others.

Let me know if there are more phrases we need to add
evergreenevergreen posts112023-07-17T20:29:26.091Z
ReligionEDUreligiöse Bildung, Religionsunterricht, ReligionEDU, digitalRUnde, Reli, RU, IslamischerRU, "reli(lab|chat|gion(s?unterricht|.*unterricht))"
Code frei verfügbar und hier zum updaten:
AWS CommunityThis is a test feed served from an AWS Lambda. It is a list of AWS Employees, AWS Heroes and AWS Community Builders112023-07-17T15:24:41.142Z
PostskyA feed for post-production professionals.

Gathers postchat, postsky, timelinetuesday
BundesregierungFeed aller Skeets von deutschen Bundesminister:innen &, Staatssekretär:innen inkl. Regierungsprecher:innen auf BlueSky.112023-10-18T09:56:37.751Z
H96Hannover 96 Content!
Beiträge mit Hashtags und Schlagwörter zum Hannoverschen Sportverein von 1896 in einem kurzweiliegen H96 Feed zusammengefasst.
#h96 #niemalsallein #alteliebe
(inkl. Spieltagshashtags der 2. Bundesliga Saison)
UkraineKompaktNewsletter mit relevanten News über die Ukraine, den Krieg und Entwicklungen in Russland.
Ein Thread täglich.
JP Images日本語設定の画像を抽出。(Japanese Images)112023-10-15T08:43:35.258Z
Vancouver CanucksA feed dedicated to posts about the Vancouver Canucks Hockey Club #Canucks112023-10-06T14:22:40.427Z
soriku feed 👑Feed with all new posts that contain the word "soriku" 💙112023-09-27T21:30:34.298Z
FFXIV Ancients' EtheirysFeed covering the Convocation and Ancients pre, un, and sundered and their world112023-09-09T22:49:36.247Z
🇺🇦 #photoПости з тегами #photo, #фото, #укрфото від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Panties and UnderwearPanties and underwear feed #panties #underwear112023-07-12T19:28:47.901Z
Crispy's art feedA place for my art112023-07-29T06:39:15.939Z
Irish WritersIrish Writers112023-10-03T13:57:06.884Z
Magical GirlsFor all magical girl, boy, and hero media! Both pop culture and indie. Let me know if an IP you like isn't showing up in the feed.112023-10-26T04:57:33.109Z
TatortFeed zur Sendung Tatort

Hashtag: #Tatort
fromNAVI🌟 fromARGONAVIS fan Feed! 🌟
use #アルゴナFA (fanart), #interナビ (international ARGONAVIS fans), #キミステ (new app game).
alternative post of アルゴナビス, fromARGONAVIS, Argonavis, GYROAXIA, Fantôme Iris, 風神RIZING, εpsilonΦ, ST//RAYRIDE 🚢🐉👑🦇⚡🧸
searches for wizard wednesday, witch wednesday, and warlock wednesday terms
#Psychologie (de)Dieser Feed sammelt deutschsprachige Posts mit #Psychologie.112023-09-04T11:52:45.757Z
#CivilFleetThe civil fleet defends the right to life for all people on the move in the #Med. #SolidarityAndResistance
Already on board: ABR | Alarm Phone | Compass Collective | Iuventa Crew | Lifeline | MARE*GO | Sea Punks | Sea Eye HRO |Sea-Watch [de]+[en] | SMH
Early ChristianityTracking "EarlyChristianity", "EarlyChurch", "ApostolicFathers"
Literatura fantástica ÑFeed de posts en castellano sobre literatura fantástica112023-09-12T19:50:59.256Z
ConfigMgr/IntuneFeed for the Microsoft Config Manager and Intune community
Hastags #configmgr #memcm #sccm #intune #msintune //Made at
Pokemon Feed (New)Feed of Pokemon terms, latest at the top. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-08-16T06:23:55.669Z
Academic WritingWelcome to the Academic Writing feed!

Tags: #AcWri |#NaAcWriMo|#SciWri|#AcademicWriting

(The feed isn't case sensitive, but please use CamelCase and add alt text to images to improve accessibility.)
Queer & Trans JoyHier sind alle eingeladen ihre Freude mit sich, ihrer Queerness, zu teilen. Denn nichts macht uns stärker, aber nichts sieht man seltener. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-08-22T11:57:05.085Z
#ブギウギNHK連続テレビ小説(朝ドラ)『ブギウギ』のフィードです。#ブギウギ #朝ドラブギウギ のタグの付いた投稿を取得します。112023-10-08T08:21:29.417Z
🌥️ Looming ratioLots of 💬, not enough ❤️ (3h window). Could be a bad take, but could also be a really interesting question!112023-10-15T15:51:35.762Z
StetPetTracking "StetPet", "StetPets", "StetPlant"
World Food世界の食べもの112023-07-19T01:29:52.984Z
I-O & Work PsychologyPosts about industrial, organizational, and work psychology112023-09-21T00:07:46.178Z
The Never Forget Feed9/11 stuff bro112023-07-03T02:28:23.491Z
Latinx/e In STEMWelcome to Latinx/e in STEM!

This feed curates posts from several community leaders and posts that tag LatinxInSTEM, LatinaInSTEM, LatinoInSTEM, LatineInSTEM, SACNAS, NDiSTEM, ABRCMS, and SACNista.

Tags are not case sensitive, but for accessibility please use CamelCase and add alt text to images!
Real Housewives World 🍸✨Indulge in the drama, glamour & chaos of Bravo's Real Housewives world! 🍸✨ Stay updated with juicy gossip, fierce confrontations, and opulent lifestyles in this ultimate fan hub. #RealHousewives112023-08-21T04:33:25.249Z
104All 104 Peeps112023-08-03T14:56:44.153Z
Geekery!Find your people and Get your Geek on! Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Games, Comics, and more. #geekery112023-08-18T21:06:02.429Z
#RipCityFeeds of posts containing #RipCity, Portland Trail Blazers, Trail Blazers, and other keywords related to the NBA team from the State of Oregon.112023-10-26T04:32:10.886Z
Darts ArtZCDartz art feed112023-08-11T03:49:59.625Z
🔗 Journalist LinksLink posts by verifiable journalists. Maintained by
Arcade Rhythm GamesA feed that collects a bunch of terms of common japanese rhythm games. (Might have a few false positives. will try to minimize them( //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-08-13T14:39:55.246Z
Motherland Fort SalemFeed for Motherland Fort Salem

List of the used terms here:

If you think I missed a term, tell me and I can add it,
#FinishUrBookFall#FinishUrBookFall - a gentle writing event to help motivate writers without pushing them to burnout! Include the tag to get in the feed.112023-09-13T16:20:22.936Z
righteaous gemstonesposts that mention "righteous gemstones" or some of the characters or some hashtags, if your post doesn't show up tag me and tell me what keyword(s) to add112023-08-07T05:33:00.393Z
Book History and moreTracking "books", "old books", "very old books"
PsychLawFor posts on psycholegal issues & the intersection of psychology & law: #PsychLaw, PsychologyLaw, LegalPsych, Psych and Law, Psychology and Law112023-09-29T03:37:59.300Z
Sewers and knitters🧵🧶
#TRPG-KORTRPG 관련 키워드 및 코어룰북 이름이 언급된 7일 이내의 국내 포스트를 모아봅니다. 포스트 언어 설정이 'Korean' 만으로 작성된 것만 보여요! / SkyFeed 서버 이용중.

구인글만 모아보시려면 파멸의 씨푸드님이 생성하신 피드를! >>
DEADICATIONContent related to DEADICATION (include DEADICATION in your post - case sensitive)112023-09-23T10:07:56.541Z
Lego FeedLego, Bionicle, Duplo, AFOL, minifig, MOC(s), Technic, Ninjago, Mindstorm112023-08-23T14:54:22.520Z
SFF & SpecFic FeedWhat it says on the tin.112023-10-26T00:40:17.810Z
Art: Week PeakHottest posts in art from the past 7 days. Use #art. Filters out AI/NFTs112023-09-26T20:32:47.829Z
sefer kadoshevery post mentioning the Torah, Talmud, Midrash, Parashat, Tanakh, Tehillim, Siddur, Zohar and Pirkei Avot (if you have any suggestion, please tell me!)112023-07-12T22:29:02.078Z
우성명헌 관련 피드입니다. #우성명헌 #우명 #밤뿅 #사와후카 #사와명헌 #우성후카 #沢深 #さわふか #sawafuka #swfk #woomyeong #泽深 #澤深
BaraA feed dedicated on all things Bara art related

anything that contains the word "bara" in the post or text will appear on this feed
IDSkyPost tagged with "IDsky" or "IDSky." Anything of interest to infectious diseases docs, microbiologists, and epidemiologists112023-09-22T17:30:02.755Z
The Cat Canoe!Join our cat canoe using catsky! 🐈112023-09-23T09:49:10.451Z
KB's Art FeedArt only.112023-07-06T02:27:04.128Z
GothicCoverage = #academia #Gothic #Literature #research #history // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-09-27T09:00:49.600Z
mimi beading 🪡🧵112023-07-20T07:26:33.295Z
SailingTracking "sailing", "sailboat", "⛵️"
PhiladelphiansPeople who live in Philadelphia or consider themselves Philadelphians. @ me to be added.112023-07-07T21:17:31.581Z
New Fellas NAFONews about new fellas joining Bluesky and tools and tips for new fellas. All posts with 'New fella' plus 'NAFOTech'112023-10-29T17:44:07.443Z
#ACESVCon23A feed for conversations about and during ACES' 2023 virtual conference (ACES VCon23). Use #ACESVCon23 to post to the feed112023-09-26T13:00:22.832Z
PixelArtPixelArt feed! Now with zero replies and only including images. Mention pixel art in your post or in alt text to be included!112023-08-19T13:50:54.454Z
Final Fantasy VIIThis feed is mainly for Final Fantasy VII and its various spin-off titles.112023-08-16T22:17:10.835Z
YGO TCG#ygo - Yugioh related feed with a comprehensive pick-up list including most archetypes, excluding common false positive triggers.

Filters out other card games. SFW only.
Strappy SaturdayStrappy and strap Saturday #strappysaturday112023-07-12T20:20:47.745Z
facialsfeed for facials use #facials or facials to have your pic in the feed112023-07-19T02:52:40.183Z
グオメ|グッド・オーメンズ|グッドオーメンズ|Good Omens|GoodOmens|アジラフェル|クロウリー
ItalianFood🍝Tracking "italianfood", "#italianfood"
EVsA feed featuring Electric Cars and Ebikes.112023-07-19T21:59:51.773Z
Куди дівати інвайти?112023-08-22T11:20:37.824Z
🛠️Fursuit Makertracking fursuit makers (#fursuitmaker)112023-08-06T09:20:18.397Z
CanSky/OncoSky/Cancer BSA feed for the cancer communityreuniting here from Twitter.112023-09-21T20:07:51.539Z
NegativiFeedA feed of negative posts from the whole network (as determined by sentiment analysis)112023-08-07T02:54:02.522Z
#SolidarityAndResistanceSeenotrettung Menschenrechte Migration // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com112023-10-29T14:46:55.966Z
BlueyBluey, Bingo, Chilli, and Bandit Heeler112023-07-26T18:19:28.004Z
Folgeempfehlungen #FF 😎👍Dieser Feed zeigt alle Posts der letzten 7 Tage an, in denen der HashTag #FF oder die Worte Folgeempfehlung bzw. Folgeempfehlungen genutzt wurden.112023-08-30T17:17:12.765Z
WWDITSWhat We Do In The Shadows general feed chronological :)112023-08-23T20:59:21.285Z
Open-Source HardwareOpen-Source Hardware112023-07-04T18:33:21.740Z
Rnarccus Art FeedA feed featuring just my illustrations112023-08-16T14:51:59.003Z
🔞 Femboyyyyys >~<NSFW femboy pics112023-09-28T19:45:54.055Z
Soil ScienceSoil Science feed is an automatic curation of posts related to soil science.

Add #soilscience to your post to add it to this feed.
Guidos WeltDie politische Welt in Kommentaren und Zeichnungen meiner Stifte112023-10-03T06:39:36.732Z
IditarodIditarod feed dedicated to mushing and the race. A clean place for #uglydogs without the clutter of other discussions102023-08-04T11:36:46.962Z
MathematicsAny mention of the word 'mathematics'102023-07-03T00:34:44.236Z
Bienvenue petite pute <3Marie, hôtesse d'accueil
et Abdokro, portier.
Drawtober / Inktober Tracking "drawtober", "inktober", "drawtober2023"
🎨 Art Stuff Posts of art all in one102023-08-04T05:27:15.428Z
#HigherEdCollecting all posts tagged with #HigherEd102023-08-14T18:40:21.173Z
Alterhumans Galore!a Feed for Therians, Otherkin, & other Alterhumans! key words for posts to be shared in the feed: therian, otherkin, alterhuman, theriotype, therio, kintype, voidpunk, species dysphoria, fictionkin,(shifts>)phantom|dream|cameo|astral|sensory|mental+shift,102023-09-19T03:08:39.351Z
The PTThe McSquirrel rule is still play.102023-08-12T17:55:52.253Z
Cybersecurity TopicsTracking "cybersecurity", "infosec", "encryption"
The Sims 🇺🇦! Данний фід охоплює вже існуючі фіди як Sims4 🇺🇦 , Sims3 🇺🇦, Sims2 🇺🇦 та Sims1 🇺🇦!

!Будь ласка, перевіряйте свої хештеги у відповіднх фіди, аби ваш пост потрапив сюди!
Techno BSKYFor all techno deejays, producers and everyone who just loves Detroit's finest artform. Boing, boom tschak! //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com102023-08-20T22:20:34.919Z
XichengA feed collecting Xicheng posts from the past week. Posts must have "xicheng" "曦澄" or "#xicheng" in the post to appear here.102023-10-23T01:00:08.115Z
Audfox UpdatesA feed of audfox's posts only about Manyvids, OF and Fansly updates102023-07-06T22:05:27.918Z
The Jojocest Feed1 year of jojocest posts. WIP. DM me if you don't see your ship or post on here102023-09-20T00:26:39.201Z
macOS Feed with posts about Apple's Mac operating system102023-09-05T23:39:07.885Z
PsychSciSky and more7 day feed of


make your own version on skyfeed
2.Liga2. Bundesliga Content!
Dieser Feed enthält alle deutschsprachigen Fußball Beiträge der letzten 7 Tage, welche mit den gängig(st)en Hashtags der Zweitligisten versehen sind.
QUIZUn thème et 4 images102023-08-31T13:57:24.633Z
Art with ProcreateFR : Un feed pour celles et ceux qui déssinent avec procreate

EN : A feed for those who design with procreate

#procreate #dessinnumerique #ipadprocreate #artwithprocreate #procreateart #art
One-Place StudiesA feed showing all posts (including replies, but not re-posts), most recent first, added within the last 7 days and containing any of the following tags: OnePlaceStudy / OnePlaceStudies / OnePlaceWednesday / StreetStudy / HouseHistory / FamilyHistory / LocalHistory (case sensitive).102023-08-12T13:59:10.272Z
Super Mario FeedDiscovery page for Mario Content -☆- Image Only //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com102023-08-24T20:35:38.680Z
Aotearoa Gardens 🌱🇳🇿This is a feed for people from Aotearoa New Zealand to share posts about anything gardening related. You can use any of the hashtags #māra #mahimāra #mārakai #putiputi #tipu #nzgardens #nzgardening #gardeningnz #aonzgardening #aotearoagardening or tag your post with these emojis: 🌱🇳🇿102023-10-15T03:45:59.082Z
닥터 후 (KR)BBC SF 영국드라마 <닥터 후> 한국어 피드. 키워드 추가 제안 받습니다.102023-09-19T12:29:44.511Z
DabiHawksFeed for DabiHawks shipper.
This feed search for terme such as:
-hawks only if it also includ "dabi" somewhere in the post
-Touya only if "Keigo" is also included somewhere in the post
-hotwings (only if "dabi" and "hawks" are included somewhere)
🔀「VAPORWAVE」Algorithmic feed of artists, musicians, and people involved in the vaporwave scene. Also catches all posts mentioning "vaporwave" in the last 7 days. Ping to be added to list!

Check the chronological feed:
Hip Hop on BlueskyA simple feed that searches posts with "Hip Hop", "Rap" or "Rapper" on them.102023-09-22T14:55:08.515Z
Ann Arbor + YpsiPosts mentioning Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti102023-07-27T19:26:08.688Z
Art Commissions OpenIf you open commissions, please don't forget to use the #CommissionsOpen tag for everyone to see =)102023-07-28T12:11:53.176Z
RemissionBiomeThis feed pulls posts that reference RemissionBiome.102023-09-30T22:24:50.857Z
Vimeddiee's art feedArt-only feed! Fan art and Original.102023-07-11T18:25:25.088Z
KRBK Events102023-10-17T19:56:41.422Z
Boulder | ColoradoSkeets that mention Boulder or Colorado, or related terms102023-09-19T17:52:28.332Z
Silent FilmA feed for silent film enthusiasts. Use #SilentFilm, #SilentCinema or #Silentbsky (not case sensitive) to have your post added to feed. Also picks up on phrases "silent movies", "silent film" & "silent cinema" if hashtags are not used. Now including non-English tags in DE,SP,IT,FR & Bra. Portuguese102023-10-13T05:49:19.662Z
FlomaskShow all contains flomask.102023-08-20T13:14:33.266Z
The Great ShufflePosts from a random subset of users who liked this feed. Like to participate, and remove like to opt out.

Feed authors get shuffled once a day.
Liverpool FCSkeeting about Liverpool FC

19 League Titles
6 European Cups
8 FA Cups
3 UEFA Cups
4 UEFA Super Cups
1 FIFA Club World Cup
16 Community Shields

Thicc ThighsThicc Thighs

#thiccthighs #thickthighs
Smooshkin's Furry ArtSmooshkin's furry art! (Horny)

incl. bondage, chastity, latex, gay, multiboob
Irish ResearchA feed for any research or science being done in Ireland 🇮🇪102023-10-26T07:43:58.955Z
Sunrise • Sunset 🌅A feed of Sunrise & Sunset photos. 🌅 🌄 🌆 🌇 (This is a nature feed & is may be refined over time.) Created by @hilarybaumann.com102023-07-29T02:45:26.974Z
ZhongchiliWelcome to Zhongchili feed, centered around relationship between Zhongli and Tartagli from Genshin impact. The feed contains latest works (at most 15 days) tagged as Zhongchili, Tartali or Zhongchi!102023-10-05T08:52:25.507Z
VRcademicSkyShare and discover research involving virtual reality.
Tag with #vrcademicsky to appear in this feed.
Run by //Made at
Feed of foodFood mentions for finding cooking inspiration.

First feed experiment.
Drigi's art feedFeed of all my art posts on here!102023-08-14T17:59:17.296Z
#FollowFriday (Deutsch)#FF und #Followfriday gefiltert für deutschsprachige Accounts (filtert nur die letzten 7 Tage ganz im Sinne des Follow Friday)102023-10-20T19:02:09.428Z
Hashtags für ORF-ContentDeutschsprachige Inhalte mit Hashtags der gängigen ORF-Formate (zu viele, um hier aufgezählt zu werden. Vorschläge für Erweiterungen sind willkommen)102023-10-25T14:13:05.374Z
Pflegende Angehörige#pflegendeAngehörige
Warga +62Random skeets warga Indonesia102023-09-05T08:10:22.223Z
#bcnewsNews for British Columbia on bluesky

Use the hashtag #bcnews for your post to appear here!
VRChat FeedA feed for all content relating to VRChat!102023-07-31T22:33:10.039Z
Tudors & ElizabethanThis feed is for anyone interested in all things Tudor and Elizabethan

(Please suggest exclusions to )
KID's OCArt collection of my OCs, Jack and Wheatley, and some other OCs those are related to them!102023-10-05T13:05:08.076Z
Architecturefirst feed , learning for now102023-07-16T12:44:34.726Z
Blxssfall ReleasesFeed containing all of Blxssfall's releases posted on Bluesky. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com102023-09-22T13:45:52.855Z
Tout le contenu FRTous les posts dont langue est définie sur FR.102023-10-12T19:11:50.075Z
Things What I Drawedwhat it says on the can102023-08-16T14:51:56.029Z
Actu parlementaire FRActualité parlementaire française.
DirectAN|Assemblée nationale|Sénat | PJL | PLF|PLFSS| 49.3 | député| députée| feuilles vertes|Braun Pivet|amendements|parlementaires|parlementaire|Affaires sociales|Affaires économiques|Affaires culturelles|sénateur|sénatrice| PPL | CMP |Commission des lois| 49-3
everything 313mentioning Detroit will get you here102023-08-16T15:54:41.826Z
Webcomic UpdatesList of image posts with links from Webcomic Creators, which are (mostly) updates to the comic. Ping to get added!102023-10-11T23:54:14.865Z
Kavaeric's art feedI draw pictures sometimes.

You can also find my work on:
Watercolor artA feed dedicated to watercolor art!

Use watercolor and/or #watercolor in your skeet for it to appear in this feed.
Warhammer40kWarhammer40k Feed102023-07-26T21:37:50.026Z
NHLBluesky feed for everything NHL. Use the term NHL or any team name (Winnipeg Jets) to be included.102023-07-03T00:25:05.783Z
SF GiantsAll things San Francisco Giants. There's Nothing Like It102023-09-23T15:58:02.251Z
Art GalleryA gallery of my art posted here

More places to see my work:
darklinaCustom feed for Darklina content102023-08-14T01:38:15.695Z
Littérature LGBTQIA+Un petit feed sur la littérature LGBTQIA+ et la littérature Queer en français
Pour être publié dedans ? #LitteratureLGBTQIA
Attention : en cas d'abus, j'empêcherai de poster
Mom BodMom bods102023-07-12T20:55:59.148Z
Parlons véloParlons vélo sous toutes ses formes: vélo quotidien, cyclotourisme, vélotaf, etc.102023-08-27T07:09:14.724Z
SolanaThe Solana community feed, powered by Solarplex.102023-07-04T22:46:45.337Z
Top NL LikesNederlandse posts met minimaal 20 likes in de laatste 7 dagen.102023-08-24T17:03:15.633Z
Studien-MultiplikatorenUser die für uns nach Covid19-Studien suchen sowie Modelierer.102023-09-25T19:11:07.109Z
BG ClusterSkeets from BG accounts102023-09-02T13:11:49.790Z
Trash TV (German)Feed shows all german skeets excluding replies mentioning german trash tv shows (e.g. sommerhaus der stars or dschungelcamp)102023-10-06T06:42:23.263Z
TiedetaivasTiede- ja tutkimuskeskustelua suomeksi.

Nostaa: #tiedetaivas #suomitiede #tiede #tutkimus #minätutkin 🇫🇮🎩
FAVSTAR+100FAVSTAR +100. Aparecerán los tuits que hayan superado los 100 likes. A medida que crezca la red, el favstar subirá hasta 500 likes.
Idea by
TecnologíaLínea de tiempo de tecnología en español102023-08-21T14:15:02.418Z
PaliaA feed for Palia! Excludes posts with a tag (#) containing the word "spoiler". Twitch and kick links are also filtered to prevent spam.102023-09-25T20:02:32.679Z
SkaterSky🛹Posts about skateboarding - include the 🛹 emoji to get in the feed for sure.102023-08-07T05:31:17.767Z
Soup Sunday!all image uploads that include "soup sunday" in the caption102023-10-15T20:53:10.162Z
Bildung - What's hot?!Welche aktuellen Posts rund um "Bildung" erhalten gerade besonders viele Likes?! Hier verpasst du nichts! 😉

Es fehlt noch ein Schlagwort? Gerne kurze Info an mich...
My ArtJust my art, no silly text posts.102023-07-26T18:18:26.473Z
Ken PaxtonThis is a feed which pick up the words, "Ken Paxton," for anyone who wants all their Ken Paxton impeachment news in one place.102023-09-10T13:57:58.072Z
Arte hispanicoFeed para arte hispanico, usad el #arte para salir en el feed102023-08-19T08:52:07.842Z
Big Brother UK #BBUKUse #BBUK or #BBLL to make sure your posts show up. English posts only. // Spam bots? Haters? Message and we'll sort it. // Not affiliated with Banijay Group or ITV plc. // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com102023-10-24T14:54:49.871Z
History of EducationThis simple feed should capture all mentions of "histed", "edhist" and "histchild" and other related terms.102023-10-29T11:53:51.836Z
OchabowlA collection for all of your Ochabowl shipping needs. May include 18+/NSFW/problematic content. Read and view responsibly.102023-08-17T16:35:13.030Z
Internationale PolitikAktuelles aus der internationalen Politik und der Sicherheitspolitik

Stichworte: sipol | Sicherheitspolitik | #sicherheitspolitik |internationale politik | milsky | international affairs | security policy | #intsec | #internationalepolitik
ILTVA feed for the ILTV Fandom. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com102023-08-29T17:05:26.759Z
Brownkuma's ArtsAll Brownkuma's arts in a single thread.102023-09-17T02:50:17.589Z
⛏️ Археологічна ⛏️Хочете зазирнути в те, як виглядала стрічка Блускай починаючи з 19 Травня 2023 року? Вам допоможе Капітошка, яка репостила все підряд!
Містить лише пости з картинкою.

⚠️ Content language: Українська, English.
Just Animal CrossingAnimal Crossing Community.
This feed tries not to be so Furry or NSFW.
Yes, daddyFeed of daddy mentions. #yesdaddy #goodgirl #daddy102023-07-12T21:34:19.314Z
Édition FRFeed dédié à l'édition francophone, des évènements aux sorties littéraires, en passant par les appels à textes. #EditionFR102023-10-12T14:26:30.551Z
Publications FrançaisesFeed qui utilise la fonction "language" de Bluesky afin de récupérer toutes les publications en français uniquement.
⚠️ ATTENTION : Il n'est pas efficace à 100% et il peut afficher quelques publications d'autres langues.
US MLP ConsFeed for all the tags of the US MLP Con scene.102023-10-04T09:39:57.746Z
SciEdResearchCommunity of people looking to use research to improve science teaching and learning102023-09-14T05:55:03.969Z
All about EffzehAlles über den 1. FC Köln102023-09-13T20:38:15.972Z
Orto BotanicoArtist Circle Orto Botanico, welcome to our garden. Get info on commissions and shop updates.102023-08-20T06:07:38.317Z
First 20First 20 posts from new users102023-07-04T04:42:53.169Z
Only LetterboxdFeed of only letterboxd content102023-07-18T04:32:59.021Z
Shitty Camera ChallengeDid we do this right?102023-09-12T05:58:12.445Z
#OERdeFeed für deutsche Open Educational Resources102023-10-03T09:20:09.097Z
Weedmob-Posts (RegEx)Deutsche Posts inkl. Antworten in denen nur der Begriff "Weedmob" vorkommt. Es wird nach nichts anderem gesucht102023-10-27T13:52:30.667Z
La RéunionMots clés : La Rényon|#LaRényon|La Réunion|#LaRéunion|reunionisland|#reunionisland|moukate| 🇷🇪 |Team 974|zamal|kafrine|rougail|léla|mizèr|misié|domoun|foutan|lékol|mouvman|larzan|babouk|larivé|zordi|maloya|#iledelareunion102023-10-20T12:03:03.750Z
Latinitaspublicationes latinae solum. linguam tuis publicationibus Latinam facere mementōte! nuntia date ut vos additum esse possitis.
si nihil publicationibus videtis, addite linguam latinam Settings → Content languages.
gaudete linguam Latinam!
Tidend TidendNorske mediehus, andreeopplag102023-10-17T17:47:41.924Z

#創作BL または 創作BL
Small BeautiesUse #SmallBeauties to notice the tiny positive moments in your day.
Use #SmallBeautiesHour 8-9pm Mondays, UK time. #BecauseOfClem

A cuppa at just the right temperature? Spoke to an old friend? Saw a pretty snail? This is the feed for you.
Gratitude to Radical Honeybee who created it in Twitland
Art Gallery FeedThis feed is for artwork posts if I remember to tag it correctly.102023-08-02T06:14:02.274Z
Mes Signets/BookmarksDes post que je veux garder en signet sur Bluesky et facilement accessible102023-09-04T20:11:38.174Z
Sim RacingA feed of the sim racing hobby community, for all things virtual motorsport! 🏁

Terms include "sim race" and "sim racing" along with most popular titles.

Add any post to the conversation with 🎮🛞
New Game +
Video game release and pre-release announcements!

Opt in with 🆕🎮, 🆕🕹️, or 🆕👾.
Opt out with #Private, #NoFeed or #NoNewGamePlus.

Discuss at
Support the feed at
Bluesky RumbleTracking "BlueskyRumble"
BOT DETECTORbeep boop102023-07-14T15:12:32.175Z
Military Writers GuildThis is a list of Military Writers Guild members that are active on BlueSky.

If you are a MWG member, and wish to be added to the list, please follow milwritersguild and post to be added.
Accessible NudesEvery nsfw post from the "Suggestive Feed" that includes alt text102023-07-20T01:56:38.267Z
A Wayward FeedAn in-the-works feed for Supernatural. Still refining this but feel free to follow. Looks for posts tagged #supernatural, #spn, #SPNFamily, #deanwinchester, and #samwinchester (for now) from the past 7 days. Replies are flitered.102023-09-27T21:07:59.041Z
EduHHBildungsthemen aus der und für die Hansestadt Hamburg. Der Feed soll die regionale Vernetzung fördern.102023-10-14T20:02:27.322Z
#TO/ON PoliCombined feed of #topoli and #onpoli posts.102023-07-09T15:19:11.380Z
Türkçe AkışTürkçe gönderiler102023-09-03T11:00:26.250Z
KaraGramall my pics
(good and bad)
Sqrls, Sqrls, SqrlsTracking "#sqrlpic", "#sqrlpix", "Squirrel of the Day"
Annie Hatfield102023-08-30T01:54:29.152Z
Anime Picture BotsPosts by my anime picture bots, about Kyoani's work, Oshi no Ko, Bocchi The Rock and many others102023-10-19T18:34:53.950Z
Hold the Moan#holdthemoan102023-07-12T21:43:44.625Z
ReadingFeed about reading, both fiction and non-fiction. Use either of these in your skeets: #reading, #fiction, #nonfic or the emoji 📖102023-07-09T14:09:10.557Z
Theatre SkyThis is a feed for all the Theatre and Shakespeare fans on bluesky. We encourage you to tag your skeets with #TheatreSky (general theatre skeets)
#TheatreThursday (Your favourite stage memories every Thursday) and #ShakespeareSunday (follow for the weekly theme!)
gnosis disclosures🙊102023-08-04T07:55:37.724Z
jimin feedposts mentioning jimin (that also include images)102023-09-28T18:26:58.761Z
yoongi feedposts mentioning yoongi (that also contain images)102023-09-28T18:27:46.292Z
Medical Gaslighting +This feed pulls together posts about medical gaslighting and patient abuse by healthcare providers from the past 5 years, sorted by their creation date. The intention is to combine and amplify patient voices. When there’s a lot of people saying the same thing, it becomes harder to deny.102023-08-21T08:24:03.533Z
GrapheneOSFeed for GrapheneOS related/specific content.102023-08-01T15:56:58.667Z
dick and cock 👀a feed featuring (hopefully) all dick and cock posted sitewide102023-09-06T14:45:27.713Z
Goblin's of BlueskyGoblins and their gobtent gobeeting on bluesky102023-10-08T06:05:15.574Z
Menu do BSKYPosts dos últimos 7 dias com pelo menos uma destas hashtags:

#cença, #food, #foodies, #comida
🇺🇦 #cosplayПости з тегами #cosplay, #косплей, #cosplayer, #cosplaygirl, #укркосплей від профілів з каталогу BSKY.ONE.

⚠️⚠️⚠️ Якщо стрічка пуста, включіть українську в налаштуваннях в розділі Content languages.
Moriarty the PatriotA feed searching for the YuuMori fandom // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com102023-09-25T23:12:33.887Z
RNAbiologyRNABiology feed, for all things RNA biology - messenger RNA, transfer RNA, ribosomal RNA, RNA interference, RNA-binding proteins, RNA of unknown function. Just RNA.102023-10-23T16:17:09.255Z
Extremism in CanadaA feed for news and commentary on far-right extremism in Canada. Shows posts from antifascist activists, researchers, academics, and journalists. Feedback to @dancollen is welcome. Version 0.2. //Made at BlueskyFeeds.com102023-08-07T12:44:22.421Z
China NewsSimple feed for China related news102023-08-22T17:41:14.420Z
Rytoddles Art102023-09-04T20:56:25.518Z
Gaeilgeoir Regulars102023-07-20T19:32:53.083Z
筋肉娘femalemuscleCollect posts with images containing 筋肉娘 or femalemuscle in text or ALT

筋肉娘 や femalemuscle を文章やALTに含む画像つき投稿を集めます
WHC 50Because this site is too big now for the original WHC102023-08-26T16:49:18.933Z
NicheCameraFeedA feed of niche camera hashtags relating to the Shitty Camera Challenge and Believe In Film: instant regret, TrichromeParty, emulsion lift gang, thermal print squad, etc.102023-09-13T14:25:35.105Z
Denver | Coloradoskeets from Denver or Colorado102023-07-03T04:32:50.485Z
What's Environmental DNAA collection of posts about Environmental DNA (eDNA) or possibly eccentric fashion designer Edna Mode from Disney's The Incredibles.

Tag posts with #eDNA or e🧬 to appear in the feed!

Questions? Contact
🇺🇦 | 20 LikesПости українською мовою, які набрали 20 вподобайок за останні 24 години102023-09-07T12:50:25.229Z
Invite Code bsky-social Catches latest invite codes102023-07-06T10:48:35.498Z
jungkook feedposts mentioning jungkook (that also include images)102023-09-28T18:26:23.508Z
Birdie PostsBirdie posts102023-08-21T12:50:40.873Z
BrasilSkyTenha apenas os posts feitos nas últimas 24 horas, com a linguagem em português, no seu feed.102023-07-08T03:28:07.986Z
WITD ChatWriters In the Dark is a horror themed chat for writers and authors. Everyone is welcome from all genres! Use #WITDChat to participate.102023-08-14T21:39:42.994Z
Authors and Writers 📝A feed for writers and authors of all kinds. This feed shows all posts which include #author, #authors, #writer, #writing, #AmWriting, or just a 📝 emoji.102023-10-12T20:18:56.377Z
HotwifeHotwife #hotwife102023-07-12T21:28:54.872Z
Accessibility IssuesCapturing mentions of accessibility failures, issues, feedback, and requests for improvement.

[built with]
Chu's Spicy StuffLighthearted and tame kink by Chu. Common topics include: snakes, hypnosis, vore/endo, bondage, and transformation. All characters are adults, and are either fully clothed or have null bodies.102023-09-05T00:24:50.065Z
mari's art ☀️all of marisketch's art in one place102023-09-11T01:47:30.060Z
Cum FeedIts the cum feed102023-08-14T01:27:10.028Z
HxCore Just another girl's NSFW feed.

Archives everything I've posted with "⌘⑥⑥⑥"
Pixel ArtPixel Art Posts102023-07-03T00:09:05.407Z
Stardew!Stardew Valley custom feed made using

Searches for the word "stardew" from the past 7 days.

Includes Posts and Replies.
knitting feed 🧶これは編み物関連のfeedです。'#knitting'や'#crochet'をpostに含めるとfeedに反映されます。日本語と英語で絞り込んでいます。
This is a knitting-related feed. Including '#knitting' or '#chrochet' in a post will definitely reflect in the feed. It is filtered in both Japanese and English.
LFC NewsFeed related to all things LFC. Any of the following should get your post included: Liverpool, LFC, Liverpool FC, YNWA, Klopp. #YNWA // Made at BlueskyFeeds.com92023-10-28T20:19:40.560Z
TRiPPY's Art FeedTRiPPY's art and Engelbaum comic feed92023-07-30T10:12:51.672Z
NSFW Human ArtFeed of artists who draw NSFW art of humans and humanoid creatures only (Not Furry). To have your art shown here, use #nsfwart in your posts.92023-08-05T03:22:25.905Z
Honkai: Star RailTracking "honkai", "star rail", "honkai star rail"
Alternative GradingPurple umbrella with text "Alternative Grading Systems" and subtext in smaller letters "(Growth Based Learning)".

Under the umbrella are various alternative grading systems including Standards, Competency, Specifications, Contract, Portfolio, Labour, Ungrading, and even Traditional Grading.
Grüne Bezirke BerlinFeed mit Bündnisgrünem Content aus den Berliner Bezirken:
- Bündnisgrüne Kreisverbände und Kreisvorstände
- Bündnisgrüne Bezirksbürgermeister*innen und -stadträt*innen
- Bündnisgrüne Bezirksverordnete aus den BVVen

DevOpsA feed for devops engineers, SRE's, cloud engineers.. whatever you call it when doing stuff with servers.92023-08-23T09:00:05.308Z
AgricultureRetrouvez ici tous les skeets Francophones qui parlent d'agriculture !92023-09-28T20:17:47.977Z
OFMD Art 🏴‍☠️Fanart of Our Flag Means Death TV-Series 🏴‍☠️92023-07-27T14:31:41.502Z
Horror 💀🔪A feed for all things horror92023-07-13T18:07:42.379Z
DTIYSIf you are posting DTIYS art or running a challenge yourself, please use the #DTIYS tag so it appears in this feed for everyone to see =)92023-07-28T11:46:19.928Z
EmetWoL FeedWoLEmet shipping feed! For all of your WoLEmet shipping needs!
Search terms currently being used include EmetWol, WoLEmet, Azemet, and Emet-Selch!
TwagdeburgDer Feed für alle Twagdeburger und die, die es werden wollen. Mostly located in Magdeburg, but all Magdeburg lovers are welcome :)92023-09-22T07:52:54.208Z
HolgaWeek!A feed to track Holga Week.92023-09-17T18:44:45.025Z
thigh thursdaythigh thursdays92023-08-31T17:57:02.188Z
CreampiesA feed for creampies just use#creampie or creampie for your pic to be in the feed92023-07-19T02:58:10.740Z
Arms Trade (Controls)Use #armstrade or #exportcontrol92023-10-18T19:52:02.966Z
NeuroAINeuroAI posts on BlueSky! Add #NeuroAI, #NeuroAIsky or 🧠🤖 to your post for it to appear in this feed.

Please post only content related to neuro-inspired AI or AI methods in neuroscience.

Run by
Kansas CityPosts referencing Kansas City92023-07-03T22:05:36.823Z
Steam Deck/Handheld PCsPosts from Verified sources that provide news regarding the Steam Deck, ROG Ally, and other Handheld PCs, as well as some general game news!
Managed by SteamDeckHQ.
chemjobschemistry job postings92023-09-08T00:58:41.154Z
pallas's bangersmost to least liked92023-09-06T19:05:32.399Z
#RPGLatamA feed of all #TTRPGLatam / #rpglatam related post!

¡Um feed com todos os posts relacionados com #ttrpglatam / #rpglatam!
Furry ArtPosts with #furryart tag92023-08-27T03:40:37.870Z
Fire EmblemA feed for fans of the Fire Emblem series!92023-08-16T01:00:13.594Z
Scalies of BlueskyScalies of Bluesky- All posts with an image and containing the tag #scalie

Add the tag #scalie to your posts to be added to the feed
eruri / エルリA feed for Erwin Smith/Levi Ackerman from SnK! Picks up posts containing eruri, rivaeru, and #エルリ from the past 7 days.

Check content & language settings to be sure you can see all of the posts! Replies filtered.
Sciences en Français92023-08-21T08:59:10.864Z
🦷Oaky's Art🦷A feed with all of my art, tagged with a tooth and a candle! 🦷🕯️92023-08-01T03:04:59.792Z
homiesfriends of w kabuki92023-07-03T03:30:05.856Z
Durf te vragen: #dtvStel een vraag en voeg #dtv toe om het in deze feed mee te nemen.

Mijn eerste feed, gelukt met hulp van fijne Bluesky's! Dank daarvoor. Kortom: durf te vragen! 🙋🏻‍♀️
Türkçe BeğenilenlerSon 3 Saat
Like > 11
Pie FeastA feed for lovers of pie, both sweet and savoury.
Also quiche, flan, and tarts.
300posts that exactly meet the character count limit92023-09-04T21:36:11.705Z
Only Bens